Nasty Girls

Friday 080125
“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071104.

“I’m going to bring my shoes and uniform and tell them I don’t compete in just a sports bra.”
How do you get strong?
When fitness means life or death
Tyler Durden and Robzilla help the Lovely Ladies of Lululemon get their Nasty on:


  • I wanted to thank everyone who came out for my party last night. It was so much fun and you all were witness to me not eating Paleo for a while there too!! What an honor. Special thanks to the organizers Michelle and Hari too! And all those who wanted to come and couldnt for whatever reason, I really appreciate all your warm wishes. Let the fun begin!!
    Oh and thanks to Jack Bauer, aka Greg, for volunteering to do 46 burpees with me after my meet in honor of my birthday!!
    Juan please send pictures so someone can post the good times on this blog!!

  • michelle

    sarena ate chocolate cake!!!

  • And cheese cake and flan and some other delicious cake and whip cream. need a nice Catholic priest to hear my confession, Jack, anyone up for the task??!!

  • Jack Bauer

    Glad I could make it Sarena and Michelle and Hari-celebrating a year of life is just as important as celebrating the accomplishments we make in life.
    And thanks for volunteering me to do the burpees-they are the gifts that keep on giving, I suppose 🙁
    And as for confession Sarena, the beauty of being Catholic is that once you say you’re sorry, it’s a clean slate-tabula rasa! So I said sorry on your behalf and Jesus said it was cool.

  • jacinto

    hey, I could hear your confession.I was a monk in my younger years.

  • P$

    Good morning NASTY GIRLS
    Sub’d 4 dips/4 pull ups for each muscle up
    Scaled power cleans to 95#, (tough, but i want to get to rx’d weight, will go to 105 next time)
    time 24:55

  • Mucho gracias Jack and Jacinto!!

  • Hari

    Jacinto, Welcome back!

  • WTF!! No wonder people are getting fatter!! I was just in a local Kosher market and saw a sign in meat case for:

  • jacinto

    thanks hari and jack,but it would be some time before I pull off a wod.Everything is comming along just fine.
    see you all soon,

  • Kevin

    Nasty Girls
    as rx’d except the final round finished last 5 reps as jumping muscleups cause I could barely hold on to the rings much less pull myself up.
    Nice Work this morning Ron and Ethan!

  • marisela

    23 min
    jumping pull ups
    jumping ring dips
    72# hang cleans
    i think i got over my fear of hang cleans
    2 sets straight through
    one set broken 5 and 5

  • Jack Bauer

    Damn Kevin great time! And thanks for the warning!

  • Justin

    Just want to thank Paul M.F. Euro for having the greatest weightlifting shoes ever!!!!!

  • Hari

    24:41 Subbed 95 lb HPC’s

  • Brendan

    Hey all,
    10:17 as rx’d.

  • michelle


  • P$

    Wow. Those are sick times! The subbing for mu’s kills the time. I need to get those mu’s going. Great work all!

  • Brett_nyc

    13:04 as RX’d
    My body is tired and needs to heal.

  • Justin

    16:11 subbed 14 jumping MU… Shoulders are real tired.

  • Jack Bauer

    18:18 as rxd. Last set were jumping MU…forearms fried! Thanks Justin and Brian D for the support and for laughing when I almost flew threw the wall on that last HPC! The socks made the difference!

  • Jack Bauer

    18:18 as rxd. Last set were jumping MU…forearms fried! Thanks Justin and Brian D for the support and for laughing when I almost flew through the wall on that last HPC! The socks made the difference!
    Ewen, Adam and Brett good work as always.

  • 16:13
    Jumping MU’s, 1:1. Rings a bit higher than head (“dip and drive” jumping range of motion).
    Must get muscle-up(s).

  • well, plenty of room for improvement. 37:12 …
    Sub’d 4 dips/3 pull ups for each muscle up (this is what killed me, need to learn to kip my pullups or something).
    Scaled power cleans to 75#.

  • Saturday’s rest day WOD: 3 RFT – 50 situps, 25 walking OH lunges/arm.
    12:54 with 16kg KB
    Some “fun” Sotz press and L-sit drills too.

  • dan def

    A cut and paste from the other days main page:
    Bodybuilding convert here as well! Never in a trillion years would I go back to training like that again.
    I recieved my pro card in 2001, and a seat to compete at the national level. I was not a natural bodybuilder, and had heart attack #2 just prior to the Miami copetition, and hung it up shortly there after. (I figured since I was 25 and had just suffered my second heart attack, it would be a good idea to change my thinking and then and only then could I change my health.This took years!)
    My heart is stronger than ever, less a bit of scar tissue. I haven’t used my inhaler or my advair in 6 months, having COPD and asthma as well…..or rather, having had? My blood preasure, after years of being on atenalol, HCTZ, and Labatalol (mega doses mind you) that were unsuccessful at bringing my numbers down any lower than 180/80…my blood preasure this morning was 112/62 at 48 bpm, and I don’t take any BP meds at all anymore!
    ALL AS A RESULT OF CROSSFIT TRAINING! Changing the mind, heart, spirit, and soul…..cleansing and loving the mind, heart, spirit and soul………..if these things are done, then the body naturally takes care of itself, and it has! This is sometihng I could not have recieved from bodybuilding training…from the non-functional, single joint, boring a$$ training!
    I know it seems over the top when I say that I owe my life to Crossfit….but I truely do.
    So, you ask, would I go backwards when I have come light years forward…I think the answer is plainly obvious!
    Thank you Coach, that you community, thank you god for blessing me with all of you!
    Comment #92 – Posted by J roCk on January 25, 2008 04:04 AM

  • Thanks Dan for posting that. JRock nonetheless who I have met and even took a pic with. I would never have guessed or none. He is one of the sweetest person there is!

  • michelle

    sarena-any chance u read his posts from today?

  • Hari

    Regarding the first article (“I don’t compete in just a sports bra”) and also the picture on Saturday’s main site:
    Though it only shows up sporadically, I think there is an ongoing debate about whether or not some of the photographs and interviews have portrayed women in a positive light.
    There are arguments to be made in defense pictures like [on Saturday’s main site] that include:
    1. These pictures in general capture a sense of what it’s like to be at a CrossFit Cert. If women with low-cut tops are doing a back extension that is something you might see. If you take all the pictures ever posted from all the Certs, it’s not like there is a disproportional number of these types of shots.
    2. These women are real CrossFitters. There is no reason they should not be included in the community as they are and as they dress. For example, if someone thinks that tattoos are a bad idea, that doesn’t mean CrossFit should stop photographing athletes with tattoos. Some people may be uncomfortable with women who dress revealingly, but CrossFit is not devoted to meeting some ideal about how the world ought to be.
    There are arguments to be made against pictures like today’s that include:
    1. It undercuts the attributes of the women that are most admired by the CrossFit Community, namely their fitness-related accomplishments. For example, it is not a coincidence that for the purpose of the demonstration, the participants were viewing the exercise from an entirely different angle.
    2. It invariable leads to comments focusing on those parts of the woman’s anatomy that were not developed by either diet or CrossFit.
    In general, I think those who are the most uncomfortable are those who are applying a standard they have experienced in academic and workplace environments. For example, if this were a website for a corporation, today’s picture would never had made it on. The same is true if this were a university. But CrossFit is neither of these things. The notions of a “hostile work environment” are simply not applicable here.
    In school and in the workplace, rules and laws are forced upon us. At CrossFit, the only real rule is to keep it if it works and discard it if it doesn’t.
    Comment #82 – Posted by Hari on January 26, 2008 11:03 AM

  • AllieCali

    Hey Allison and Marisela:
    There’s a great picture on the main site from yesterdays WOD. You should check it out.

  • michelle

    what is good sub for muscle ups if you have dips but they take a long time

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