Morning class canceled due to instructor illness!

Sorry for the late notice, but it started at 2:30am and hasn’t stopped yet…no way to join “Club Pukie”.


  • AllisonNYC

    I Got a Muscle Up
    Is there a noon class? If so will there be a sub WOD for the running?

  • Kevin

    Sorry to hear about you being ill Court. Hopefully not from doing “Chelsea”.

  • Sam L

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but just talking with Keith the other day and wanted to say how amazing cross fit has been.
    I’ve been “working out” religiously for about the last 10 years and the best 3 workouts I’ve ever had by far were the last 3 that I had at elements.
    The things we’re doing so far in elements are unreal & everyone from Keith to Mike to Court & everyone else at CFNYC have been really helpful and supportive. Some of the things that I’m not performing well at (in terms of getting the form right or flexibility issues), kinda leave me feeling defeated at times, but Im sure it will get there. The key I guess is to get everything that Im so used to doing in my workouts at the gym out of my mind and keep practicing the principles taught at CF.
    As much as I felt like I was going to die during and 5 min after doing Fran or Nancy, I felt really good/strong for the rest of the night & next day. Its amazing all of the muscles/areas I never worked in doing doing curls, militarys, bench, etc that I’m working now and how out of shape I guess I really am even though I’ve been going to the gym on avg of 6 days a week for years.

  • P$

    4 rounds of 400M runs with 2 minutes rest
    84, 84, 90, 85
    sleep wasn’t the greatest, could’ve done better.
    Allison NYC, Thanks for the help on my clean form over the weekend. Helped a lot. Can’t wait to make it back to CFSB again.

  • sarena

    Court–hope you feel well soon!! I wanna see ya @my party with Morgan!!
    No seriously, this is about your health! Still have something for you from FL! Let me know when you’ll be back at the Box!

  • Ewen

    Allison, you just got a muscle-up. No more subs for you!
    Anyone want to try erg racing? I’m hoping to drag Rob, Greg and Sam along for a couple races on Feb 16th in Pelham and in Boston on Feb 24th. Lots of fun, and crossfit-worthy suffering. Won’t you join us?
    (link is 10 years old but still a good read; the word “tone” appears once, but what can you do)

  • Moon

    Ewen – good read. I’ll study this part over and over.
    “The rower’s mantra is: legs, back, arms. The stroke starts with your legs bent, as if poised to jump. As you thrust back with your legs, the arms stay straight. Once your knees are locked, your body picks up the momentum, leaning back. Finally your arms take over, pulling the handle to your abdomen. The most common mistake is to pull too early, robbing the stroke of its full power.”

  • Brett_nyc

    I’ll be at the Box around 6:30 to do the run wod.
    The block bounded by 38th-39th between 6th and Broadway is pretty close to 400m.

  • Robzilla

    From the article Ewen posted:
    “… and 4 intervals of 2 minutes all-out, with 2 minutes’ rest in between.”
    Sounds familiar.

  • michelle

    Court feel better!
    Sarena-happy birthday!
    guys- if i run on treadmill how much is 400 meters? (sorry math wa snever my thing)
    Sam-you were amazing on Sunday and yesterday too when i watched. Everyone is saying the same thing-that you are going to be unreal and an “animal” once you get everything down.. You have impressed everyone. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It took me a whole year to do a pullup. imagine how great i was feeling ALL YEAR. :(
    you are awesome !

  • michelle

    wait is court sick or mike? mike was listed as teacher. well feel better whomever is sick.

  • xuan mai

    Court is sick. Luckily, he called me at 5:36 this morning as I was leaving to go to the Box. I left anyway and went to the Box to let the others know that class was cancelled.
    And, then I proceeded to have a delicious, carbtastic breakfast with Ron.
    Hope you feel better, Court.

  • Jack Bauer

    Court I hope you feel better man! Use those ancient Z-health manuevers to heal thy self!
    Ewen, well said-you will be dragging me there on Feb 16, and more than likely Robzilla and Sam will be dragging me back. And thanks for the post, I don’t want to rob my stroke of it’s full power.
    Happy Birthday Sarena.

  • avery

    Michelle – 400 meters is quarter of a mile.
    Or technically, 400 meters = 0.248548477 miles. I love Google.
    This morning on treadmill with 1.0 incline after class was cancelled:
    1:55 (more of a warmup I realized!), 1:36, 1:30, 1:28
    Definitely not a max, I’d guesstimate 85-90% max effort, but I bet money my times would be slower on a track.
    Does anyone know if the pace on treadmills are at all accurate? To get a 1:28 time I was doing a 6 minute mile pace sprint – but don’t really think I am that fast. I am dubious as to the accuracy of these times, but next time I’ll do it the same way and hopefully times will go down.
    Court – I hope you start to feel better ASAP!

  • AllisonNYC

    IS THERE A 12:30 CLASS? It just says the morning class is canceled so is it safe to assume that doesn’t mean the afternoon class is also canceled?
    Court : that sucks. hope it passes quickly.
    Sam L: Welcome to the club. Make small goals and big goals. Don’t worry about being Greg A. tomorrow. Think about all the cool things you’re learning today. I’m sure you’re going to end up doing things that you never dreamed possible. I’m excited for you.
    P$: You did a great job. Your clean really came along. Thank you for asking for my help. It’s the best feeling in the world to finally be able to pass on the things I’m learning. That’s the reason I’m doing all of this. It’s great practice for me and really cool to be able to identify a problem, be able to explain it and then help someone fix it.
    Hope to see you back at CFBK soon :)

  • xuan mai

    Allison is the trainer scheduled to teach the afternoon class according to the online schedule. If she hasn’t responded to your query online yet, you might also trying emailing her or calling her.

  • Ewen

    The treadmills are accurate as far as pace goes (calories burned are a whole different issue) – from the point of view of the machine itself. The belt is indeed moving at 10 miles per hour. The problem is the effort required by a person to maintain that pace isn’t the same as on a track, even with the 1% incline. Even more so at higher speeds, where the belt is just flying under your feet regardless of your stride.
    Look at it this way: wether you ultraspeedwalk with baby steps or take huge leaps, the treadmill is going at the same speed. Would that be true if you were running outside? Factor in wind resistance, weather, etc. and you’ve got multiple reasons why treadmill speeds aren’t an accurate reflection of your running speed. (The difference between on-water performance and a C2 is even greater, by the way.)
    Like you said, it’s still a benchmark and a reliable way to compare your performance over time.

  • Robzilla

    Happy Birthday Sarena!

  • Coach P

    Allison will be at the Box at 12 noon to do an indoor workout that will be similarly as fun as the wod.
    The lunch time crowd may not be large enough to kill innocent bystanders on the sidewalk, however the evening classes are large, and we should not have 15 people mowing down peds.
    I will be there this evening to dish out the pain.
    Please attend.

  • michelle

    congrats on the muscle up! everyone on 6th avenue last evening I am sure congratulates you as well!

  • Dave

    Thought this was interesting. Comes from Club Solutions Magazine — sent out to health club owners and management.
    “Get Functional — The fitness industry’s buzzword of the year is functional training, a new kind of fitness that eschews heavy manchine use in favor of free weights, body weights, stability balls and resistance bands. The idea is to create a workout that combines strength and functionality instead of emphasizing one over the other – and most of today’s big name athletes are on board. This doesn’t mean you should stop investing in good equipment but it does mean you should be prepared for your club members to be using your equipment in different ways. Adding classes to teach your members how to put together a functional trianing routine can be an excellent way to keep your club on the industry’s cutting edge.”

  • sam

    hey hey,
    I can’t believe there is now yet another Sam to make me look bad! :)
    Oh, I ate a whole heap of food last night and then got 9 hours sleep! (some sort of record for me). Feel awesome today!

  • AllisonNYC

    HA Michelle :) Yeah I did scream pretty loud. I got another one today on my first try.
    “GRACE” 30 Clean and Jerks with 95#
    First time as RX’d. It was harder than I thought it would be. My jerks weren’t all that which made it a little harder. I should have been more aggressive. Next time sub 7.

  • marisela

    i did tactical kettle bell lunges
    50 reps with a 2 min rest
    1 pood
    thank god i played a little basketball in my life. otherwise i would have had a really hard time with this.
    i’m nothing if not consistent.
    except in my home organization.

  • xuan mai

    Marisela – Re: Home Organization. My mantra is: when in doubt, throw it out. Last year, I decided to throw out a lot of the stuff that was cluttering up my apartment. (And, I still have a lot of stuff that I could get rid of!) Less stuff, less organization needs to happen.
    AllisonNYC – congratulations on the muscle-ups!

  • marisela

    thanx to all of you for your helpful hints. With a little bit of luck, i will have a completely new living space in the next couple weeks. Maybe i’ll even have company one day…

  • Jeff

    In a few hours I’ll be starting my one week trial membership at the super swanky Sports Club LA, where I will expect to be pampered. (If you go to their website, the link right next to the “Home” button is “The Steam Room”. And no, it doesn’t show you pictures of the actual steam room, it simply name drops celebrities.) I was originally going to check out the facility and do 3 Bars Linda, but given my recent back scare I’ll have to put that off until the end of the week, if I’m feeling confident enough.
    So the main courses on today’s menu for me are deadlifts, back squats and HSPUs. I’ll be going for 5×5 sets with a weight cap on the barbell of no more than bw. I’m also thinking about trying some towel L-sit pull ups. I’m not sure if I hate towel pull ups more or L-sit pull ups more, but I’m imagining that using their luxuriant towels will make up for that.

  • marisela

    jeff, you should stop by my job. Its right below sports club LA. We can smell the chlorine thru the vents and we get a steam fallout above our front door. Viva globo gyms!

  • Kevin W

    1 mile warm up
    4×400 m run w/ 400 m jog rest interval
    72 sec, 68 sec, 67 sec ,69 sec
    1 mile cool down
    Felt good for not having done a ton of track work recently

  • Hari

    AllisonNYC, Congratulations!

  • Joseph B

    I posted this yesterday,I guess it went unnoticed. :I can’t go to Elements tonight and Thursday. Can I attend the Friday Elements Class and is there some way I can make up today’s Class ?

  • Court

    Hey Joseph-
    you can come Friday night. As far as a make up class, you’ll have to wait for the next Elements series or book a session with Keith or myself.

  • Brett_nyc

    5:04 + 6 + 11:04
    timing and rest periods were a little sketchy tonight in the group.
    post: 100 reps of 95lbs Push Press, 6:40

  • michelle

    um random injury question
    i smacked the left sid of my head really really hard into a wall( by the temple) (yes its as stupid as it sounds and it knocked me out for a few seconds. got a little queezy and of course have a huge bump and its throbbing. did the ice thing. its really painful and i actually cant close my left eye fully now without a lot of pain-almost feels like the muscles were cut in half so to close th eye is really a strain. i have pain radiating down my jaw as well.
    so should i just pop some advil and sleep this off and get creative with some scarves or is it possible i have a concussion? and even if i do-does it matter?

  • Joseph Blaire

    Thanks Court, I’ll be there Friday.

  • Court

    whenever you experience a head injury that causes you to black out (however temporarily), run, don’t walk, to the DOCTOR! It also sounds as if you bruised one of the cranial nerves (possibly the trigeminal nerve or one of the oculomotor nerves)…and yes,you should always get suspected concussions checked out.
    Get thee to a doctor!

  • michelle

    thx court-thats what my husband has been telling me- the pink ice boo boo bear just isnt cutting it. now i have pain radiating down my neck and its pretty blurry when i look out of my left eye.
    closets in nyc are so damn small-basically i turned around and smacked my head into the wall. i am truly an idiot. and i have too may shoes. thats what i am supposed to learn from all of this.

  • Court

    Now, now…no more bad self-talk. Just go to the doctor and get better.

  • sarena

    Court–glad you are finally up and about!! Doing better??
    Check this site out:

  • Hari

    6:11 (1:25, 1:30, 1:33, 1:43)

  • derek

    I know a lot of crossfitters come from more of a weightlifting background, but I gotta say, compared to most of the workouts here that I either have to scale or really kick my butt to do as Rx’d, I feel like a 4x400m workout is kinda … not that challenging. It should be something like 16x400m or at least 8x400m and let people scale it down if that’s too hard, IMHO.

  • Court

    Still running a fever and pretty achy.

  • AllisonNYC

    Thanks Hari! I got 2 tonight in Brooklyn tonight. It seems like they’re getting better already. I was able to turn the rings out on one of them. More of a full lock out and easier going up. :D
    Holy Crap Michelle. Go to the doctor and get checked out. I had a concussion once and didn’t know it until the next day when I started puking and tingling. Hope you’re ok after that

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