Merry X(Fit)mas!

Christmas Day, December 25th, is a rest day on the main site, and it’s a rest day for us at the Black Box as well, since we’re closed today. In lieu of posting an X-mas WOD, I thought I’d just put up some links and ask everyone to post how their day goes, whether that includes working out or lazing around, eating well or overindulging. See everybody back at the Box tomorrow!
Two Black Boxers in Shanghai (earlier this month): Jay H. and Mike from Houston
444-pound two-man clean and jerk (kind of like a piano duet, except dangerous).
How to quit a bad habit by answering four power questions.
Udderly Ridiculous: U.S. EPA proposes easing reporting requirements for factory farms
Forget steroids–Is it cheating to use cognitive-enhancing drugs?
The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to Care (Gary Taubes video)
Santa’s training!
Rippetoe on healing muscle-belly injuries.
10 last-minute holiday health tips.
Enhancing low-back health through stabilization exercise (Dr. Stuart McGill)


  • sarena

    Are Brett and Hari the only Black Boxers who did this WOD as Rx’d? Awesome job guys. Good thing tomorrow is a rest day! I wonder what Thursday will bring….

  • My WOD today (i.e., 12/24) was baking cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. May just make up the 150 burpees tomorrow, but we’ll see…

  • Jeff

    Dexter was doing this one with me.
    How do you not do this one as RXed? This one doesn’t really require any equipment (except maybe a ladder and ruler to measure 8″ above your reach).

  • sarena

    Well one could do the puppies version from BrandX Jeff! I mean less than 150 Burpees or Burpettes (on knees)!

  • sarena
    representing at CF Albany/ I feel terrible I had no CFNYC T!!

  • Justin

    In the backwoods of North Carolina… Will go do 150 burpees here in a little while then its homemade wine, smoked hog, and prime rib.

  • sarena

    Enjoy Justin and send my best to Leslie as well. Happy Santa Day!

  • Dave L.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    Did 150 burpees yesterday here in NorCal: 14:45
    Have a great holiday and New Year, see everyone in mid-January.

  • Kevin W

    did the burpees last night. 17:11.
    Merry Christmas

  • Ewen

    Skied for about an hour this morning (Sarena: that’s xc skiing, in the Vercors mountains), then ate a long brunchy breakfast while expanding my collection of consumer products.
    Later today did:
    30 reps clean + press, 25 kg (55 lb) bag of wood pellets: 7:56
    Definite Conch vibe. Different, not too hard, and ‘functional’.
    I was inspired by a video of something similar at HQ not so long ago (Grace with 100lbs of sand?)
    Happy birthday Kevin!
    Dan L, email me about Paris.

  • I’m sitting at the gym waiting for my workout partner. Lo and behold you linked to my workout yesterday. Groovy. Today is some heavy overhead pressing followed by club work and a TON of join mobility work to recover from yesterday. Happy Holidays!

  • Joseph Blaire

    Hey Blackbox, so I want to sign up for the Elements Class B, that starts on the 3rd of January. I can’t get down to the box Until this Saturday, so can I just sign up for the 1 month plan on the site to reserve a spot for myself ? ( Because there’s no option to pay for the Elements W.Shop).

  • Joseph Blaire

    Sorry for the double post, one more question. I’ve been following the WOD’s many months behind current WOD’s on the CF site I’m in May ( the last WOD I did was yesterday ,May 8th’s 10k WOD , I ran 5k in 27:13,far from great. Should I just jump into yesterday’s burpee workout so I’ll be on the same page as everyone else when I start training at the Box next week ? Thanks in advance.

  • sarena

    I would say to you Joseph, do what you can! But don’t forget scaling is crucial in the beginning. You will be humbled (most likely) during elements and thats OK. Just aim to give and do your best. Be sure your nutrition is dialed in–that’s key to good performance.
    Hey Kevin, Happy Bday! Is it actually today??

  • Hari

    Joseph Blaire,
    Normally, we require that an applicant make up each and every workout he or she has ever missed before setting foot into Black Box. Typically, this involves going back to 2002 archives and doing 4-5 WOD’s per day from about a year, at which time you would become eligible to press the buzzer downstairs.
    However, in the spirit of Christmas, we are willing to grant you a one-time dispensation, and allow you to proceed directly to today’s Rest Day, provided you agree to never again miss a WOD, unless and until one of us also misses. Deal?

  • Joseph Blaire

    LOl, Deal Hari, but I think I’m going to do Brandx’s pack 100 Burpees WOD today. Sarena, I’m sure I’ll be humbled, but I have been doing CF as Rxed and Scaled to Pack BrandX wod’s for a while now. At 5’7 ,148# pounds :I can do the 30 Muscle up WOD on rings as Rxed at a respectable time, I can dead lift 300#,Squat 300# C@J 145# and do 15 Pullups in a row. But I still don’t know how to KIP, my OLY lifts suck and my endurance/ Met-con times are very much lacking.

  • Happy Birthday, Kevin.
    Thanks for explaining the rules, Hari. One-time dispensation. LOL!

  • Joseph Blaire

    Oh yeah, I still need someone to answer my Elements sign up question. I’ll pay the 150$ on the site right now, I just need to go ahead.

  • sarena

    Go for it Joseph! Looking forward to meeting you!
    Hari as we had said earlier, LOL!

  • Joseph
    Pay in person when you show up to the first elements class. Cash or check for $300. Glad to have you joining our family!

  • Joseph Blaire

    Tyler, you got it I’ll be there with 300$ cash in hand.

  • JUAN G.
  • Jeff

    Please be aware that this is a public forum and that what you post can be seen by anybody. You might want to look into hiring personal security detail to escort you to the Black Box to ensure a safe transaction. Perhaps consider Juan (

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the B-day wishes guys.
    Got Nicole Guitar hero 3 for Christmas and thats all Ive been doing while the back heals. Went and did some Chinese massage and acupuncture which helped.

  • Gene

    Made up the Burpees WOD this morning. Jesus this friggin sucked. Went at a good pace and tried not to blow out my leg.

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