Thanks to all of you that have offered some CPUs to the cause. Now that we have some new locks on the door, I hope we’ll be a little safer. Another housekeeping note, please do not leave foodstuffs around the box, especially at night, because we’ve had some other unwanted visitors in the Box. Eek!
In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I wanted to inform you that my fiancee, Erin, is selling handmade hats and scarves and stuff. You can find them here. They make great gifts and will keep you warm on those 400m runs. She will make pieces to order if you have something in mind.
Wednesday 071212
Back Squat 5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.



  • sarena

    Awesome picture of Erin 🙂

  • Jeff

    Brian D
    In response to your post from yesterday’s entry, what “gymnastics basics” are you referring to?

  • Jeff

    Brian D
    In response to your post from yesterday’s entry, what “gymnastics basics” are you referring to?

  • Robzilla

    Angie rxd 33:04 (Pullups were chin over bar)
    Afterwards I went to go visit an old climbing buddy at the gym and, to my reluctance, got geared up and went for a climd. Even after being away from the walls for about 6-7 months I came back in better shape and form. I tackled some routes that would have left me struggling. I was stronger, more balanced, and more flexible while climbing the wall. My friend said that I “floated” up and he saw that I really had made progress, even though I havent been climbing.
    I failed on the last route I tried, which would have been a difficult one for me 6 months ago. Part because my arms gave out (remember this was post Angie and a few climbs) and the other part was because my hand started to bleed so I lost my grip. So is life.
    Anyway, maybe there is something to this Crossfit…

  • Jack Bauer

    It seems no matter how hard I try to run away from fried chicken it always seems to follow me! Damn that cripsy white meat!

  • Adam

    Fried chicken, cornbread, and watermelon, the bane of our existence

  • Mmmm…. fried chicken; had some homemade last night.
    Jeff, I was referring to the video Alex had posted before where they were doing skin the cats, handstands, those stuff. Those are basic skills in gymnastics.

  • Jeff

    I once predicted that I would die via fried chicken or cheesesteak.

  • Jack Bauer

    Speak brother Adam! And guys don’t forget to wash it down with some cool refreshing grape drink!
    Justin you’re from the south-you know about grape drink!

  • Very poor showing this morning, I just couldn’t get into it.
    Topped out at 275×3, then failed 285×1… twice. Went light to work on form after that. Good work from Xuan Mai and Ethan, though.

  • Brett_nyc

    felt good today, had more than 315lbs in me today, no spot though…I’m ready for a rest day

  • Justin

    Feeling pretty crappy today (damn sick people in office not calling in), but really want to work on back squats. Just don’t know how much I have in the tank for heavy squatting.

  • Jamal

    Was I the only one that overheard Court talking joint mobility workshop yesterday? Was it supposed to be tomorrow or next Thursday? I want to schedule it as my second job really requires that I be as flexible as possible.

  • michelle

    yay got my nike free sneakers! 🙂

  • Brett_nyc

    I love Nike Free shoes. On my 3rd pair.
    Keith did you ever order those Oly shoes from Wichita Falls?

  • Speaking of Nike free shoes, I just found an outlet store in South BK where I got two pairs of Nike Frees for $80! Score! No size 12, though; sorry manly men.

  • Jeff

    City Sports has a deal where you can get a 2nd pair of last season’s shoes for 1/2 off when you buy a pair of full retail priced shoes. I remember they used to have a few pairs of Frees. And they probably aren’t too too hard to find in last year’s clearance bin.

  • There are shoes on order right now from WFW. I got five pairs.
    If you are still wanting shoes go to VS Athletics.

  • Kevin

    No Sunny D for me I want me some Drink!! Send over some o’ that purple stuff.

  • michelle has them on sale too-instead of $85 they had a lot for $60. of courseI found this out AFTER I went to the Nike store and purchased two full priced pairs.

  • AllisonNYC

    HAhah Orange Drink

  • AllisonNYC

    grape drink.. dave chapelle makes me laugh so hard that i cry

  • Don’t forget if you’re having trouble sleeping, try some RIBS, America’s #1 sleeping aid.

  • Paul S

    Warm up 135×6
    Finished with 135×6

  • Hari

    Made up Angie: 25:00

  • Dan L

    5×185, 3×195, 3×205, 3×205, 1×205, 1×215, 1×215 1×215, 1×215
    I’m going to come into the box and ask eventually, but I’m finding that my legs are wanting to buckle inward slightly with heavier weight. Is this a side effect of bad form, or should I be placing my feet wider?

  • AllisonNYC

    Think about pushing your knees out. They probably won’t go out but they’ll stay where they need to be.

  • It’s a sign of weak adductors, Dan.

  • Greg

    I am so proud of you guys!

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