Dead Again

Sunday 080120
Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 070930.

Yet more research on the positive effects of intermittent fasting
Men aren’t the only ones who like longer legs
Cholesterol drugs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be (big shocker)
Brian D. successfully deadlifts what is known in certain circles as a “shit-ton”:


  • Moon

    …AND he’s apparently doing that WOD during one of the rare indoor snowstorms that we endure at the Black Box!

  • Really disappointed I can’t do this WOD today…
    Be warned that I will be doing a few heavy DL singles my next time at the box, either before or after the workout. You can’t stop me!

  • chad

    trying again… re kettlebell buyin…
    us kettlebells? dragon door? gill and the gill discount? etc?

  • Jeff

    I effed up my back pretty bad yesterday doing some sloppy db cleans. Now I have no support when I’m rounding my lower back. Any advice on what I should do?

  • Kevin

    When I effed up my back doing Badger and then attempted that man maker WOD, I could barely walk. All you can do is rest. Do some very light stretching like the cobra stretch from yoga and some plank holds with the hips on the ground. I also got one of those hand held massager’s to massage that area of he back. Drink a ton of water. The less hydrated you are the more pain and discomfort you’ll feel.

  • michelle

    Brian D. whats ur email?

  • Robzilla

    I haven’t bought any kettlebells yet, but I’ll link you to a CF main message board entry:
    The thread seemed like it had a good understanding of where to buy based on price. On the second page there’s a link in one of the responses which brings you to another thread discussing the type/quality of various kettlebells. Hope it helps.

  • Hari

    275, 280, 285, 290, 295, 300, 306(f)

  • dan def

    Please add me to the rapidly expanding list of Black Boxers with a “effed” up lower back. Tips? Advice? Web Pages? Are we doing something wrong?

  • dan def

    Please add me to the rapidly expanding list of Black Boxers with an “effed” up lower back. Tips? Advice? Web Pages? Thanks.

  • Jeff

    What happened to you? Is this something recent or chronic?

  • sam

    To everyone who was at the wod today.
    Heavy lifts are by far my biggest weakness and I normally am less enthusiastic about coming in for a lifting wod and often don’t enjoy them much.
    Today I had an awesome time and i’d just like to say thanks to everyone there for being so motivating and enthusiastic. (you know who you are).
    Oh and Greg, i’m not sure how you managed it, but that speech you gave me about burpees being somehow linked to deadlifting was awesome and hilarious and i’m sure it contributed to my pr’s.

  • Justin, I made it to Amiras. Am waiting now for my grub!! Grilled checken salad w tehina dressing! Simple and paleo!
    You’re buddy is not here tonight. Spoke w his older bro but your name is not familiar to him!
    What a weekend. Will post pics sometime this week!

  • Here’s a small sampling of photos from the weekend Performance Athletics Olifting Level 1 s
    seminar. Enjoy!
    Stuck in airport, flight delayed!!

  • Jack Bauer

    Good lifting class today.
    Hari-you owe me 310 next time! Thanks for the sagacious advice on resting and borrowing on credit.
    Sam, like most heavy lifts it’s all mental. Glad I could help you break your ceiling. Just doing for you what lots of CF Boxers have done for me.
    Seems like DLs fixed my shoulder: 305, 335, 355, 385, 405 (PR), 415 (New PR), 400.

  • Michelle–
    inspiration here for Gideon

  • AllisonNYC

    Funny Stuff Moon haha
    Everyone with back problems: I’m an expert on this topic since I’ve been dealing with it for a few days and got an education from Court and Avery.
    REST and beg Court to fix you.
    Both of those things work. My back is feeling 85% better.
    One side effect – I feel fat.

  • Rest, ice, heat packs, pain reliever, stretch. Rest some more.
    Just say no to heavy deadlifts, running on hard pavement, and back extension filled WODs until you can bend over and move sans pain.
    Stretch a lot more (especially your hamstrings). Look up some physical therapy and strength exercises for your back and do them. Repeat.
    And an important point I usually forget to follow: After you rest and start to feel better, don’t just come back full force. Take it easy your first few days back (or weeks if need be) to gauge how you are really feeling. Nothing worse then diving back in and injuring yourself all over again.
    And remember, feeling fat is just a feeling 🙂

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