You’re such a T’s.

Monday 080114
Complete in as few sets as possible for time:
50 Back Squats, 135# men 95# women
5 minute handstand hold
Post total time and number of sets to completion. For example, 10:46, 3 sets Squats (39/16/5), 6 sets Handstands (120s, 45s, 30s, 30s, 60s, 15s).

They’re playing my song. Time to work out.
Preserving a fundamental sense: Balance
Statin effects of low-carb diets
Train like an Olympic-champion speed skater
Calling Tyler Durden (more wisdom from our buddy D.Chap)
“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”–Michael Pollan radio interview on CBC
What would Michael Pollan eat?


  • I love you Keith….
    This is my favorite WOD you have ever made up. It brings a tear to my eye.

  • AllisonNYC

    I don’t love you right now Keith….
    This is the worst picture of me you’ve ever posted.
    Boy Sam, that’s Girl Sam 🙂

  • And Keith, please tell me you’re not going to wear your Black Box man-thong for this WOD… for all everyone’s sake.

  • AllisonNYC, ’twas I that picked the photo for the Caption Contest. (I often co-create the blog posts with Keith, especially with regards to linkage/photos.) I think you and Sam both look adorable in it, and more importantly, the posing in the photo is caption-worthy, which is why I chose it.
    Not every photo at the Black Box can be a glamour shot… 🙂

  • AllisonNYC

    Keith, Mike, Court and Josh:
    I want to say thank you for being such great coaches. It’s obvious that you all love what you do. I’ve appreciate all the time and energy you’ve put into me. I don’t say it enough but I think it all the time. Keith, I owe all of my PRs to you. Walking into the Black Box sent my life in a whole new direction and has brought me more happiness than I can describe. I hope that someday I end up being great trainer like you guys are and change lives like you’ve changed mine. You’re great examples for me.
    I’m saying this now because I didn’t realize just how hard coaching a group can be. I love, love it but didn’t know just how much work it is to keep an eye on so many people and give them all the attention they need and deserve. You do a great job at that. I appreciate what you do even more now. I’ve caught myself saying and doing things just like you when I’m in Brooklyn. I guess I want to be like you guys. I’ll be going to my 4th cert at the end of the month but I feel like I’ve learned most about CrossFit from being at the Black Box. You’ve taught me so much and I have so much more to learn from you.
    Thanks a million times over.

  • You are very welcome, Allison. You are blessed with youth and enthusiasm and raw talent. You are going to go very far. It is a rare pleasure as a coach to find an athlete that picks up things as quickly as you do. It is even more rare to find such enthusiasm to learn and teach in that same athlete. I am sure this will be a year of tremendous growth and change for you. Thanks for being such a great sport. You definitely make The Box more fun. 😉

  • Jeff

    Writing gushy posts isn’t going to save you from embarrassing captions.

  • dan def
    For the Box? Linda is always just a day away…..

  • sarena

    Ewen whatever happened with that C2?

  • caption:
    “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

  • Great post on Eva T’s blog quoting Brad Hirakawa and his view of milk, rice and Paleo.

  • sarena

    Brad wrote that bit based on an article found on Robb Wolf’s site. Check it out here:

  • michelle

    sarena is your kneee ok?
    and can you track down the people who have not rsvpd to ur party invite bc if we need change the reservation to include mor people i have to let them know by this thursday. original u predicted 15 but we have 11 and like 20 people have not responded

  • Sarena,
    I didn’t get a reply to my questions. The ad is still up, and there’s actually another ad from Jan 7th for $400 C2 (should be D, they say it’s less than 2 years old) in the Financial district (easier pick up).
    Both could be gone by now, since people often forget to take their ad down once they’ve sold their item, but you never know. KJMC, does the Box have $400 to spare right now?

  • sarena

    Knee is better Michelle, thanks for asking. ROM is still somewhat restricted and have MD appt today!
    This is a great piece on the 10 produce items that have the most pesticides!

  • sarena
    Hitchhikers may be lurking in your car!

  • Ewen, we can spring for $400 rower if it comes down to it.

  • Coach P

    The CrossFit Calgary crew celebrating after OPT’s (James Fitzgerald) 6:59 Helen! (on affiliate page)
    Wonder what his CFNYC Helen time would be-go stairs!

  • AllisonNYC_23/5’2/118

    50 squats 95# unbroken in 2:41
    waited to do the handstands because I didn’t know the whole thing was being timed. Lost time there.
    7 sets of Handstands:
    Total: 15:54
    Took too much time between sets because I got a tickle in the back of my throat and couldn’t stop coughing. Damn it. Oh well.

  • AllisonNYC_23/5’2/118

    New Pull up PR
    No warm up. Walked in and got on the bar. Probably would have got me one or two more.

  • sarena

    So this is where Keith has been taking his coaching lessons:

  • Moon

    No Olympics for amputee sprinter – IAAF rules Pistorius ineligible to compete in Beijing
    This is an interesting ruling that is setting a boundary on what is “performance enhancing.” As medical science advances will be able to offer more ways to go beyond our various inborn limitations, expect to see more of such cases come up that might not be as clear cut (i.e., LASIK.)

  • Brett_nyc

    “Despite her great performances in the clean-jerk and pullup events, Allison’s bid for Blue ribbon was ultimately undone by her struggles in the Sit and Stay event.”

  • Brendan

    “Gloria patri et filio et spiritu sancto. Now do 150 burpees and call your mother.”

  • Moon

    “Farewell, my brave Hobbit. My work is now finished. Here at last, on the shores of the sea… comes the end of our Fellowship. I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.”

  • “If you keep doing Crossfit Allison, you might just lengthen and tone your legs enough to be as tall as me one day.”

  • Brett_nyc

    Love it moon.

  • AllisonNYC

    Very Funny :/
    Today after doing 21 pull-ups 😉 my head was POUNDING. I felt ok during the pull ups but as soon as I got down the pain started. I think it was coming from my neck and went away after about a minute. The same thing happened after practicing MUs. As soon as I jumped down the pain started and then went away.
    I didn’t have a problem after the Back Squats or the handstands. So it seems like it’s just when I’m pulling overhead
    Has anyone had this problem or know why it’s happening to me? It was really intense pounding. A little scary.
    Could it be caused by tension in my neck? Thanks

  • marisela

    i felt like poop when got to the box 2day. Had to wait for my ibuprofen to kick in before i could get to it.
    dunno exact breakdown, but i did it in 12 sets
    i wanna do it again when i’m 100%

  • Brett_nyc

    Sorry if I offended.
    Sometimes I catch myself holding my breath (bad) on long pullup sets which leads to dizziness when I’m done. Might it have been that?

  • Kevin

    Nice work 1230 class!
    135# Squats were 3:58 unbroken. Slow but steady.
    Handstand holds took about a million attempts. I think the longest split I held was 47 seconds and shortest was 2 seconds at the end. Funny stuff.

  • AllisonNYC

    Brett you didn’t offend me at all. 🙂 I thought it was funny.
    I was breathing during the pull ups and I wasn’t dizzy when I got down.
    Any other ideas?

  • mc

    2 sets 35 and 15
    11 sets mainly 30s, some 45s

  • sam

    ahhhh, so that’s who other sam is..

  • Moon

    AllisonNYC – what sort of kip method were you doing? Maybe you were experimenting with a style to which your body has not adjusted?

  • AllisonNYC

    umm.. i’m not really sure. Keith said it looked like I was doing the breaststroke wiith my legs.
    That wouldn’t explain why it hurt after attempting a MU.

  • Robzilla

    2K meter row:
    2000 – 1500 20 strokes/minute 2:30
    1500 – 1000 24 strokes/minute 4:50 (split 2:20)
    1000 – 500 28 strokes/minute 6:50 (split 2:00)
    500 – 0 32 strokes/minute 8:36 (split 1:46)

  • Robzilla

    Crossfit: “It only feels good if you’re doing it wrong”

  • Andrew

    Hey Allison,
    Your affliction sounds like an exertion/tension headache. I have had those in the past doing exercises, and I remember them being so bad I thought I was going to have an aneurysm, stopping seconds into a workout. Generally it comes from lack of oxygen/breathing. Google it and you’ll find something. It’s easy to overcome, but prob best to stop when it comes on, even though they go away quickly.

  • Interesting splits, Rob. Apparently you had a lot left in the tank at the end, I’m guessing from holding back during the first 1500m (that what these tests are for) and/or from technique issues keeping you from being efficient at lower stroke rates.
    See you at the Box for some more fine tuning!

  • AllisonNYC

    Hey Thanks Andrew.
    The thing is the pain didn’t start until after I stopped. I felt fine while I was doing the pull-ups but as soon as I jumped down the pounding started. Strange.

  • michelle

    Scene treatment from “Crossfit Heaven”
    ALlisonNYC (scheduled to be played by A2) meets FRAN (to played by Sam-tall female Sam–note: if contract negotiations fall through with Sam-tall female Sam, Greg C. will be available and can take time away from his filming of “Li’l Kim-the True story-Life Without Wigs and Sleeves”)
    AllisonNYC, a bit dazed from having kipped both froggie style and swinging style to get to the front of the line to meet her heroine- begs to know why FRAN would never grant her the pleasure of a sub 5 in life.
    next scene-

  • AllisonNYC

    What!?!? Michelle! You don’t think I’ll ever get a sub 5 Fran in my life??? 🙁 I don’t like that movie one bit.
    I’m already at 7:22. I say I’ll be sub 5 after 3 more Frans. Then I’ll be shooting for sub 4 baby.

  • second sam

    Squats (scaled to 80#): 15, 15, 10, 10
    Handstands: 2.17, 1.00, 0.46, 0.57
    Next time I’m definitely going for the full 95# squats.
    I heard a crazy rumor that there’s a third sam…

  • michelle

    well we will have to do a rewrite
    thats what happens when there is a writer’s strike. people like me have to fill in.

  • As Rx’d:
    Squats: unbroken (~2:15)
    HS: 15 sets
    TT: 11:43

  • Moon

    I love this WOD but love wasn’t enough today.
    Squats 25/13/12
    Handstands were done in 11 sets around late 20 seconds on average.
    Next time, if I break into 3 sets, I’m going to level that out to a 17/17/16 or something to make sure I’ve got lots left for the handstands.

  • AllisonNYC
    I just spoke with Coach Rippetoe. He says hello. I told him you did 50 squats at 95# unbroken. He was impressed.
    He also told me I have to yell at everyone more about their form. Shape up, people!

  • sarena

    Did you talk to Coach Rip about coming here to visit us??

  • Rip’s never been to NYC, so if we have a Barbell Cert here, we’ll have to take him out and show him around. 🙂

  • sarena

    Then we definitely have to show him how we do things in NYC!
    Btw, the knee thing turned out to be a huge calcium deposit sitting on the side of the patella in the area of the medial meniscus. That’s why the pain was mimicking medial meniscus type pain. Doc gave me this huge cortisone shot (cringe) and its gone now!!

  • George

    got this in at the nysc by my apt.
    135# 2 sets (30, 20)
    handstand (70, 30, 30, 30, 30, 20, 30, 20, 20, 20)

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