Dirty Diane Uh

Friday 080111
21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071101.

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  • Robzilla


  • Juan G.

    all signed up for Mind Body.
    so the 18th? where we going? Dinner, drinks, dancing? What?

  • Gabe

    Brendan, David and myself will be there for the noon class tomorrow. I LOVE Diane.

  • sarena
  • Sarena,
    Yeah, but it has to be at least a model C to be worth the bother. And since there are no pics…
    I don’t have transportation to go check it out in “Queens” (could this ad be any vaguer?), but maybe KJCM can find someone with a car.
    (Sent an e-mail with a few questions, but don’t let that stop anyone else from giving it a shot.)

  • Jack Bauer

    Registered. Do we get we get a gold sticker for best attendance records?

  • Rob, Sam, anybody else, I’ll be at the Box tonight (early rather than late) if you want to talk about training for the CRASH-B sprints.

  • xuan mai

    Every once in a while you have a frustrating day.
    Xuan Mai’s Diane:
    105 lb Deadlift
    32 lb Presses
    Pre-Wod Conversation with Keith:
    K: How are your handstand pushups?
    X: Nonexistent.
    K: Ok, well, then we can have you do some heavy presses instead! It’ll be great! What’s your max press?
    X: Errr…56 lbs?
    K: Huh? Wait, how much do you weigh?
    X: 125 lbs.
    K: You’re not even pressing 1/2 your body weight!!??
    X: Nope.
    K: Oh. *averts eyes* Then, put a couple of fives on that bar.
    Some days, it’s like middle school gym class all over again.
    And, to add injury to insult, I ripped open my hand while I was doing some kettlebell snatches.

  • *pat, pat*
    There, there, Xuan Mai. People also point and laugh when it’s my turn to do the shoulder press. But it wouldn’t be Crossfit if we didn’t get our weaknesses shoved in our face once in a while, right?

  • sam

    this sounds very similar to conversations I have with Keith every time he sees me doing Deadlifts or Squats. I actually find it vaguely amusing, I know exactly what i’m doing wrong every time, it’s just damn hard to get it right 🙂

  • Jeff

    I registered and I’m trying to sign up for the 6:45. Do I have to make a purchase first to get to reservation?

  • Kurt

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering what the collective thought process was on working out while sick. I have been sick on and off for about a month now and am wondering how best to either get over it and get back to work or work out through it. FYI, this is just the kind of annoying “change in the weather” kind of cold, not flu or something serious. It will take me out of work for a day and make me feel bad for 3-4 more but then I will be fine.
    I don’t feel right about bringing my sickness to the gym and spreading it, but I will sometimes try to work out at home and at least do something. I have mostly tried to rest and rehydrate in order to get back on the horse as quickly as possible, but I do see people on here who will talk about doing workouts while still ill. What do you think works the best?

  • sam

    I found that working out while sick just killed me. My wod times and performance were terrible and it didn’t seem to help me get better any faster. In fact, I think that putting the body through out intense wod’s will probably slow recovery as the body will be expending more resources in muscle growth and recovery than in fighting the virus.

  • P$

    225# deadlift – scaled to 185#
    1st shot at Diane

  • AllisonNYC

    I disagree with Sam about not training at all. If you’re just a little under the weather I say get up and move. I’ve found that a little training actually makes me feel better.
    Diane is really intense. I would skip it. Do some tabata squats, push-ups, sit-ups or some stuff like that. If you don’t do anything you’ll start suffering from something else-lazyness. A mini workout will give you a jump start.
    Don’t push yourself TOO much, pick the workout and don’t expect any PRs.
    Feel Better Soon!
    Who took a picture of my water bottle cap and put it on the flicker?
    If you want me to sign things for you to sell on ebay Just Ask! 🙂

  • AllisonNYC

    Hey Sam hows your head.. and shoulder.. and arm?

  • I find a long row or run is good when you’re feeling sick. Also some yoga or some long static holds like handstands and l-sits and side planks. Don’t think about PRs just think about moving the body and trying to work some form and sweat a little.
    Please try to sign up in advance for classes. The site isn’t set up to take your money…yet.

  • Keith,
    Unless I’m mistaken, we can’t sign up for classes on Mindbody if we haven’t paid. The software asks us to purchase a membership.

  • Kurt

    Thanks for the advice. I worry about using the sickness as an excuse to take off the hard workouts. I nixed the idea of running as I figured that cold air in my lungs would do more harm than good, but the yoga idea has been tempting.
    So far, I have tried just extended streching combined with slow repitition of exercises I can do at home, focusing on form and control more than strength building or any real metcon. Good to know I was on the right track. Will do more tonight and hopefully be well tomorrow morning for an extended heavy bag workout plus weights.

  • second sam

    My head… and shoulder… and arm… and, actually, most of the rest of my left side… are turning into a beautiful bruise rainbow… But actually doing quite well. Tabata therapy!
    I agree on the training when a bit ill — getting warmed up with a lower intensity workout really clears up the sniffles. And when you recover, you won’t have deteriorated quite as much.
    I suppose you could say the same thing about training after taking a dive off your bike 😉

  • sam

    I didn’t say do nothing. But full out balls to the wall wod’s are not ideal I think.
    As Allison said, some tabatas done at slightly lower intensity could be ok.
    Perhaps you could do some burpees?
    Josh was telling me that when he can’t get to a gym he does a jailhouse burpee and then each day after tries to increase the jailhouse number by one. (probably starting with a jailhouse 10)
    Actually, I feel pretty damn fine in every way going. No aches, pains, strains or stresses. Still shaking off the holiday slothfulness though.
    For once,

  • sam

    There’s another Sam?

  • son of sam

    another sam?

  • Justin

    When sick, I try to do something (or course it depends on how sick) light because I find it makes me feel a little better, and I heal quicker. I wont show up to the box until I am 100% because I dont want to get others sick.

  • Yes, you’re both tall, blond and British…fortunately one of you is female so that keeps the confusion quotient low.

  • michelle

    I think I am going to email Rob Wolf with my new IF results.
    having been under the weather (or as keith nicely said-whats with u-u look skinny and tired!)I have been on a diet of paul newman dark chocolate bars, cream of mushroom soup (organic of course) and doublestuff oreos (not organice of course). I lost a pound this week. Now it may have something to do with the WAY i am eating the oreos. u know inside first.. but i am waiting on the blood results. i think he will be very pleased.
    as for today. I learned that you can completely forget how to kip. it was if my brain and body had never seen , heard or experienced that idea or movement before. so i had to go to keith’s special ed class for kipping. 50 jpu for time and 50 jrd for time.
    AFTER Diane
    used 105 and did hspu with 2 ab mats against wall
    so–if someone finds my kip somewhere in the box-maybe in one of the new cubbies can u email me?

  • Justin

    I found your kip Michelle, running around Bryant Park… It threw a Crumbs cupcake at me and told me to F-off so I let her be.
    Anyone tell Im bored today?

  • Moon

    “When I get sick, I just stop being sick and start being AWESOME.”
    I was sick. When I was at my worst, I didn’t go to the Box at all. Energy was low, snot was running high. As I got better I started going in for the lifting-focused workouts. These didn’t require rapidly gulping air. Most recently I have gone for all but the most metconish workouts and I’ve been ok. Scores have been lower than I had hoped, but that’s just gonna happen.
    As far as sickness prevention considering that others may be showing up a little ill themselves, I try not to share water bottles, wash my hands after working out and I don’t lick *any* of the workout equipment.
    Xuan Mai – I know your pain. Last bench press round, Adam’s disgust-laced “You’re going to lift THAT?” still haunts me.

  • “How Michelle Got Her Kip Back”
    —Sometimes you have to break the rules to free your swing—
    Plot Summary:
    Michelle is a highly successful, thirty-something New York lawyer who is persuaded by her colorful Upper West Side girlfriend Fran to take a well deserved, first-class training session at the Black Box. As she soaks in the beauty of the new cubbies, she encounters a strapping, young Crossfitter, Jack Bauer. His pursuits for her turn into a hot and steamy workout that forces Michelle to take personal inventory of her life and try to find a balance between her desire for pull-ups and deadlifts, and the responsibilities of mother and corporate lawyer.

  • Moon

    For those who didn’t catch the return of American Gladiators, this was the highlight for me – very impressive grip strength as Fury is listed as weighing 150 pounds.

  • Robzilla

    That was an amazing synopsis.
    Jan 18th,
    Wanted to have a CF hang out night. Anyone who is interested can email me at rteganATgmailDOTcom. Probably go to dinner and then take it from there. Maybe see Cloverfield, who knows. It all depends on what people are interested in doing.
    There was talk of AYCE sushi. Although not Zone or Paleo it is good sushi at a reasonable price with the added benefit of eating as much as one can possibly stomach, and then some. The restaurant does serve other meals that are neither AYCE nor sushi, but c’mon. All You Can Eat. I think it’s time for lunch.
    Other eatery suggestions are welcome.
    Email me if you’re interested.

  • Rob,
    Thanks, but I’m a no-talent hack: I just replaced a few words from what I found on imdb.com. 😉

  • michelle

    Ewen-brilliant but you were working on imperfect information-u seeyour plot summary basically details how I LOST my kip
    I neglected to post that the entire reason i got sick which led to lousy kipping this week (5 rounds for cindy!)and the ultimate vaporization of all that resembles a pullup is because Jack Bauer showed up on Saturday to tabata his snot everywhere. I think we gave him extra reps just from all the stuff flying from his mucous membranes.
    I do beleive his exact quote to me was-“I am feeling really sick today but I knew you wanted to see me so thats why I came”.
    maybe assasinating Jack Baeur will be the only way to get my kip back.
    Justin-sorry about that. she is well trained.

  • sam

    Court, are you serious? There’s a blonde tall British girl called Sam?
    If you read this “Sam”, hello!

  • P$

    so did anyone do this WOD?

  • michelle

    yes i did. 11:02 or 11:04 with 105 and 2 abmat for hspu against wall. and so did xuan mai 10:35 with 103 and 32lb presses
    and u

  • P$

    Yes i did it this am.
    225# deadlift – scaled to 185#
    1st shot at Diane

  • second sam

    Indeed I am tall, blonde, and British. The British bit isn’t quite as obvious though, since I neglected to care for my accent and it left me somewhere around 2001. Sadly it doesn’t even turn up when I’m plastered any more.

  • Jeff

    Workout at home. You won’t get us all sick and it’ll be fun exercising your brain to come up with your own WOD. When you engage in physical activity, the adrenaline rush will dampen your feelings of sickiness. But I’m no doctor or scientist. (That’s why I talk this way.)
    I’m up for the dinner. If you guys want, we can eat in my ‘hood (Chinatown, or as I call it, ‘Natown). We can get jellyfish.
    British Sams:
    ‘Allo guv’nuhs!

  • Jeff

    Another thing, I recently read somewhere that med balls at gyms are cesspools infested with germs. So make sure you swab down your balls with alcohol after you’re done handling them.

  • Jack Bauer

    Ewen that synopsis was hilarious! Plenty of good ones on IMBD
    And you should know Michelle after six seasons you can’t kill Jack Bauer-but you can make him puke. But if I mananged to pullup (with kips), pushup, situp and squat with a head cold, then I guess I didn’t get you sick enough Michelle! Again I’M SORRY!
    So to answer the previous question, I guess you can work out sick…just do it in a hazmat suit.

  • Moon

    Sams – I’m just saying be careful. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7182817.stm

  • Hari

    9:45 DL’s as RX’d. HSPU’s 4 inches less than full Rom (head to 2 25-lb plates).
    Xuan Mai,
    My theory is that if you have a handstand, you have a handstand pushup. What you may not have is a full range of motion HSPU.
    Put a target under your head that require a minimal ROM (e.g., a wall ball or four telephone books). Touch your head to the target on each rep, even if you are only lowering yourself an inch or two. Then as you get better, keep lowering the target.

  • Kevin

    Great work 1230 class!!
    Diane as rx’d with a few freestanding handstand push ups thrown in the mix. 225 felt heavy today. I have to pace myself better early on so my HSPU’s don’t deteriorate into singles in the third round… or just get stronger.:(
    Thanks for the tip Hari.

  • Kevin

    That contestant on American Gladiators is incredible. That was an amazing display of grip strength.

  • Justin

    Good theory Hari, but what if your ROM is EXTREMELY low say, 2x45lbs plates? Would it be more beneficial to do something such as the off the box pushups or with such a small ROM?

  • Jack Bauer

    Justin, can you leave that Starting Strength book for me at the Box next time. But after you use it under the 4x 25 plates for Diana of course.
    To your point, I’d do box pushups or overhead presses.

  • michelle

    Ewen what is ur email? i have tried to send u something twice and dont seem to have the correct one-
    u can email it to me if u would rather at michellefoxman@yahoo.com
    greg-the only question is which smothers brother are u?

  • Justin

    Havent forgotton about you yet Greg, just havent been back to the Box yet. Hopefully tonight.

  • Brett_nyc

    I’d go with hspu negatives rather than elevated pushups or presses. You just have to get used to being upside down.
    Kick up, then slowly lower yourself till you’re in a headstand, then drop your feet and kick up again. Before you know it, you’ll be able to “bounce” a little, ei, break your elbow lockout and move up and down a couple inches. Then it’s just a matter of forcing yourself to get as deep as possible. As one of the trainers said a few months ago, your first HSPU full rom will be a max effort.

  • Hari

    Justin writes,
    “[W]hat if your ROM is EXTREMELY low say, 2x45lbs plates? Would it be more beneficial to do something such as the off the box pushups or with such a small ROM?”
    In my opinion, doing HSPU’s with 2 45-lb plates is the fastest way to get to doing HSPU’s with 2 35-lb plates.

  • Brendan

    congrats to marisela and gabe for knocking the balls off of diane today.

  • The only problem with moving from 2x45lb plates to 2x35lb plates is that you actually have to go lower each time and touch your nose to the plates. The biggest problem with pushups is that people won’t go all the way to the ground.

  • diane
    185# deadlift, band-assisted handstand pushups
    9:15 … less than half the time of Nov. 1! (w/ same weight)
    later did 5k row
    also last night, track workout at the armory with NYRR. 1 mile (5:40), 800m (2:30), 2 mile (12:00)

  • Gabe

    Diane – as RX’d
    6:27…lost :13 seconds off my previous PR. Man I love this chick!
    Also, on a different note, when I was in New Orleans this past weekend I wore my CFNYC tshirt out one night and someone actually came up to me and asked about the Black Box. I was approached while wearing crossfit apparel a total of 7 or 8 times while I was there, all in reference to “was I opening a CrossFit NOLA?” Seems like theres a void somewhere that needs to be filled.

  • JUAN G.

    – rom

  • Brett_nyc

    11:30 @225lbs
    21’s forehead
    15’s mixed 1/2 rom, negatives
    9’s mixed 1/2 rom, negatives

  • justin

    225# DLs
    pushups pike off box… Shoulder in a good amount pain the whole time. Next time, losing the box and doing negatives or decreased ROM. That is if my shoulder is any better.

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