“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”-Carlos Castaneda
Saturday 080119
Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071124.

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Circular mobility with kettlebells (video)
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  • FWIW I did 31 rounds of the Beast yesterday. See ya’ll next week. I’ll be hanging with Ant in Utah this week.
    Stay Strong!

  • The Beast yesterday: 26 rounds. It’s all about the OHS. And lowering the bar behind your neck – ouch!

  • 22:37
    Thanks for telling me to do it as Rxd, Coach P.
    Still having trouble figuring out the safest and least painful way out of an OHS. I must be doing something wrong, because I’m banging up my neck when I rack it behind the head.

  • Justin

    Yeah, my neck is black and blue as well… Doesnt hurt too bad, but looks like hell.

  • michelle

    well I have never done any kind of run-cuban or otherwise for any wod and have been at the box over a year. basically bc i suck at running, have awful asthma, hate it, and am chicken. Came to 10 am class figuring i would do something else other than Nancy-but alas Mike had a few of us do nancy with Brain leading us
    did the run. first running ever in about -20 years. A MILLION thanks to Brian who ran with Xuan Mai and I long after he finsihed to keep us going-Brian you are exactly the kind of coach that makes me want to work harder. Thanks for helping me overcome one of my biggest fears. and catch my breath after. And Xuan Mai-you too-awesome job.
    Time-with stairs and sub 41 lb with all squats unbroken.
    In September when Maximus had us do it-I did 200 tuck jumps instead of run with same weight and finished in around 20 minutes. Boy that run killed me.
    Great job Sam (a third sam!), George, Xuan Mai, Brian and anyone else I forgot to mention bc I am still recovering.
    Avery you must have finsished so fast because you went up and down those stairs twice in the time i was just walking down once.

  • Jack Bauer

    I did 20 rounds of the Beast yesterday which is pretty good considering how fried my arms were from Lynne on Thursday. Also proud that the first time I did the Beast I had 16 reps with 75#. I credit this to wearing Paul S’ shiny oly shoes! Couldn’t have done it without them!
    Thanks Coach P for seeing me struggling on rep 14 and telling me I wasn’t going home without 20…but seeing how much my shouler hurts I don’t know if I should be thanking him.

  • xuan mai

    Brian, thanks for the encouragment and letting me borrow your sweatshirt. You made a friend for life today when you accompanied on my last 400m run afteryou had already finished!!! I really needed the encouragment, thank you very much.

  • Coach P

    The level of character at the Box is evident in the way everyone adapts to our unique environment.
    When we need to configure the group, and create the best workout challenge, everyone raises to the task.
    Thank you Brian for the passion and leadership.
    Thank you Shane for your willingness to roll with the program and spread the knowledge.
    Thank you everyone for your commited effort to the WOD in whatever form it takes.
    Inspiring day!

  • chad

    back to nyc this coming week.
    question meanwhile… uskettlebells.com … good product?

  • Hari

    22:17 First time with the RX’d weight.

  • Justin

    For all the Paleo gurus here… Pistachios are OK correct? Also what is the general consensus regarding sweet potatoes? Some say yes, some say no.

  • Michelle – That is an awesome time for your first running Nancy! I am amazed that for not running in the past 20 years you did the cuban run with stairs and all your squats were unbroken in such a fast time! Next time, you’ll know what to expect and I’m sure improve even more.
    Nancy: sub with 51# (couldn’t handle more after the Beast) plus stairs, all squats unbroken
    19:17 (pr)
    Last time was 18:30 something but with less weight.
    Justin – Some people think sweet potatoes are fine and others who have trouble losing body fat will cut them out completely because of the spike in blood sugar they can cause. I think experimenting with how much/often you can eat them and still lose body fat depends on the individual.

  • Yeah Justin it is on 434 and ronald reagan behind ace hardware and fishy business. Great ppl, great times!
    Seminar was awesome, all day snatching tday!!
    Tmrw clean and jerks!

  • Kevin W

    Couldn’t make it in today, so I modified to 5 rds for time: 20 burpees and 400m run. 13:02

  • Justin

    Thanks Avery.. Think going to include them for now. Im sure there much more “paleo” then say Ben and Jerry’s so.
    Hey Sarena, if you get a chance, on 436 not too far from there is a great Kosher deli called Amiras. Its not open on Saturdays (for obvious reasons) but they have great food, and killer breakfast on Sundays. Not sure how many paleo friendly meals they have on the menu, but there might be a few. Just an idea if you want to go out and not sure where to go to. One of the owner’s there was friend of mine and he used to weigh a around 350lbs but lost a buttload of weight just eating the food there. His name is Justin Cohen, not sure if he remembers me or not but check it out if you get a chance.

  • Got it Justin but not sure its gonna happen! Thanks for the tip anyway though….
    One of the locals (DeLand) just had a bunch of us for supper and camaraderie. Awesome, good times, great people! Am gonna be sore tomorrow. Imagine holding a hook grip all day!!

  • michelle

    thx for the encouragement avery-
    i hated every minute of the run. crawl. walk. i did however like how many random people just stop and ask you “what fitness club are you with?” hilarious. i didn’t tell them bc with the way i was running it wouldn’t exactly be good pr for the box. plus i couldnt speak.
    congrats on ur pr. i knew u blasted through that. xuan mai and i were standing on the corner and we saw you come down and we both did a double take and said wait-didnt she just go up the stairs???

  • michelle

    ok cute video on main site withthe kids AND YES i KNOW i SOUND LIKE THAT REALLY ANNOYING MOM but just indulge me– Brian can attest to the fact that Gideon-my 7 rd old-after 2 gymnstics lessons at Asphalt Green and one warmuup with brian/keith did a HSPU with one abmat AWAY FROM THE WALL and then several hanstands in the center of the room with some assist on keeping midline stright. Brian also had hom doing some handstand work on the parallet bars.
    so we ned to have crossfit kids fast for the kiddies or as i like to call em the “LITTLE BLACK BOXERS”/BOXETTES”
    the profanity from the wall has already been removed. gid is raring to go back and clean more weight. he would like to know exactly when keith is returning from “watching all those movies”.
    the confidence it gave my son after two visits was astounding. he was scoring goals off of the best kid in soccer at school. and said that after two more crossfit sessions he would be cracking that kids’ head off with the soccer ball. well maybe not that we were going for but hey he sure felt enabled and stronger.
    and boy if my 7 year old can do an hsp u with one abmat away fromt he wall i bett get my sorry ass moving.
    great job guys. keith he will hope to see u next weekend

  • Shane

    Thank you Coach P for giving me to the chance to spread some knowledge. I had a GREAT time. Hope I did you justice
    also thanks for letting me stay for the WOD
    17:55. front squatting w/ the ‘conch’ instead of OHS