Holiday Schedule

Please take note of the holiday schedule. Of course, it is subject to change. Happy Holidays!
Sunday, Dec. 23, 10:30a Mike
Monday, Dec. 24, 5-7p Mike
Tuesday, Dec.25, xmas day closed
Wednesday, Dec. 26, 7am Mike, 12:30 Mike, 6-8p Keith
Thursday, Dec. 27, 7am Keith, 12:30 Allison, 6-8p Keith
Friday, Dec. 28, 7a Keith, 12:30 Keith, 6-8p Mike
Saturday, Dec. 29, 10a Keith & Mike
Sunday, Dec. 30, 10:30a Mike
Monday, Dec. 31, NYE, 12:30p Mike
Tuesday, Jan. 1, NYD, closed
Wednesday, Jan. 2, normal schedule
Thursday, Jan. 3, 6p Elements Workshop begins.
Fridady, Jan. 4, 7:30p Elements Workshop begins.