Last Girl of the Year

To me, the tragic alone has that significant beauty which is truth. It is the meaning of life‚Äîand the hope. The noblest is eternally the most tragic. The people who succeed and do not push on to a greater failure are the spiritual middle-classers. Their stopping at success is proof of their compromising insignificance. How petty their dreams must have been! The man who sets out for the mere attainable should be sentenced to get it — and keep it. Let him rest on his laurels and enthrone him in a Morris chair in which laurel and hero may wither together. Only through the unattainable does man achieve a hope worth living and dying for — and so attain himself.” Eugene O’Neill
The time is upon you to dream big. 2008 is here. A new year brings new hope. Do not take this opportunity to dream small. Dream big! And be prepared to make the biggest and most dramatic changes of your life.
Please discuss your fitness and diet goals with the trainers here at the Box so we can help you plan for a successful year.
Monday 071231
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071121.

Be glad you don’t live in Santa Cruz

The “Truth” About Yoga

Yoga This and Pilates That

F*** Yoga


  • Jack Bauer

    It has been a great year at Crossfit. Thanks to all the trainers that made me stronger and more fi than I ever thought possible.
    Want to thank all my fellow CFers for the constant support, trash-talking motivation that helped me to accomplish some pretty incredible feats.
    Big in 2008 ya’ll. Happy New Year and see you on the other side!

  • AllisonNYC

    Goals for 2008:
    25 kipping pull-ups
    sub 4 Fran
    Go to OLY cert, Level II, POSE..
    Press over 100#
    DL 250
    Squat over 200
    Do every single workout as RX’d and fucking fast
    Do lots of dips
    Get lots of Muscle Ups (in the next 2 months)
    Do 21 HSPUs like Annie in JT
    OHS body weight
    Stick with either SPEAR or BJJ
    Become the best trainer I can be and help other CrossFitters reach their fitness goals.
    Hang out with Coach, Annie, Nicole and Eva.
    22 or 23 tabata squats
    Clean more than body weight

  • sarena

    So I guess you saw the thread on performance menu, Keith, about Yoga and Oly lifting. What are your thoughts?
    I love the link Greg posted about f**k yoga Ts!

  • AllisonNYC

    I video taped myself doing HSPUs in my bedroom. I got 6 total because that’s all I tried for. I didn’t want to waste space on my camera. My head touched the ground on 4 of them in sets of 2.
    I don’t know where the heck they came from. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do them last week.

  • michelle

    keith-was at lululemon 2nite and recognized one of the girls from the crossfit pics. stopped, introduced myself and chatted with her and she told me how awesome the beginner class was and how much she wanted to go back.
    great job everyone today-especially doing mike’s extra special med ball burpee drill after that workout. i think i was still stuck to the floor. xuan mai thanks for keeping me going through that workout. u were awesome and ur kips looked amazing.
    happy new year everyone-thanks for making this such a great year for me. I am really proud of all I have accomplished and am really thankful for our trainers and for all the great people I have met at the box who have been wildly encouraging all year. looking forward to 2008 with everyone!

  • AllisonNYC

    Is anyone else doing the run tomorrow night?
    I’m passing up an oppertunity to kiss cute boys to do one of my least favorite activities. I think the feeling of accomplishment will be worth it. I can kiss cute guys anytime.
    Can the wiki manager add a HSPU category?

  • Moon

    AllisonNYC – Kissing cute boys is one of my least favorite activities so I will not be doing that, feeling of accomplishment or no.
    Added HSPU to leaderboard…seems we’re going to have to lock that down in 18 hours.

  • xuan mai

    Michelle – I think it was the other way around. *You* were keeping me going through the workout. At one point, I thought to myself “Wow, this really sucks and it’s only the second round. Maybe I can fake an asthma attack.” Then I looked over at you plugging away and resolved to press on.
    Happy New Year to all the Black Boxers and trainers! I feel so fortunate to have met y’all!

  • Carlo

    I’m running tonight in Central Park. It will be a new way to start the new year. . . looking forward to it though.

  • Carlo

    I’m running tonight in Central Park. It will be a new way to start the new year. . . looking forward to it though.

  • sarena

    A quickie at home:
    WOD at home with what was available:
    3 rnds for time
    15 single unders
    15 abmat SUs
    15 SN PVC
    15 step ups to bench 17.5 in
    15 1 hand KBS 12kg r/l

  • sarena

    The dumbest products of 2007:
    check out lululemon as #5

  • michelle

    huge class here sarena!
    had visitor from israel whose brother runs a crossfit there up north-took some pix of the box for his brother and will send us link tohis brother’s blog so next time u visit u can go

  • Tyler Durden

    subbed 500m Row
    21 x 24kg kbs
    12 pullups

  • derek rose

    12:44. There was a biiigg lunchtime class and so I ended up using a 16kg kettlebell, tho. Still a couple times last week I was the last one finished with a workout so it was nice to have the reverse this time. And it made a good warmup for what I did next, 4×1 mile @ 10mph on the treadmill.

  • Robzilla

    It’s been about a year (50 weeks) since I started Crossfit. I’ve made gains in my physical fitness that I never thought possible and they continue to grow. However, I’m not good with words so all I can offer is a simple Thank You.
    Thank You to to the coaches and community for constantly being there as a source of support and admiration. This year would have been a hell of a lot of less fun without everyone. Looking forward to another great year and even more PRs

  • Hari

    12:36 Sub 40 lb DB
    For the year, did 220 of 273 WOD’s.
    Next year’s goal is 235 of 274 with 200 as RX’d.

  • Justin

    My goals are on the wiki, and I think I’ve made them abundantly clear… So I just want to wish everyone a great new year and can’t wait to kick ass with everyone in 2008!!!!

  • jacinto

    happy new year everyone and stay strong.

  • Cesar

    My goal is to stop making excuses and stick to the CF routine I had back in 2005.
    Happy New Year!

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