We’re not gonna make you run a 10K in the rain…

Friday 080201
“The Skirmish”
5 x 3-minute rounds of the following:
Kettlebell Swings
Box Jumps
Like “Fight Gone Bad,” you spend one minute at each station. After three minutes you take one minute rest. Each rep is a point. Your score is your total number of points.
Compare to 071006
Post your score to the comments.

Please note that there is no Elements class tonight and I’ll be teaching the WOD classes from 6-8pm. I’ll also be teaching the weekend classes while Keith, Court, Josh, and Mike are at the first-ever CrossFit Affiliates gathering in Vegas.
Watching football can break your heart
Staying a step ahead of aging
Best to be skinny to exercise?


  • Please check out this February Performance Menu journal. There is a really cool article in it! If you dont get it, you should subscribe. Its definitely well spent money!

  • xuan mai

    Now, now Sarena. There’s no need to be modest!
    Sarena wrote an article documenting her success with the Zone, Paleo, IF, Crossfit and now Olympic Weightlifting.
    Good luck at your meet this weekend!

  • Dan L

    Thanks for the insights from Sam and Ewen.
    As for your question Sam, I’ve shifted into training for a July ultra-marathon in Vermont, so I’m mainly doing the WODs that are bodyweight strength or core focused.
    Second question to the group; any overnight trail hikers roaming around? I’ve got some questions of how to go about doing this in Europe, would appreciate some input.

  • AllisonNYC

    I’m looking forward to running 10k. This POSE stuff is great.
    I cleaned 128 yesterday with some coaching from Tony B., Hollis and Pat. I got to use what I learned at Mikes gym.
    I can do more for sure.
    I know how to do the OPT kip but if you want me to teach you you’ll have to pay me. 🙂
    Going to One World today to meet Jolie and Freddy. Coming home tomorrow afternoon but won’t be at the Box for a few more days. I’m coaching in BK tomorrow and then I’ll need a few days to rest. I’ve trained so much and so hard. Great times.

  • sam

    I did a lot of hiking while in France in Normandy, Vercors and The Massif Centrale. France has a large amount of great hikes, the GR’s are what we used (grands randonnees).
    I’m trying to remember the store where I bought maps from in Paris but I can’t remember. I think it was “Au Vieux Campeur”, which is a chain of shops all selling various hiking and camping gear. One of their stores is dedicated to maps only, which have all the hiking trails on. For other camping/hiking gear try going to Decathlon which is a bit like Eastern Mountain Sports in the USA.

  • Thanks Xuan Mai!! Yeah, all, my first Oly meet is this weekend. Another thing I am recently learning is that Olifting is a sport. Its not about how much you can max at today necessarily but its a lifelong endeavor if one wants–always trying to better oneself as technique improves. This is really different than powerlifting where the movements are less technical! (this is from one of the major East Coast Gold coaches!)
    And it has been a hard lesson for me to learn!
    Shane you can email me with those questions you asked about last night–c1sarena@optonline.com
    Check out my blog too as I highlight a lot there as well.

  • dan def

    Things I learned last night:
    1. We need a bigger space.
    2. Brendan is a Crossfit superstar.
    3. Deadlifts + Thrusters + a recent back injury= a slow time and intense pain.
    I have a memory of someone recommending a crossfit type back specialist/ doctor/ chiropractor/ massage therapist/ (hell even a witch doctor at this point.) Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

  • That might have been me Dan. I use a pt (but he is really expensive I must say–perhaps your insurance will cover as mine does)–www.mingmethod.net
    I also have an excellent massage therapist who has helped me a lot. You can email me for his number!

  • Chris Gaskin

    Treadmill 5K
    27:50(1% incline)
    Its days like today when I wish I was back home in Barbados.

  • I’m no expert but I have had to deal with back pain for 2 years. I would go see a chiropractor for a few sessions. If that doesn’t straigten you out, you might try a pain management doctor (basically an anesthesiologist who specializes in back pain). I’ve been to a doc at the Pain Medicine center at Weil Cornell hospital who does non-surgical procedures like cortizone injections and radio frequency ablation. Back pain sucks and it takes a long time to heal.

  • Jeff

    How about a pull up challenge against me? If I win, you teach me OPT’s kip for free. If you win, I’ll teach you some skill I have that you don’t.

  • Rowing enthusiasts,
    Pain lovers,
    Yes, you!
    Time to do a final roll call! Who’s game for some leg-frying, lung-burning C2 erg action?
    * First up: NYAC St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on Saturday, Feb 16 in Pelham, NY.
    Cost: $20/person (plus transportation)
    Anyone under 30 would be racing pretty early in the morning, so driving up might be the best bet.
    * Main event: CRASH B Sprints, aka World Indoor Rowing Championships, on Sunday, Feb. 24 in Boston, MA.
    Cost: $25/person (plus transportation)
    Our races should be in the afternoon, so we could drive up in the morning, cough up a lung some time after that, and drive back, possibly with a van-load of new C2’s for the Box.
    * Bonus: Super special training and racing tips from a mediocre rower who once brushed shoulders with some much better ones.
    ->>>Registration for the CRASH B’s closes Feb 10, so I suggest we get our sh!t together this weekend.
    or just shout out in the comments
    “Get some!”, as the saying goes.

  • Ewen, sorry your comment was in spam-purgatory for so long. I got it published in yesterday’s post where you’d left it and then cut and paste it so I could re-post it above so that everyone would see it.
    For future reference (everybody, not just Ewen), when leaving a comment with more than 1 URL in it, it’s going to go into the spam filter. We’ll do our best to rescue for you, but it will cause a delay. Sorry about that.
    I myself will just post more than one comment if I have more than one link I want to post…

  • Kevin

    Todays “Skirmish”
    total reps 365.
    That was fun, especially after yesterdays torture.

  • Thanks for reposting here Allison, you read my mind. I think I’ve been caught in the filter before, but I keep forgetting about the multiple URL rule. My bad.
    Sam’s answer is the best I can do unless you have more specific questions. I definitely recommend Au Vieux Campeur (their stores are scattered around a block in Saint-Germain-des-Pr√©s), and D√©cathlon for the gear because they are cheaper and good quality (AVC sales staff is probably more savvy, though).

  • michelle

    Good luck sarena-looking forward to those pix of the coordinating silver/black lifting shoes and singlet!!
    you should request that they paint the barbell to match…
    you will do great!

  • michelle

    oh and guys my good news for the day (or week)-I really can kip now-takes me about 10 tries for my body to remember what to do (bc keith says i am not allowed to think when i do it) but i was able to get several rounds of 3 in a row and snuck in a crappy 4th one here and there.
    hoping for 10 in a row by the cert so i dont get placed in the special ed kipping class. 🙂
    But I am always happy to teach all of you the special ed kip at no charge !

  • Jeff

    Have you seen the recent kipping tutorial videos on the main site?

  • Jack Bauer

    Michelle can you teach me the special ed kip? I don’t have the money to learn the OPT one! Besides that kip will be something they’ve never seen before! 😉

  • Brendan

    But mostly those of you that lack super bowl plans, I’m having folks over to my place in Crooklyn for the game. There will be non zone related food and little to no exercising. There will be cold domestic, non micro-brewed malted beverages and, since allison is committed elsewhere, no goddam cupcakes. But I’d love to have any of you who’d like to come. I’m at 536 State Street right by the Atlantic Center (the confluence of every express train in the city). Phone: 917.691.2288

  • Dan L

    Thanks Sam, I appreciate the help. Looking forward to a 2 week spring break hike, setting up camp and trail running. Maybe I’ll throw in some kips on a tree branch.

  • sam

    Dan L
    What’s your email address? I may well be headed France way sometime in the not too distant future.
    i’m samDOTfold at gmailDOT com

  • michelle

    Jeff-i have them memorized. once i got the hip opening action going it really helped. and having keith roll his eyes, mutter under his breath and imitate me looking like a deranged spaz also “motivated” me. plus the guy in the white shorts with the white lining (??) on today’s video scared me every time he hit the floor. weird thing was-he couldn’t do the kip when he got up there.
    maybe that was the special ed class.

  • Dan L

    it’s djl326 (at) NYU (dot) com

  • michelle

    folks i have now adopted a fourth into our lovely home
    i am the proud mom of the cutest ever 4kg kettlebell. i am told he looks just like his mom and dad-neither of whom are yellow.
    he is sooo cute i might have to adopt another one. and the great thing is that the paperwork is really easy. you too can get your very own baby kettlebell from the crossfitkids website.
    seriously its so cute i dont think i am giving it to my son to play with. he is going to have to use my 8kg one.
    i already have him dressed in his onsie that says “poop for time” and if he sleeps through the night I may even bring him to the box tomorrow to meet some of his older and stronger cousins.

  • Hari

    55:20 (PR)

  • Hari

    I assume you will open at 10:00 for the Walk-In Class?

  • “Skirmish” WOD:
    355 total (12 kg kb and 14 lb ball)
    I thought it would be less painful, but was very, very wrong. And of course is Tabata Something Else…. most likely won’t be doing that!

  • robzilla

    In case Allison doesn’t see your question I will answer for her. She will be opening the box for tomorrows class. I will email you her cell number in case you need to get in touch with her.
    298 total (16k)
    I think I could have done better, but I was losing focus on this one and wasn’t setting targets for myself. Still happy though.

  • sam

    Skirmish – 303
    Found this really hard due to being very sore from the beast of a workout yesterday.

  • Brendan

    hari, you are a monster. that’s a seven and a half minute mile. i hope i can pull that off when i’m a hundred and three.
    and jack, no bullshit excuses about not making it to my place for the super bowl.
    over and out.

  • Hari

    Thanks, Brendan, but actually it’s just under a nine minutes per mile (8:55 * 6.2 = 55:17).