Shoulders Fried, ay?

Friday 071214
Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 070910.

Improve cycling performance with strength training.

All the rage

News Update:

We are planning on having a little party on Thursday, December 20 at 8pm at The Box. Please show up and bring some snacks and booze. The party is open to members and their guests so please bring a friend.
Remember Sunday night, December 16, at Lululemon I am teaching a free yoga class at 8pm. 64th Street and Broadway.
Unfortunately, negotiations for the new space are breaking down after we discovered numerous housing code violations and asbestos problems with the prospective property. So while we try to get them to cure these problems we are reopening our search for prospective sites for the new Box. Also we are continuing to move forward with investment and management issues.
As a member, if you see a space you think would suit us, or if you want to invest, or if you know someone that would want to manage a gym, then please pass on that information to and
Congratulations to the Supreme Court!


  • sarena
  • sarena

    Oops that second link should have been:

  • Robzilla

    Damn, why’d it have to be the 20th? I’ve got a work party to go to that night. So is life

  • Don’t worry. We’ll have another party, Rob. Marisela was talking about organizing a night out a a local establishment. We’ll coordinate that with you.

  • I can’t believe the “master cleanse recipe” was the top search for recipes this year. Are that many people yearning for a prolonged bowel movement?
    Sorry to hear about the problems with the new space. Asbestos abatement can be a b!tch. Let’s hope the landlord does the right thing.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD. I’m thinking single weight throughout?
    On a final note, my glutei maximi hurt. I must have been doing something right on squat day.

  • JoeP_NYC

    Too bad I have to miss the party. I have a fun 12-13 hour drive to Michigan on Thursday.

  • Jack Bauer

    Court thanks for an awesome workshop. It’s so amazing how the little things can add up to big gains. Crossfit is about learning and improving. Thanks Keith for being a good test dummy and we all now know you have girl feet-big ugly girl feet.
    Keith those tabata squat-down squat killed us. I dub it “The Shot Glass” workout because it was quick and painful.
    Good job Sam…
    For those interested in a little fun on Friday, having a “Mistletoe Madness” shingdig at Plan B on 10st and Avenue B. Open bar for $30 gives you top shelf liquor from 10-12. Great way to unwind after a long week and prep for a nice Saturday morning WOD!

  • So psyched for the party. I’ll definitely be baking some not-even-anywhere-near-in-the-Zone yummy treats to bring along. (I’ll even take requests…)

  • Thanks to everyone for posting your reviews; we’ll have some big news to report about the RKC reviews on Monday’s thread.
    Regarding the pullup kings, the “Bartendaz”, strangely I had been thinking two days ago about the possibility of talking with the other owners about asking those guys down here but obviously we’ve been wrapped up with more pressing things the past few days.
    Thanks again everyone and keep posting those reviews.

  • Jack Bauer

    Yeah invite them down- it would be a hell of a workshop.

  • Jeff

    Ever since we did the “pull up ladder”, or whatever it’s called, back on the November 30 (, I’ve been thinking a bit about pull ups.
    Even though I PRed that night, I was still a little disappointed in my score since near the end, I was surprised that I couldn’t string together more than 3 pull ups at at time. I was losing a lot of momentum at the bottom of my kip swing, and I think that’s because I was actually frog kicking up and simply dropping and doing a muted bounce at the bottom, as opposed to doing a cycling, fluid, rebounding kip. Basically, that night I forgot how to kip.
    Tonight, I decided to practice kipping and I noticed that with the momentum I was generating, I was getting my chin well over the bar, maybe even chest to bar. That’s all fine and dandy for warming up and developing the strength for skills like muscle ups and clapping pull ups, but it also had me wondering whether kipping like that would just amount to a whole lot of “wasted” energy and time during my next timed WOD. That is, to be more faster and more efficient, shouldn’t I aim to just barely clear chin over bar?

  • Jeff

    Regarding the party and the request to bring snacks, is it alright for these snacks to be outside the Zone or should we just grab our nuts?

  • marisela

    i am going to texas on tuesday, so i won’t be able to make it to the party. 🙁
    i do have a gig on monday, so you’s could stop by and we could have a drink for the sake of the black box!
    and jesus, too
    back fence
    corner of bleeker and thompson
    i am soooo looking forward to this workout

  • Stoker

    They’re looking for Allison on the main CF page post. Something about not having making x number of comments in the first 5 hours of the post. By the way, love your site, the articles are quite informative/amusing. . .
    CrossFit forever.

  • Moon

    I’m all up for a party however I definitely want some sort of official ruling saying that the Zone has been suspended for the evening. Ideally, this would be provided in written form. Basically I’m trying to avoid a situation where Coach P and Owl Girl meet me outside the Box after the party, each carrying a sock full of nickels designed to “teach me a lesson about the negative effects of supplying overwhelming amounts of simple carbs to the glucose-insulin system, hormone levels, and yo’ ass.”
    At issue is that I would love to bring some of my (legendary) holiday oatmeal cookies to the event but let me tell you, I would feel more comfortable having y’all standing behind me while I surf internet pornography rather than have witnesses to the raw tonnage of sugar(s!) I dump into these puppies.
    Otherwise, I’m just bringing a big bowl of steamed broccoli.

  • Jack Bauer

    Owl Girl will be no problem-her superhero weakness is dessert! Throw a warm chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream next to it and she will be incapacitated!
    Coach P will be more accomodating after we slip enough shots of the “fire water” into his Accelerade! After that, he will be using that sock full of nickels to buy more online web cam time!
    So yeah I am bringing liquor (Brett I won’t forget your malt liquor) and pumpkin pie-any problems?

  • sarena

    Hey Tyler would you agree?
    I just found this interesting bit of info on the web and I find it is very important:
    Treat Your Workouts As Important Business Meetings that You Cant Cancel
    Treat your workouts as important business meetings that you cannot be late to, cancel with THE most important person in the world-YOU! That’s right! Give yourself and your workouts the proper respect that they deserve, and your body will thank you. Your body needs to be challenged, and when it is, it grows stronger, and you feel better. It’s a win-win! Stop lying to yourself claiming that you will actually get more done if you skip your workout, just to “free up time”. But your body will not be as efficient and effective if you forgo training all together! Put your workouts on your priority list, and you will get more done, quicker in less time.
    Just think of we all followed that advice! Well that’s all for now folks!

  • AllisonNYC

    I’ll bring the V2, baby

  • Brett_nyc

    crap, gonna miss this party too. I’ll be on a plane headed to San Francisco

  • AllisonNYC

    I just got an email from Eva T..
    She wanted my address so she could send me an autographed copy of her calendar as a gift!
    She’s so sweet and strong and cool. She’s going to be at the test run for the POSE cert with me next month so I FINALLY get to meet her! Woo Hoo!

  • Paul S

    This guy went through the trouble of creating a sortable table of many fast food items.
    Check it out next time you think of grabbing fries.
    Check out the Carl’s Jr Double Six Dollar Burger, 1520 calories, 111g of fat, 2760mg sodium. Yikes!

  • Paul S

    This guy went through the trouble of creating a sortable table of many fast food items.
    Check it out next time you think of grabbing fries.
    Check out the Carl’s Jr Double Six Dollar Burger, 1520 calories, 111g of fat, 2760mg sodium. Yikes!

  • dan def

    I liked the link for all the rage:
    2007 Google Searches Fitness
    1. pilates
    2. bikram yoga
    3. spinning
    4. cross fit
    5. zumba
    6. kettlebells
    7. triathlon training
    8. parkour
    9. bosu
    10. gym jones
    No doubt Crossfit will be #1 in 2008.
    Bikram Yoga? It’s the exact same class EVERY time.

  • Jack Bauer

    I think it’s so fitting that we beat Gym Jones. And it’s cool that parkour is so high up too.

  • sam

    Big big thanks to Court for the awesome joint mobility class last night.
    I’m so conscious of my body position today at work. Must keep back straight!

  • marisela

    i was thoroughly distracted during todays noontime class. i waited till all the strong men were done to do my workout. i’m stronger than i thought i would be.
    press: 65, 70, 72, 75, 77(f)
    push press: 77, 80, 85, 87(f), 87
    push jerk: 87, 90, 92, 95, 97
    i’m tired now
    thanx to the “bootcamp” guys for coming out today. it was fun to have you there 🙂

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    SP- 135,155(F),145(F),145,135 Started too fast trying to keep up with Brendan and Gabe. Next time will rest a bit more between sets.
    PP- 135,145,155,155,155
    PJ- 135,145,155,155(4 reps),135
    Great work noon class.
    Marisela we’re gonna have to start getting you in some O-lifting meets. Solid work!!

  • sarena

    Marisela, way to go girl!!

  • Jack Bauer

    Damn girl! You really trying to be Aeon Flux! Nice work

  • Gabe Sganga

    Awesome workout today, thanks Keith. Depending on what WOD it will be, Brendan and I might be back in the AM.

  • SP- 120-125(F)-122.5(F)-120-120
    PP- 120-125-130-135-145
    PJ- had to leave
    What can I say, my shoulder press is still abysmal.

  • Dan L

    SP – 125, 130, 135, 140 (PR), 140
    PP – 135, 140, 145, 150 (f), 145
    PJ – 135, 145 (f), 135, 135(f), 125, 125
    Shoulders gave out during the push jerks. I owe it to the Fran practices I did on Thursday and Wednesday.

  • michelle

    Moon-owl girl died. about last week when she flew head first into a tree her vision having been severly compromised having been up several nights secretly violating every zone paleo rule in the book. she died and left me to carry on her legacy.
    as she was not specific as to preciciely what that legacy was, and as my working knowledge of hooting is at about 5th grade level, for now-until any other freak in a black wig, brown shiny unitard and combat boots tells me otherwise, i am going to assume that her legacy was that of feasting on brownies, green tea ice cream, cheetos, paul newman chocolate sandwich cookies (hey its for charity!) and blue gatorade. So far, I am making her proud. though I am amaking myself fairly sick.
    so no worries Moon. besides, we gave the nickels to the local owl street kids to throw at her body stuck in the tree in an effort to dislodge her. winner got to take her for stuffing/mounting AND keep the was a fun time.
    greg watch out- they are looking for your wig next.
    but Moon-if you bring broccoli-steamed, sauteed, fried, beer battered ,coated in chocolate or otherwise-
    I will kill you.

  • Hari

    (5 x 1 x 115)
    (5 x 3 x 125)
    (4 x 5 x 130, 4 x 130,f)

  • Chad, sorry I yelled, I know it was an accident. Your the coolest dude on the planet. It was meant to be a general yell and not a specific one, sorry.

  • I took it easy this morning and just did 125# for the whole workout.

  • Paul S

    I started off alright, and was please to have a PR. I had to pack it in on the push-jerks due to soreness and overall fatigue.
    135 the whole way
    115 the whole way
    Have a nice weekend everyone.

  • Paul S

    I started off alright, and was please to have a PR. I had to pack it in on the push-jerks due to soreness and overall fatigue.
    135 the whole way
    115 the whole way
    Have a nice weekend everyone.

  • chad

    thanks for the flattery mr deckard.. i was rushing and screwed up.. sorry about that..

  • Jack Bauer

    Shoulders got burned but hit a few PRs
    P-135, 135, 140, 145, 155 (PR)
    PP-145,145,145,155,155 (PR)
    PJ-145 x 5(PR)
    Next time I am going for body weight!

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