Wednesday 080213
75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps
Post time to comments.

Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member was killed February 6 in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Simmons’ wife and two children.
Sevan Interviews Michael Pommerening with AllisonNYC of CrossFit NYC Part II – [mov] [wmv]


  • Justin

    8 rounds plus one hspu… Subbed 4 jumping MU for the MUs and did negative HSPU. The first 3 rounds used the 2.5 pood kb but on my 4th, my form was real shady so dropped down to the 2 pood. The best thing about this workout was no shoulder pain in either the jumping MUs or the hspu’s. Now maybe I can start to work on these again.

  • AllisonNYC

    Back Squat: 200#
    previous pr was 180. 20 # PRs in the squat and Deadlift to get to 235.
    What’s going on? Seriously. I feel like crap but I’m making big strength gains. That doesn’t seem right.
    5 x 135
    1 x 170
    1 x 175
    1 x 185
    1 x 190
    1 x 195
    1 x 200
    1 x 205 F But my form felt totally wrong. I just collapsed under it. It felt wrong as soon as I took it out of the rack. Tried it twice tonight but I’ll get it next time.

  • AllisonNYC

    AWW you guys. Check out me and Mike on the affiliates blog.
    LOVE <3

  • Moon

    I am going to partition these.

  • Quick Google search for “Soup Sandwich”
    //Ever watch a show or see a group of people so dedicated to doing something, but they haven’t thought it all through yet, and this seemingly coordinated group of people comes apart in such a comical way that all you can do is laugh?
    That’s often what it’s like to serve in the military, and the term “soup sandwich” was created to describe it.//
    Moral of the story, dont look like a soup sandwich when snatching!

  • 🙂 Moon
    Since this is soccer night for me, I’ll try grabbing a few opponents and throwing them over my head.

  • b maher

    interesting article: “Sugar Substitutes May Contribute to Weight Gain”

  • dan def

    Moon– partition? PARTITION!?!?!? That’s weak from a superstar like you. You should look at this WOD and say… “jez… that’s it!?!?!? 75 pounds for 75 reps!?!?!? Too easy. I’m going for 95 lbs for 95 reps… blindfolded.. in my superhero Fran outfit…. while wearing a 25 lb vest….just to make it interesting.”
    I’m disappointed in you.

  • AllisonNYC

    I’m sure this information is outdated and Nicole stronger now but I checked out the video of her doing the total.
    Press: 105
    deadlift: 265
    squat 245!
    WOW. Just when I think I’m getting closer I realize how much room I have to grow. I can’t imaging squatting 245 or pressing 105 but then again I couldn’t imagine doing any if the things I do now when I started CrossFit.

  • B Maher–this was posted the other day in at modern forager. great site to check daily

  • dan def
  • I liked Mike’s comments on the first video about dedication to the CrossFit lifestyle. The pursuit of excellence really is something that extends beyond the gym, it’s something you take with you and share with your friends and family. Watching those videos reminded me how much fun the Pittsburgh Cert was and how fortunate i was to spend time with such dedicated athletes like Mike, Brian, Allison, Jacinto and Keith. You guys are awesome and i’m looking forward to all the potential our affiliates have for growth and collaboration in the coming years.
    I also wanted to mention that I can see from the times posted an the pictures that the Black Box has some real fire breathers. Keep up the great work everyone!

  • Robzilla

    Luke from Crossfit Cleaveland google mapped all but 10 Crossfit Affiliates
    Looks like you’ve got a lot of sites left to visit AllisonNYC 😉

  • Jack Bauer

    If this ain’t a cocktail arm workout then I don’t know what is.
    Partition, bah! I’m going to warm up with 25 HSPUs and then I intend to do all 75 snatches straight! Then cool down with a 500lb DL 21-15-9 FOR TIME as a cool down.
    …and then when I snap out of my reverie I am going to do 75 slow and controlled singles in whatever time they get done.

  • Coach P

    Thank you, David, and from what we have heard, you are sandbagging.

  • marisela

    i am going to lay around, for time. No partitioning for me. I feel like poop 🙁 to bad, this wod looks fun.

  • Moon

    What happened to our American Gladiator folk? Rob – I know you hung out for the duration. Did anyone else give it a shot?
    Speaking of, this is Gina “Crush” Carano at her “other job” as an MMA fighter. She went to MMA after racking up a 12-1-1 record in Muay Thai fighting.
    Much respect to her as well as Siren.

  • Randy as Rx’d

  • Shane

    Gina Carano is my favorite part of the show largely because you can TELL how silly she finds all the posturing and showmanship of it all. While the other gladiators scream and growl, Carano’s face is largely set in an awkward grimace.

  • xuan mai

    Was in a very foul mood before I got to the Box. Almost assaulted a colleague when he started spouting off random factoids about tea and lemon. Decided it was worth it to leave work for a longer lunch to make a rare appearance in the lunch class.
    12:00, 41#

  • Jeff

    Dan Def
    Half of that article goes on about Officer Randy Simmons’ fitness and athleticism. Sounds like a true CFer all the way.

  • Robzilla

    I waited on line until 8pm (I got online at 930am) and then found out it was going to be anohter 4-5 hours of waiting for tryouts. I’m not sure if that was the right thing, since I had already been there 11 hours, but I figured I wouldn’t be in any type of competeing condition after standing in the cold all day with barely anything to eat. I’ll chalk this one up to experience. Maybe next time I’ll make a 5 minute video and skip wasting an entire Saturday.
    Thanks to those who showed up and hang out with me while I was online. Especially Jeff, who hung around for a good chunk of time.

  • marisela

    welcome to the life of an actor. I waited 5 hours to be seen for “rent” (which led to 15 call backs, no joke) 11 hours to be seen for “making the band” (which led to a 3 call backs and a small spot on reality tv) and 3 days, 2 trips to philly and a plate full of self-humiliation to be seen (if you can call it that) for “american idol”. That was only three of them. (ask me anout the chiquita banana audition sometime).
    forgive me if i don’t have any sympathy for you 🙂

  • Jeff

    When you’re waiting, is there a guy who’s constantly whining about having to do pull ups too? The guy next to Rob, who was eating a hot dog and smoking while in line, nervously asked Rob and other nearby tall candidates how much they weighed and then he actually asked one of the NBC guys if maybe he could substitute something else like push ups for pull ups. Maybe you’ll see him at the audition for “Making the (Elastic Pull Up) Band (at the Black Box)”.

  • Shane

    Rob and Jeff,
    My friend from work told a similar tale of woe. Sucks you guys would have been great. And Robzilla already has a great Gladiator name. So is Jeff. Btw, Rob what’s your e-mail address? Some cert questions for you.
    I have the utmost admiration for actors for the very fact. As someone who can’t handle the slightest rejection I commend people who face it day in and day out and keep on keepin’ on. Fortunately, if your music is any indication you’ve got crazy talent. So it is really only a matter of time.

  • Robzilla


  • Shane

    “Romeo Dev, the world’s smallest bodybuilder”
    I’d love for the follow-up story to be ‘Romeo Dev, world’s smallest Crossfitter’

  • second sam

    Hey Marisela, I’ll join you for that lay around, for time WOD. Spent yesterday in bed too nauseous to move, trying in vain to hold down any sustenance at all. Today feel weakened to the point that sitting up is an effort. So I’ve been lying around for… oh, about 40 hours now. Damn, it sucks. So I know how you feel!

  • marisela

    i do believe that in any kind of cattle call there is that person in line right behind (or next to) the “sane people”. At american idol i was told by a girl incessantly singing along to her ipod, that i “was the cutest boy there”. Sure, i had a pretty solid mohawk at the time, not to mention my masculine-ness, but REALLY?
    at making the band, after i made it through the first audition, i had a girl literally try to rip the “you made it through” slip right out of my hands as i exited the building. Kinda scary shit sometimes. People are nuts 🙂
    cant imagine the gladiator aud’s

  • Shane whats your email. Got a lulu question for ya!

  • Shane

    shanewilliams02ATgmail.com. fire away!

  • Moon

    “Marisela – The cutest boy at CrossFitNYC.”
    I like it. Settles the title issue before we get all sorts of “Mr. CrossFitNYC” pageant drama going on among our competitive menfolk.

  • Jeff

    I know you can’t help being such a heartbreaker, but I hope you let that girl down gently.
    It’s very self-sacrificial of you to yield the Mr. CFNYC title. We all know how much of a diva you can be.

  • marisela

    i dont think i even reacted until way later. I get it all the time. (totally not bragging)
    moon, is that a dig on my pageant background?? I was once a beauty queen and i resent it. (having been a bq, not your statement, of course)
    i would not be the same person without that experience, so i am grateful.
    i would rather have my health back 🙁
    i feel you second sam. My body is sore from resting 🙁

  • Brett_nyc

    3:57 as Rx’d, this was light enough to do sort of a stiff legged power snatch.
    My gf and her friends had a great time. Hopefully they’ll be back soon.

  • Kurt

    Laying around for time has been my workout for the past two days as well. That and emptying my body of all possible food/liquid as quickly as possible. I am actually sore from that workout.
    Rob, my god man, 11 hours? You must have wanted that pretty bad. I won’t wait more than 30 minutes for food and I REALLY like food.

  • Hari

    Brett_nyc, that is an incredible time!
    Erica was similarly intimidating tonight.

  • ChrisG

    8:58 (65#)

  • Jack Bauer

    6:31. Fire breathing tonight! Thanks Brett-you were a hell of a pace car to keep up with until you pulled away around the bend!
    It was actually fun WOD to do with everyone cheering. Part of the success I’ve had as CFer has is 90% individual determination and skill (I earned those calluses dammit!) and 10% support-you guys make me a better athlete.
    And…I beat Keith’s time! No way was going to let that slide! :- )
    I did this one for you Randy. Had to represent for you brother. Rest in peace.

  • Robzilla

    Randy as RX’d (if a little ugly)

  • Erica


  • JUAN G.


  • Kevin

    BW 164
    randy as rx’d
    Great time Brett!!