Josh’s Pick

Josh will come up with something for class tomorrow to replace the 5k run posted on the main site.
Vote for Bryant Powers of CrossFit Oahu as he tries to get on the Ninja Warrior again.
Technique Part 1, CrossFit Journal Preview – video [wmv] [mov]
Thank you to Hari for organizing our rest day dinner. Lots of fun was had by all.


  • Brendan

    Hey all. That was lots of fun tonight even though the term “rest day” was used loosely.
    Fight Gone Bad: 345 (not quite as rx’d seeing as the wall balls were about a foot or so short.
    And a shout to martin for breathing some fire tonight on FGB. motivating stuff, man.

  • jacinto

    thanks ,hari everything went well really injoyed dinner.

  • Tyler Durden

    5k Row

  • AllisonNYC

    deadlifted 240 cold.
    No warm up. no other reps
    don’t try that at home

  • AllisonNYC

    max weighted pull-ups
    16kg+5lb PR
    stopped. maybe could have done some more
    then max pull ups
    24 PR
    easy and could have done more but my neck and head started hurting

  • AllisonNYC

    Max weighted pull-ups
    16kg + 5lb PR
    easy enough can probably do some more
    max pull-ups
    24 PR
    easy but stopped beacuase my head and neck started to hurt

  • Ewen

    This morning
    NYAC Valentine’s Day Massacre (Pelham, NY)
    2000m indoor rowing race
    Robzilla: 7:12 – PR by 22 seconds. Next stop: sub-7:00
    Ewen: 6:40.9 – we’ll call that a “season best”
    Goals reached, on to Boston!

  • ChrisG

    5k run 25:10.

  • Hari

    5K Run: 24:20

  • Brian D.

    Hey everyone, great time last night!
    I just posted the first version of my muscle up article on the wiki page. Lemme know what you think of it, especially suggestions on improving it.

  • Andrew

    Allison, you’re my deadlift hero(ine). Please stop “raising the bar.”
    Andrew “featherweight” Hollis

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