Painful memories

Sunday 071216
400 Walking lunges
Post time and to comments.
Compare to 070828.

Last time we did this I couldn’t walk right for days. Since we are confined to being indoors, we modified this to 400 paces as opposed to 400m. It is still a fun time and days of memories…painful memories.


  • AllisonNYC

    For those of you who don’t go to the main site:
    I just got my Eva T. calendar in the mail!
    WOW. It’s amazing. She’s amazing.
    If any of you have a woman in your life who you’ve been trying to motivate to start Crossfitting, this may be the way to do it. Lots of women I’ve talked to have been afraid of training hard in fear of “looking like a man”. Eva is a perfect example to destroy that myth. She looks drop dead gorgeous, incredibly feminine and STRONG. Being strong should be something to strive for instead of something to avoid.
    I bet a lot more women would be in the gym doing CrossFit instead of sitting on the elliptical for hours if they saw Eva’s pictures. It worked for me. Before I saw the women of CrossFit I was one of those women I mentioned. Now I train hard. I want to get stronger everyday and look like it. I want to be able to do things with my body for the rest of my life. I want to be a strong, beautiful woman.
    The calendar is also just fun to look at. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it all morning. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a woman’s picture for that long. She looks SO hot. I brought it to my gym today to show it off and I stood around staring at it with the guys for what felt like an hour. The pictures are stunning and I loved the variety of the shots. That woman’s body is insane. Proof that hard work, dedication, and passion pay off.
    Train hard and the looks will come. Fit, Happy, Healthy, Powerful Women are Beautiful.

  • sam

    This was actually my first wod ever. I did it in around 18 minutes and couldn’t walk for about 3 days afterwards and thought I was getting rhabdo…

  • sam

    Additional, my paces are much longer than 1 meter….

  • Moon

    So is this basically 400 lunges?
    And I really think we should take this one outside.

  • This can’t be Moon. Usually Moon’s posts are smart and funny.

  • sarena

    Beginners class on this wed nite? I wanna bring a friend…

  • Moon

    me Bite
    Unscramble for time. 🙂

  • michelle

    um is Coach P. going to make us do this WOD while balancing a kb on our heads?

  • sarena
    West Point obstacle course. looks like fun had by all…

  • Jeff

    This is a WOD that just begs to be done in public. Please let us go outside!
    Also, for a change of pace, I think we should start the WOD at the Havana restaurant and make the finish line somewhere inside Lord & Taylor.

  • Jeff

    Btw, after my antics at the Box, which elicited Keith to mistake my name for “Look at this idiot…”, I continued to impress even hours afterward.
    I went over to Lucky Burger on 52nd and 9th and ordered a triple cheeseburger (once called the “Triple Bypass” but since removed from the regular menu), except that I demanded one patty made of beef, one patty made of turkey, and one patty made of amalgamated vegetable parts. And since, in a triple cheeseburger I’d be entitled to a slice of cheese per patty, I also informed them that my choice of cheese would be one slice each of American, Cheddar, and Swiss. For some reason, nobody had ever placed such an order and the cashier had to go into the kitchen to cook it himself because he had such a difficult time trying to explain it to his chef who only spoke Spanish. The staff at Lucky Burger then completely had their minds blown when I told them that just prior to coming to eat there, I had just come from 5 Guys where I had a double cheeseburger.

  • Hari


  • juan g.


  • Look at this idiot eat himself to death with 5 cheeseburgers. Awesome! That more than makes up for your stupid hijinx! Redeemed.

  • 12:41.
    The run home was interesting. It took quite some effort to stay “light-footed” for that mile and a 1/4.

  • made up yesterday’s WOD just now:
    16kg+5#, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg, 12kg, 12kg, 12kg
    decided to go heaviest when fresh and then try to maintain (somewhat) heavy pullups throughout all 7 sets. i was happy with how it went.

  • Moon

    PR in heaviest Turkish Getup in warmup – 24Kg. The wall has not so much been the raw weight, rather it’s been having the confidence to stabilize it well into a zone of reasonable risk.

  • AllisonNYC_23/5’2/118

    400 walking lunges
    Did lots of lunges 2 nights ago after the press WOD with Erik. That man kicked my booty because I am SORE.
    I’ll be hurtin in 2 days.

  • Brett_nyc

    11:10 with 340 steps

  • Brett_nyc

    Pullup wod
    80-u fail
    80-u fail
    80-o fail

  • Brett_nyc

    whoops, got the 2nd underhand 80lbs attempt

  • sam

    400 steps walking lunges 17:53

  • Moon

    Jeff – welcome to HELL!!!

  • Avery

    400 steps walking lunges – 12:19
    TGU 1 rep max 20 kg (pr)
    My legs are messed up. Running tomorrow will be an interesting experiment.

  • Jack Bauer

    Worked out today with NYC parkour and Crossfit made the workout cake. With the exception of the jumping, the 5 pullups and the 10 pushups they made us do were cake.
    Like Coach says, we can do anything other people can do well but they can’t do what we do. But it was fun.