A.K.A. Cindy’s Evil Twin Sister

Tuesday 080122
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes

Sometimes you pet the bunny…
A few good words about cholesterol
Raw deal for almonds?
Hold the fries!

(with a special CrossFit discount!)
They can’t say we didn’t warn them…
Court’s mojo is strong:
Tyler Durden is guilty as charged!


  • Moon

    1) Damn – what’s with turning off the comments for today’s workout so fast? I thought we were doing a 48 hour thing these days… [whine] [whine]
    2) 7 full rounds + 4 HSPU (feet on high box). Going to try backing up the wall at steeper angles
    3) Great slogan. Where can we get copies? I’d put that up in my cube.
    4) Looking forward to this workout – thanks for bringing it up, Kevin. Greg – you’re looking forward to it too.

  • Justin

    Didn’t get to post in the last thread, but just wanted to commend Jack on a great post… Would just say don’t stray too far out past Charlotte in NC with your group, just remember, you aren’t going to be to far from South Carolina :) (j/k).
    Anyways, hope everyone had a great MLK day, will be in tomorrow to work over Chelsea, one of the few girls I have yet to meet.

  • http://www.crossfitwiki.com/Crossfit/Ewen Ewen

    So, how does this work? I mean, since I know for a fact that I can’t keep that pace for much more than 10 minutes, as per my usual Cindy?
    Do you stop when you start losing ground, or does it turn into a 30 minute Cindy?
    Self-reply: According to what I’ve seen in the forums, completing Chelsea as Rx’d means to do the 30 rounds in 30 minutes. If you fall of pace, you can finish Cindy-style, keeping track of how many good rounds you did and how many Cindy rounds thereafter. You can also scale down from the start (3-6-9 or 4-8-12) in the hope of getting through the workout doing one round per minute.

  • Jack Bauer

    Shoulder was jacked up but with Brett keeping me on pace, and Moon’ “doggie style” comment, I managed to get 8 rounds + 5 HSPU
    And Justin I am not leaving my group!

  • http://blog.derekrose.com derek

    For yesterday’s workout – 6 rounds, kipping into the pullups sorta, and handstand pushups down to one of those abmats. But next time I am doing full ROM.

  • Moon

    “Keith tries out the new shipment of CrossFitNYC branded ‘Black Box Chalk’”

  • JUAN G.

    January 21, 2008 WOD
    6 ROUNDS
    + 5 HSPU & 3 L PULLUPS

  • tyrone

    Sorry, I don’t want to be annoying. Did anyone get my e-mail from tyrone.takami@hampshire.edu I wanted to ask Court some questions. I tried to post it on the blog. But I think I did it in the wrong place.

  • http://www.crossfitwiki.com/Crossfit/Ewen Ewen

    Latest info on CF East Coast Challenge in Albany, NY, May 31st:

  • AllisonNYC

    If you want in on the CrossFit East Coast Challenge e-mail my boy J roCk (Justin Triquet) at
    there is going to be some kind of group car pool road trip with lots of people heading up the coast. Workouts on the way up.

  • Christine

    Hi All – a friend of mine owns a nut company that specializes in nuts but also offers dried fruit and trail mix. His stuff is really good (I especially like the dried apples and almonds) and given the fact that a lot of people are on the zone and Keith’s mantra of grab your nuts I asked if he could give us a deal – so ALL CROSSFIT MEMBERS WILL GET 10% OFF THEIR ORDERS. Just click this link and the discount will apply when you check out.

  • edgar

    Been a card carrying member of CFOakland and will be in the city for a couple of days and would love to drop in on Thursday and Friday (probably the 7 AM class). Should I sign up through mindbody or can I just walk in? Thanks…
    peace, edgar

  • Brett_nyc

    I just ordered nuts. Thanks Christine.

  • michelle

    A2 is JRock at Crossfit Albany? I see him posting all the time. Very enthusiastic.

  • sarena

    JRock is not in ALbany but lives in VA (I think). he came to Albany that Sunday in December I went up there. he is awesome!! As is the whole Albany crew!!

  • AllisonNYC

    J roCk is in Virginia Beach. He took a trip up to Albany a few weeks ago for a workout. Sarena was there. I was suppposed to meet him in D.C. at Primal when I was there with Spider Chick and Jesse Woody but he got lost!
    He’s a very cool guy that’s for sure. I love his love for CrossFit and meeting and training with fellow CrossFitters. He kind of reminds me of myself. :)

  • Robzilla

    What real athletes look like:

  • dan def

    Rob– if competitive eating is a sport, I’m a Vermicious Knid.
    (kudos if you didn’t need the link to recognize ther term)

  • sam

    Charlie and the great glass elevator. Memory tells me that I last read this book when I was about 12 but I still remember the knids!

  • Margie

    vernicious knids! vernicious knids! Yes! They haunted my youth.
    Christine – are those almonds organic? Looks like that’s the only way to go if you don’t want a dose of that horrible carcinogen PPO.

  • http://www.sarenasworld.blogspot.com sarena

    Dont be like rat #2, eat your Omega 3s!

  • Joseph B

    I can’t go to Elements tonight and Thursday. Can I attend the Friday Elements Class and is there some way I can make up today’s Class ?

  • Joseph B

    I can’t go to Elements tonight and Thursday. Can I attend the Friday Elements Class and is there some way I can make up today’s Class ?

  • Jeff

    Last night my back was virtually pain-free. Right now at home I’m trying the CFWU, but instead I’m going with 5×5 sets instead of 3×10.
    I can attest that Rob is a person who can back up claims that he can eat a lot.

  • marisela

    im taking sabbatical (spelling questionable). Due to outside stresses, i needed a day sitting by myself contemplating life, for time. Realized that i need some serious help getting my home to be a home and not just a place i put things. Anyone have any suggestions on where i can begin?

  • http://www.sarenasworld.blogspot.com sarena

    Glad you’re doing better Jeff! Take megadoses of Omega 3s–it truly helps with inflammation!

  • http://www.sarenasworld.blogspot.com sarena

    For hose zone challenged:
    This should be linked from the front page IMHO
    Marisela–done the home thing many times! Need help, you can call or email me!

  • Jeff

    I haven’t been taking my fish oil capsules since October, but I’ll be eating salmon tonight. I’ll make sure I drink all of the oil too!

  • http://www.sarenasworld.blogspot.com sarena

    Jeff, I would get back on those caps asap!! I upped my dosage 4x while my knee was messed up! By the time I had the cortisone shot my range of motion was much improved. Coincidence maybe, but I think not!!

  • http://department.xavierhs.org/athletics/xaviertrack/schedule5.htm Brian D.

    Marisela, I’d start by making a list of goals you’d want to get done (weekly, monthly, and by year’s end) that way you know what you’re going to do and need to do (needs the most important) for however long you take this hiatus.

  • marisela

    thanx brian. I have done that already, i do it every year at the turn, what i mean is actual storage ideas to make my apartment easier to keep clean and to live in, too. I realized recently that the way i keep a majority of my life organized (i.e. work, music, where my wallet-keys-phone go in my bag) does not apply in my home and i think it inhibits the rest of my life. I don’t know where to begin, though.

  • michelle

    marisela-go to the container store- seriously they have ideas and places for everything.

  • http://www.crossfitwiki.com/Crossfit/Ewen Ewen

    Chelsea: 15 rounds + 5 pullups + 10 pushups + 2 squats because there were, after all, 2 seconds left on the clock.
    I actually do my Cindys Chelsea-style, and this was better than my usual Cindy pace. Push-ups were 5+5 (until I had to break them down even more) as usual.
    And now for an Extreme Home Makeover moment
    Marisela – Are you lacking actual storage equipment, or ideas as to how to arrange your stuff in your boxes and closets?

  • marisela

    ideas and know-how. I’ve always been a “where it lands is where it goes” kind of gal. Realizing that as an adult, that doesn’t fly. I just don’t know what works and/or what will work for me. I feel like i need someone to come to my house and explain home organization to me.

  • michelle

    i have a friend who does that for a living. not sure what she charges but let me know if u want her email address. i bet she could come in and do it for u super fast . she has been known to organize soup cans in cabinets for some moms on park avenue. takes all kinds.

  • Justin

    Oh pushups my friend, why must you mock me so???
    6 rounds + 5+10+12…

  • Moon

    4 + 5 pulls, 10 push-ups, and some number that was not 15. Sad. Just sad.

  • Moon

    BTW – left my trusty water bottle at the Box in my haste to leave. Apologies for making the gym that much more unsightly of course, but if I could recover the bottle tomorrow with it being unmolested (no spitting or “swizzledick” action), I would appreciate it greatly.

  • juan g.

    6 rounds

  • Kevin

    Chelsea 13 rounds + 13 squats.
    So close. Continued to the 30 minute mark and got 25 rds +10 pushups. The rest really threw me off as I had about 20-30 seconds for rest on my first 7 or 8 rounds. The rest made me feel worse as my heart and lungs were pounding. When I stop I feel the pain and lose endorphins and adrenaline. I prefer to just keep going. If I did Chelsea the way I usually do Cindy I would have gotten 28 -30 rounds

  • Brett_nyc

    Anyone up for doing the 400′s tomorrow evening at the Box. We could meet at the Box and just do them on the street or something.

  • AllisonNYC

    Brett I’m up for that. What time are you thinking?

  • Robzilla

    I plan on doing the 645 class, Brett. What time were you thinking?

  • AllisonNYC

    OH YEAH… Guess who got a muscle up tonight… :D

  • sam

    8 rounds + 12 squats
    So happy for a good rest day tomorrow.. :)

  • Morgan

    wow court’s so hot, you people are so lucky to train with the best.

  • michelle

    MORGAN U KNOW IT. he was quite restrained tonight when i knew he just wanted to scream-michelle what is wrong with you why cant u get the stupid clean with a 22lb barbell.
    but he was very polite and a great actor. oscar worthy. earned every penny for not taking the barbell and knocking me senseless with it.
    quite a gentleman u have there.
    seeing u at sarena’s partay thursday i hope?
    oh sarena-happy bday-for wed (post not up yet)!

  • michelle

    kipping q- i dont know if this will inspire me or discourage me or if its just irrelevant but-guys/gals-frome the time u were able to do say 5 or 6 dead hang pullups (which took me a year of crossfitting-yup sad i know) -how long did it take u to really get the hang of the kip (no pun intended). swing and all?

  • michelle

    Brian D-did the the xact same thing the other week- with the l sit bars and then the planch as on main site video. we need to get him on a video! next time u see him ask him to show u the “flag” as well.
    he is awesome!

  • michelle

    ok Brian (aka FBI brian) are u coming tomorrow night and if so when-i cant run if u r not there.. but no pressure. :)
    xuan mai-any interest in the 6:45 pm class with me so we can releive sunday’s hell? guys i need a running partner. because i will never make it 5 rounds without someone kicking my ass.

  • http://www.djjons.com Jon S.

    4 rounds + 5pull, 7 pushup as rx’d.
    14 rounds total.
    Imho, competitive eating is a real sport. A sick, sad sport, but a real sport none the less.
    Check out Takeru Kobayashi. It’s actually kinda impressive…In a sick, sad way…

  • Jeff

    Takeru Kobayashi’s genetic freakiness doesn’t merely end at competitive eating. I would estimate his hypothetical CFT to rank him among Advanced, if not Elite, CFers.

  • Jeff

    I give up. Who got a muscle up?

  • Jeff

    I give up. Who got a muscle up?

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