Happy President’s Day

Monday 080218
Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 080107.

“The New York City affiliate brags about its airline-style ‘barf bags.'” Wall Street Journal
“it was naive to expect people to lose weight by making better choices about diet and exercise when their surroundings encouraged inactivity.” The Times UK
1) Name at least one goal that you have achieved since starting at the Box.
2) Name at least one thing you thought you would never be able to do that you have done since starting at the Box.
3) Name at least one fear that you have conquered since starting at the Box.


  • AllisonNYC

    1) Muscle ups, lots of certs, becoming a trainer
    2) 24 pull-ups, more than BW clean, 200#squat, 240 DL, putting 120 overhead……………everything else I’ve done since I walked through the door of the Box. I didn’t know any of this stuff existed or was possible for me.
    3) running. I failed gym 7 times in high school because I refused to do it because it gave me such bad asthma attacks that I got rushed to the ER in an ambulance. Now I can run asthma free
    Thanks Crossfit and the Black Box

  • AllisonNYC

    By the way I’m shooting for 160 tomorrow. Hit 155 for two last time but failed at 160. I hope I can get it this time.

  • 1) Really high box jumps, helping others with their training
    2) Gone this long without __________
    3) Getting my ass kicked by a WoD and not caring

  • michelle

    1. pullups. kips.
    2. pullups. kips. anything involving more than my weight and a barbell. elminiating sugar binges.
    3. coming to a WOD knowing i would have to sub everything and still likely finsih DFL or close to-but not worrying about it and having the greatest time. repeatedly.
    thanks everyone-it has been the best 14 months for me.

  • michelle

    a2-i never had to take gym BECAUSE i had asthma. all 4 years of high school. i had a note from my allergist saying i didnt have to. and i was excused. now granted there is not a heavy emphasis on physcial education at orthodox jewish high schools-but in retrospect i should have never been excused from gym for FOUR years because of asthma. when i graduated i couldnt run a 10 minute mile. seems like the phys ed system failed us both. i still can’t run outside in the cold bc of my asthma-but i bet if i had something like crossfit in high school i would have been able to do a 10 minute mile no problem. without those trips to the er and shots of adrenelin.

  • Jeff

    1) started learning O-lifts
    2) never thought I’d be able to have so much fun eating ribs with people I work out with; DL > 2x BW
    3) less squeamish about dumping the bar (although Court seems to be more squeamish about me dumping the bar)

  • Dan L

    1. Muscule ups, 1 minute L-Sit
    2. Muscule-Ups, never thought I would support a workout program as much as crossfit.
    3. I have conquered my fear of cooking and cleaning in lieu of rejecting processed food and sugar.

  • Shane

    Survey says!
    1. Attend Elements, Get Level 1 Certified, kip, started learning 0-lifts, start Zoning,
    2. Never thought I’d like doing handstands (even if it is against the wall at the moment)
    3. Getting over my fear of breaking my neck/nose by falling from a handstand (Thanks for your help Brian D.!)

  • marisela

    1) push ups, pull ups, oly-anything, hang cleans.
    2) i never thought i would ever be a part of a community as strong as cfnyc.
    3) love
    in lieu of injury, i will see what i can do tomorrow. Have figured out that my hip bothers me more from sitting than anything else. I will continue to build my upper body for now. 😉

  • xuan mai

    Front Squats:
    105, 106, 107, 108, 109.5, 110(f) 105, 107x1x3

  • Brendan

    1) I’ve discovered a community in the city I really believe in and can truly be a part of.
    2) I never thought I could or would be doing ANY of the things I do at the Box.
    3) I’ve faced my fears of competition and self-hinderance, as a result. A little competition can be a great thing around healthy and motivating, good-hearted people.

  • 1. This is not so much a goal, but still a good story. I went for a good three-hour run and then went straight to bikram yoga yesterday. Now when I started Crossfit back in June my stomach was def. one of my weakest body parts, not definition at all… but afterwards in the locker room one of the guys was like, “hey, how do you get your abs to look like that?”
    I’m like, “Have you ever heard of CROSSFIT?”
    2. Hmmm. One of the things I learned from running years ago is that if you really put your mind to something, you can do it … but having trainers and guidance has def. given me a great framework to improve.
    3. Hmm-hmm. Handstand pullups? I think they are kinda psychological. Still working on getting a full ROM and, um, doing the handstand tho.

  • Jack Bauer

    1-30 Muscle-ups in sub 20 min! And deadlifting over 300lbs
    2-Kipping pullups! Once I did my first one I felt like a true Crossfitter! But I feel that way afer completing ANY WOD now
    3-Fran-I can stare that nasty girl in the eyes without fear now.

  • Kurt

    Well, it is a little harder since it has only been 2 weeks or so since I (re) joined, but:
    1. Accomplishment: Ice climbing- This got put on my radar last year and I finally shut up and climbed some frozen water with an ax in each hand. Awesome and I could feel how much stronger I was than this time last year.
    2. New ability: Handstands- still against the wall and ugly as hell, but heels over head and holding it.
    3. Fear- Since I haven’t overcome anything yet, I will post the planned triumph- Overcoming the fear of doing a tougher WOD without subs, even if it means that everyone else finished 10 minutes ago and I am still a good distance from the finish line.

  • 1. Finding a path to achieve a personal/professional goal that encompasses physical fitness
    2. Learning a lot from the Crossfit community and being inspired by the coaches and trainers
    3. Fear that I had lost some strength post-injury that I would never regain

  • 170
    115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 160, 165, 167, 170
    15# PR I’m pleased.

  • 25 pull-ups

  • tyler had me do lots of pressing today
    amrap in 10 min of:
    10 12k kb alternating over head presses
    10 jumping kte
    5+10 ohp 5 jkte
    ghm 10lb alternating bench presses
    one arm alternating body rows
    for time
    my hip hurts bad. not from today, just from all the sitting. sitting cross-legged hurts the worst. i know, i know, don’t sit cross-legged then.

  • Hari

    135, 135, 155, 165, 175, 180, 180, 165, 165, 165

  • Worked up to 275lbs today, 5lb PR. I had more in the tank but failed other attempts because I lost tension in the hole (thanks Coach P!). So now I shall work on maintaining tightness AtA.

  • S2

    Marisela — I used to have a lot of weird hip pain, that I also attributed to sitting at a desk all day (I tend to sit funny too – like with one foot folded under, or cross-legged on the chair.)
    Sounds like not as bad as yours, and I know it’s crossfit blasphemy, but yoga really, really helped with it. All of that “hip opening” or whatever. In case you’re at that point where you’ll try anything 😉

  • michelle

    Alex-where are u? I was selling Crossfit to Daniel Stamler today (our twins are 6 weeks apart) and he said he had a colleague at work named Alex who did this kind of intense crosstraining 30 minute type of killer workout-took me about 3 seconds to figure out it was you! I said I have not seen you – email me at michellefoxman@yahoo.com!

  • 1. Olifting, competitively
    2. I never thought I would be at a managable bodyweight in my adult life and stick with it!
    3. I overcame a fear of competing, especially in a singlet!

  • nickB

    Thanks to Court and everyone at CFNYC for hosting Kyle and I at the Black Box. You guys have a great thing going and some impressive work going on! Let me know if you’ll be around Detroit, I’ve got a garage setup you’re all welcome to. Nick

  • chad

    1. weightlifting
    2. weightlifting
    3. weightlifting
    also, i’m into the fact that i can do this stuff the rest of my life…
    thanks brendan, dan and court for the squat tips tonight..

  • ChrisG

    1) Quit smoking
    2) Quit smoking
    3) Failure
    Front squat
    195 (not getting low enough so backed off)
    175 (still had some form issues so backed off)

  • Brett_nyc

    1. Way back when…I really wanted to be able to do a muscle up. That was probably the only concrete goal I had walking in.
    2. I’m constantly surprised at my performance gains. Squatting 330lbs, deadlifting 415lbs, deadlifting 225lbs for 21 unbroken reps, cleaning 225lbs come to mind, sub 4 Fran, 5 consecutive muscle ups, the list goes on…this shit works!
    3. I no longer fear the 10k, but that has more to do with Crossfit and running experience than actual time at the Box.
    This March will be my 2 year anniversary of Crossfitting.

  • Robzilla

    1) A decent squat. It may sound simple, and I have a long way to go, but it’s a lot better than a year ago
    2) I never thought I would be able to do half the exercises involved in crossfit let alone why they’re done
    3) I’ve gotten over the fear of doing my best and failing. Because as long as I try I know I’m still improving

  • Jeff

    Got a modest increase to a new PR tonight. Thanks to Court for the coaching and for the spotting from Chad, Dan, Brendan and the out-of-towners. Special consideration to Brendan for analyzing my first failed attempt at PR.
    Nick and Kyle, it was great meeting you guys and having you at the Box.

  • Erica

    PR by 20#

  • juan g.

    thanks moon buddy

  • This morning:
    worked up to 255x1x2 then backed off because dropping the bar would have been inconvenient. A PR of sorts, since the heaviest I’d done before was 250×4.
    +some rowing but I’ll spare you the details.
    1) Muscle-ups.
    2) I don’t think in terms of absolutes such as “I’ll never be able to do X”, and neither should you. This is a statement that is both definitive and vacuous, and can only stem from a lack of experience and/or poor goal-setting –as evidenced by the fact that people usually end up being able to do X.
    I will never be able to fly like a bird, but why even bother saying so? I also will probably never be able to deadlift 800 lbs. But that’s mostly because I don’t plan on training towards that goal. So again, why bother examining the possibility? Don’t waste your time telling yourself you’ll never be able to do something that you’ve never tried or that you don’t even plan on doing anyway. Set goals, work towards them, reach them or fail. There is nothing else.
    3) I feel much more comfortable doing handstands and having a loaded bar over my head.

  • nickB

    I realize my email didn’t show in the above post.
    nbayma at gmail dot com. You can also find me on the CF Message Board.