Filthy Fifty

Tuesday 080115
For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071118.

Be sure to click on kitty!
Why all women should lift weights
Evidence-Based Fitness Discussion (CF Journal, January ’07)
Dumbbell Vertical Press (CF Journal, January ’07)
Pondering Protein
5 Meats to Avoid
Got Goat?


  • AllisonNYC

    Aww Thanks Keith! That’s probably the coolest hello message ever. I wouldn’t mind having some extra time to pick his brain. He made me laugh my butt off too. Let’s get him up here!

  • brett_nyc

    This should be fun tomorrow night. It’ll be like Katrina but only with sweat.

  • Gabe

    Tomorrow’s afternoon class will the last Black Box workout for Brendan and I until we’re done in late March. I was hoping for something more sadistic (I jest), however seeing as this is Brendan’s least favorite WOD, I’ll have to settle.

  • michelle

    hey guys where is Alex these days? I miss her!

  • Moon

    *sniff* That was going to be my cert shirt logo…

  • AllisonNYC

    Don’t worry Moon. You can wear this one instead:
    sure I CrossFit for strength/power/speed/cardio/stamina/flexability/coordination/accuracy/agility/balance….but I mainly CrossFit for AllisonNYC!!

  • Moon

    Only if it’s autographed….

  • 31:17
    Great work by everyone this morning.

  • xuan mai

    40:28 with the following subs:
    20″ Box Jumps
    12 KG Swings
    32# Push Press
    32# Good Mornings
    6 lb Wall Ball
    Thanks for the encouragement everybody!

  • sarena

    Wow Xuan Mai great job!

  • Jeff

    I’m going to have to miss this workout today.

  • P$

    First time with the filthy fifty. This was a killer workout! I loved it.
    Two subs
    Crunch@59th only had a 12lb medicine ball, so i threw it extra high
    I was short on time and couldn’t find the bells, so i used a 35 DB

  • Oh yeah, sub 45# GM’s for me.

  • xuan mai

    And, come to think of it…
    My Knees to Elbows looked a little more like Knees to chest. Must work on KTE….

  • Juan G

    down with cats!

  • Lars

    Save the kittens!

  • meow

  • AllisonNYC

    Hari: Spider Chicky asked where you’ve been. I told her to come visit us in NYC. She thinks that’s a great idea and we’re going to pick a weekend. Any ideas of things to do? I’m sure she’ll be happy just CrossFitting and talking to you for hours but we should come up with something.
    She’s one of the coolest women on the planet.

  • Kurt

    I was curious about the 5 meats to avoid article and there were some of the suspects that I expected, namely cured, cased and preserved meats (sausages, hot dogs, cold cuts, etc.) and some I thought likely, such as grain fed beef and non-organic meat. I was very surprised to see ground meat on the list though. Here is the cut from the article, for those too lazy to click:
    3. Ground meats
    Ground meats, as we’ve said in the past, usually end up being a hodge-podge of flesh from hundreds of carcasses. (All remaining vegetarians have now fled the room.) In addition to this decidedly repellent image, the grinding process also poses a safety risk, as we’ve seen in the E. Coli recalls. The issue with ground beef, in particular, is the fact that the unsterile exterior of the carcass is ground and mixed in with the “safe” interior.
    These are decidely closed minded and “baby with the bath water” type of arguments. First, if you eat meat, you are ok with eating the flesh of animal carcasses or you are supremely ignorant about what you consume. Second, the threats of infectious disease depend on the butcher (and to a lesser extent, where the meat comes from). You can buy the most expensive grass fed, organic super beef, but if your butcher cuts it on an unclean board you stand a good chance of getting sick.
    The biggest problem is that it gives the impression that the grinding process is the issue, not the cleanliness of the meat you are grinding. Ground meat, particularly if you grind lean meat, can be a good way to get better meat for a lower price. Butchers will often use the scraps of more expensive cuts to mix in with the chuck, so you are actually getting a higher average quality of meat for the same price, if you are price conscious consumer.
    Following on that, if you grind your own meat, you can make very healthy and good tasting creations. Try something as simple as lean sirloin or turkey ground with onions, fennel, salt and pepper for a tasty burger. The best part is that you get to choose the fat content, so it will be significantly leaner and better tasting than a burger you buy outside your home.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to get off on a rant, but this push for “pure” food (often seemingly equivalent to expensive food) sometimes becomes caught up in its own BS.

  • Jack Bauer

    I’m killing a kitten today. Sorry folks. Promise I’ll say sorry at confession this weekend.

  • sarena

    And Jack last went to confession when???

  • Jack Bauer

    Uh…I guess I got to say sorry for that too when I go Sarena. 🙂

  • sarena

    And the list grows and grows Jack!! Mamma’s watching…

  • AllisonNYC

    my first filthy fifty
    16kg KB
    45# PP took less than 1 min
    GHD bk ex less than 1 min
    14# wall ball

  • Ger

    Hi. Not sure if this is the place to post this. I’m visiting the US for a week from London. I’ve worked out with CF London and was hoping to call down to CF NY tonight to do the WOD. However I see in the FAQ that only beginner classes are drop in. Is it possible for a traveling CF’er to drop in? Anyone I should contact before I do.

  • Ger
    Stop by tonight, but don’t expect any hand holding. It’s sink or swim in the WOD classes! 🙂

  • Ger

    Thanks. I’ll bring my float. Looking forward to it.

  • sam

    I agree with you the whole push for eating more expensively is quite frankly ridiculous sometimes.
    I always try and eat organic and trying to avoid the things we’re told we shouldn’t injest: grains, starch, milk, sugar, “other bad carbs”, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant), alcohol, saturated fats, trans fats, salt, caffeine, “bad meat”, aka meat that wasn’t fed from anything less pure and divine than milk from Aphrodite’s tit.
    Just trying to eat in this fashion tends to cost me at least 30 dollars a day. Because i’m trying to eat 19 zone blocks and when you’re as limited as this, it’s bloody hard work..
    I get the impression that a lot of the “foods to avoid” article are written by people who have their heads firm in the clouds and don’t quite understand the economics of purely consuming wholefoods grassfed steaks and wild scottish salmon.

  • Jay Cohen

    Kitten + God T shirt, not real cool. I have pets, past president of Humane Society and fellow Cross fitter. Really would have a hard time explaining the rational or attempted humor to someone when they ask about God killing a kitten.
    BTW, I have a dozen T’s from CF affiliates, along with “Nice Snatch” from Plano TX affiliate, but I’ll pass on this one, though I do like the Blackbox F x D /T Power shirt, very cool.

  • martin

    Holy. Crap. First filthy 50… 55:34 as Rx’d.

  • martin

    Wait, can I saw “as Rx’d” if I started with Push Presses and ended with knees to elbows? If not, I wish I had cheated 😉

  • I’ll gladly put 300 cats in the cobra clutch to make sure these shirts continue to be printed.
    Down with objectifying women, up with objectifying cats!

  • Actually Jay, that t-shirt is not supposed to be funny. In my religion, Tomcatism, kittens are vessels for our divine souls. We are taught to nurture them so that when we cough up our last hairball, our consciousness can travel safely to the great litter box in the sky and we can all be as one in catnipety bliss.
    However, as in many other religions, those who dare deviate from proper conduct (we call these individuals “strays”) must suffer the consequences of their actions. In the most extreme cases, God (we just call him Tom, he’s cool like that) may go so far as to terminate the stray’s cherished kitten, thereby condemning him or her to wander forever in the “Dark Alley”. Fundamentalists insist that missing a Crossfit workout is a sin worthy of such an extreme punishment. I tend to disagree, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an open mind.
    Next time, please show a little more sensitivity and respect for other people’s faith. That goes for you too, Sgt. Slaughter. We are merely trying to help the strays! Please think of the kittens. Please think of the strays.

  • Jack Bauer

    I second Sgt. Slaughter! It’s time someone took it to those cats-bunch of pussies that they are! (Pun intended)

  • Jack Bauer

    Ewen, you are the funniest Frenchman ever! Tomcatism…priceless.

  • AllisonNYC

    Hey Wiki Gods: Put “Elizabeth” up there.
    and girls start filling in the board.

  • Gabe and Brendan: Get Some.

  • Kurt

    I hear you Sam. I guess you pick and choose from what the “experts” tell you based upon budget, availability and a healthy dose of common sense.
    Jay, it may be difficult to explain the shirt, but so are any number of t-shirts based on internet memes. If you look at most fan sites, particularly for web comics, their shirts make no sense to someone who doesn’t have the background to recognize the reference.
    Plus, anyone that thinks that the shirt is seriously advocating the idea that god kills kittens because people don’t do workouts is actually slightly less intelligent than the person who thinks that god kills kittens when people pleasure themselves (what the original reference was to, at least as far as I remember). I am not hating on your beliefs and you have obviously done significantly more for animal welfare than I have. However, there is a certain kind of emotive content to elevating the status or seriousness of working out to something that god would be willing to kill cute and innocent creatures over that isn’t as easily expressed by putting it in a more PC manner. Plus, the absurdity of the statement is part of the humor.

  • P$

    Wow. Amazing time allison NYC. Blew me away. the burpees and KTE killed me. I had to break them down to sets of 10. I think i can catch you next time around. let the games begin.

  • AllisonNYC

    Pfft. Don’t put your $ on it

  • marisela

    great time at the noon class. Semper fi. Love you guys.

  • dnf – workout called at 40:06, i still had the kettlebells and doubleunders to go. 🙁
    so long noon class – i’m on a new work schedule doing the overnight shift – will be crossfitting mornings and evenings for awhile.

  • Robzilla

    Dinner Friday night:
    Hanami restaurant (Japanese/Sushi) on the SW corner of 14thst and 6ave. We’ll meet at 730. All are welcome, but if you’re interested then email me so I have a head count.

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