Thursday 080124
Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 070806.

Too much cola can cause kidney problems?
Robb Wolf helps you get your nutrition on track
Scrutinizing soy
Phaidra and Ethan get their respective swings on:
It’s gotta be the (weightlifting) shoes (and socks)! (Bonus points if you can correctly identify which Black Boxers these legs, feet, and shoes belong to.)
Michelle’s shirt says it all:


  • I’ll be teaching the lunchtime class again tomorrow (i.e., Thursday) as Court continues to make a full recovery. See y’all then!

  • juan g.

    the one with the cool socks is obviously the steak sauce 😉

  • Guilty as charged, GenghisJuan… 🙂
    But who’s the other one with the tanned legs? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Jeff

    Steak sauce!
    Where do you work?
    Sports Club LA was impressive at first, but the glossy sheen wore off pretty fast. I didn’t see Hank Azaria at the spin class, Rob Zombie wasn’t there doing gyrotonics and Bradley Whitford was nowhere to be found. They also might not have enough available free weight equipment for me to do Linda unmolested. They do have a more Jeff-friendly girl:Jeff ratio than the Box, so for what that’s worth, it’s a feather in their cap.
    Back felt a little tight during HSPUs. Going to take a little aspirin tonight just in case there’s a little leftover inflammation to work out.
    And…guess who got their first bar muscle up (kipping, no false grip)?

  • marisela

    i say as im getting off work, i am a bartender at scores east. just below sports club LA. i wont be there much longer though, i have been promoted to the west side. Super bowl sunday is my last day on the evil east side. (grrrr)

  • marisela

    i say as im getting off work, i am a bartender at scores east. just below sports club LA. i wont be there much longer though, i have been promoted to the west side. Super bowl sunday is my last day on the evil east side. (grrrr)

    Please say that last paragraph aint so!!
    Hope to see ya at my party tonight guys!! I gotta come in one day for my bday WOD!! But my coach would be really upset since my meet is next Sunday!! I am definitely getting cold feet about being on the platform!!

  • Michelle, where did you find that tank top? I love it!!

  • AllisonNYC

    sarena: Happy Birthday! I hope you do lots of great things this year and become stronger and happier than ever!
    Wish I could party it up with you guys tonight but I can’t make it.
    I’m leaving for my house for California at 3am, getting into Cali at 10 on Friday and I start training pretty much as soon as I get off the plane.
    I’m going to :
    San Diego
    Newport Beach
    Mike’s Gym
    Santa Cruz HQ
    Santa Cruz North
    San Francisco
    One World
    I’m coming back on Saturday night so that means at least 8 days of hard training in a row for all of the top CrossFit ppl. I’m “stoked”
    I’ll probably be taking a short rest break once I get back. 😉
    Have Fun and Train Hard while I’m gone!
    Wish Me Luck!

  • Coach P

    Wednesday night classes went well. Thanks again to Brian H, Brian D, Rob, and Brett. With the new people and the challenge with me being the only one in the gym, it was a big help for Brian and Brett to lead the run. Then the ohter classes caught on and took off out the door.
    After, as practice, we did 100 push presses for time with Brett leading the way at 6:40 @ 95lbs.
    This morning’s snatch work went smooth. With the infequency of this modal, and the fact we can not drop weight, it was good practice.
    See you all tonight.

  • michelle

    sarena-lucky for u i know u too well. I ordered u one already for ur bday and decided i would get myself one as well bc i thought it was funny. I didn’t count on u “seeing” it before ur party tonight-but urs will be there! 🙂
    however, it does not come with the yellow kettlebell, the roots that need to be dyed, or the deranged look on my face. only mine does. you can acessorize yours anyway you like. its versatile that way.

  • P$

    Havn’t done snatches befor so I was hesitant to try wihtout instruction. Instead I practiced my cleaning technique.
    5×5 @ 95#
    4X2 @ 135# half good, half sloppy, but good practice.
    Definitley notice the difference between a good clean and a bad one

  • Shane

    Big thanks are in order to Brian H. for taking a couple of us newbies on the run last night and then working us through a great post-run stretch routine. Extra special thanks Brian H & Brian D. for working with my on my squat form especially since I know you guys had places to be. really appreciated the extra help.
    11:04 was my time (incl. 6 minute rest). Forgot the exact time of the intervals. We actually ran a little short but that won’t happen again
    I gave Coach P the 100 squats he asked for time in 2:32. Probably the last time I escape 100 Push-press
    Great night at the Box!

  • sam

    For those people who haven’t snatched before, will we be just working with pvc’s?
    I want to do some heavy stuff but obviously it’s not going to happen with the snatch.. clean and jerks perhaps?

  • michelle

    court-thx for the info yesterday. its a concussion. so basically i will have nasty headache for a few days. bummer. hope u r feeling better!

  • marisela

    i suck today
    my snatches sucked
    i did the workout from the other day
    95# 50 rep squat
    5 min handstand holds
    sucked at that too
    but i’m very happy today

  • your english proffessor

    i’m so “excited” i found this “website”

  • sam

    For an English “professor” you need some work on your spelling..

  • Brett_nyc

    Lots of warm using pvc, Burgener warmup
    135x1x5, couple fails to start
    145×1, failed on 2nd, PR by 10lbs

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