Not Again!

Wednesday 071114
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight
Clean: 3/4 body weight
Set up three bars and storm through for time.
Post time to comments.
Compare to 071011.

Hari Interview, Part 3 – video [wmv] [mov]
From the Benny Hill Research Institute in London
Healthy Holiday Survival Guide
Power Tools


  • michelle

    once again great interview Hari-how many installments do you think there are? Its like a whole tv season! You make us proud! Rob-is that your back in the photo??

  • michelle

    um sorry about that —

  • Justin

    Yes, its official, they are trying to kill us.

  • Robzilla

    Yes, that is my back. It’s actually one of the rare times that you get to see my back because it was plastered to the floor most of the time.
    I remember that workout all too well.

  • Go, Hari, go! Way to represent New York F*cking City!
    And how ironic that they posted your part 3 on the same day we’re doing Linda. (For those of you who don’t already know, Hari suggested this as a t-shirt slogan: “I diet for Linda”.)

  • Yoon

    Keith, Rob & Kurt,
    Thanks for your input yesterday regarding barbells. I’ll get something worked out…there a whole lost merchandise claims process I’m waiting to get sorted out, so I just need something cheap in the interim. Will give NY Barbells when a try when I visit the folks out on LI.
    As an FYI for anyone looking for bumpers/bars/shoes, I’ve learned that Werksan USA sells lifting equipment/supplies and are located in Moorestown, NJ. They probably don’t have the stuff available for drop-ins, but I think you can order online and arrange for pickup to save on shipping.

  • Once again, great job Hari! You are now officially a CrossFit Nation celeb in your own right…that’s cool.

  • juan g.

    So who’s more prolific the Nobel prize winning professor or the trainer with Brad Pitt issues.

  • Jeff

    There’s a good chance I won’t make it for Linda. Would there be any problems if I were to attempt this on Thursday?

  • Linda is a logistical nightmare. I don’t think doing it Thursday is an option. In fact, given our new 45 minute class times, I don’t think doing it as Rx’d today is a viable option. Upon reflection, I have decided to make today’s morning and lunch classes do “Linda Gone Bad!”
    5 rounds
    135# Deadlifts
    Push Ups
    95# Squat Cleans
    Each rounds is 3 minutes long with I minute at each exercise. 1 minute rest between rounds. Score 1 point per rep.

  • Nice interview, Hari!

  • Tyler, what are the women’s weights for Linda Gone Bad?

  • The smart ass answer: Whatever weight Hari uses is the women’s weight.
    The lucid response: 112# DL/ 72# SC.

  • Brett_nyc

    Nice Hari! Represent!
    28:08, bwt 198lbs
    225lbs Deadlifts
    185lbs Bench presses
    135lbs Power cleans
    hit failure on a couple bench sets…135 for squat cleans is ok, but should have gone heavier using power cleans, was short on time though

  • Robzilla

    Hey CF folks,
    I’m looking into getting some equipment and had two questions.
    First, is the best place (only place?) to get an Ab Mat from the that’s linked off of the main site?
    Two, I know a few people bought Kettlebells in the past, and I was wondering where they went. I usually just perused through those articles but after reading the “Power Tools” article I really want to get one now.

  • Rob
    Yes, is the only place as far as I know. Sometimes they give you a deal if you’re an affiliate or you buy several.
    As for Kettlebells I vote Dragondoor. However there are K2Fitness, Kettlebell concepts, Kettlebell country, Lifeline… Ask Court and Mike for good kettlebell advice.

  • Cesar.

    Modified WOD,
    5 Rounds of:
    60#DL 15reps
    45#DB Floor press 12reps
    60# Clean 10reps
    Time= 15:25

  • Yoon

    Hey Rob,
    I’ve heard of some people (maybe on this board) buying their kettlebells online from Kettlebell Concepts and picking them up at the Hillside, NJ warehouse:
    Gymsource in Midtown East was reported to have some in stock as well.
    And surprisingly, the Sports Authority online store now also sells them.

  • Jack Bauer

    Yo Tyler “Linda gone bad” is a great idea actually! Look at you thinking again-so proud.
    Yeah I agree with Justin, someone at CFHQ has a death wish for his fellow man and it isn’t pretty. What’s next-Wet towel extensions for 1 round for no time!!!! The Horror!
    Again Hari, you make us at the Box look more than the rambunctious bunch of heathens we are perceived to be by others. Your poise and intelligence remind us that Crossfit isn’t just about improving your body but improving yourself as a person.
    Brian D-my work email is

  • I agree with Jack’s take on Hari’s poise and presence, and might I add that it’s done with a particularly native-New-Yorker panache that makes me proud to be both a New Yorker and a Black Box-er.

  • Jeff

    Are these cleans off the floor or are they hanging?

  • Coach P

    Rob, talk to me about kbells before you get them.

  • Robzilla

    Will do. Thanks Coach.

  • Does it say hang cleans? No. Cleans are from the floor unless it is specified as a hang clean. Cleans are caught in a squat unless it is specified as a power clean.
    Which brings up a good point that I’ve been meaning to vent about…
    Proper use of the “Rx” signifier is when a person performs the WOD not only with the prescribed load, but also the prescribed exercise in the prescribed range of motion or manner. A pushup as we define it is done with the chest to the floor on every rep and arms locked out at the top. If you cannot perform a pushup in that manner, you cannot (and should not) use the “Rx” signifier. If it says “clean” and you do a power clean…even if you did the prescribed weight you failed to do the prescribed exercise so again the “Rx” signifier should not be used. Similarly, deadlifts and their variants require you lift the load and also put it down–not drop it. When performing very heavy cleans, snatches and sdlhp for singles, it is okay to drop the weight but when performing them for reps at moderate weight, the load should be lowered with control.
    Doing less than the full range of motion is a modification of the prescribed exercise and therefore you cannot rightly claim to be doing the WOD as Rx’d.

  • Brett_nyc

    Coach P, I’m in the market for a 24KG bell. Where should I get it from? I’ve done a lot of online browsing…many of them seem very similar, but the cost varies a lot.

  • damn, hari, *somebody* at HQ has a real thing for you 😉

  • sarena

    Linda gone bad (w subs)
    Ttl 185
    DL 112 (wmns weight)
    PU on knees
    SC. 62# (reduced 10# fm wmns rx’d)
    Felt subs in order as still rehabbing shoulder! Thanx 4 score keeping Allison.

  • dan def

    A cut and past from todays mothership comments:
    Just wanted to let you know that we have been incorporating CrossFit into our strength and conditioning program for our junior high football team since the beginning of summer.
    Last week, we won our league with a record of 9-1. Here is a link to the newspaper article:
    Without a doubt, we were the smallest team in our league, both in height and weight, our offensive and defensive line sometimes outweighed by as much as 100 pounds and usually by at least 50 pounds.
    But what we lacked in physical stature, we made up in speed, strength and agility. With the exception of our first game (we beat them soundly the second time we played them), we dominated every team we played, showing tremendous speed, explosiveness and wind that allowed us to finish strong in the fourth quarter.
    It is my firm belief that our CrossFit-like workouts gave us an edge and allowed us to maximize both our off-field and on-field time.
    We are now moving into our off-season and I have been granted the opportunity to teach a P.E. class for the jnuior high athletes. Guess what? It will be based on CrossFit.
    Thanks Coach Glassman and Coach Burgener!
    Jason Rojas
    Lightning Football
    Comment #170 – Posted by Jason Yucca Valley on November 14, 2007 08:40 AM

  • martin

    Rob, I got my abmat from Hope that helps!

  • Hari

    Thanks, everyone.

  • Linda Gone Bad
    135# DL
    95# Squat Clean
    Wow! My lower back really felt the negatives on the barbell moves. Coming up with the weight was not a problem but by round 4 it was agony putting the bar down. Didn’t feel like I reached my cardio limit. I need some more endurance work for my lower back…GHD here I come.
    Going to yoga tonight with this guy
    He’s doing a workshop at

  • Score: 169
    (112# DLs, 72# cleans)
    I definitely felt it in my lower back on those deadlifts by the end, but it was the cleans that really got me. Major mental block against doing squat cleans. 🙁

  • michelle

    score: 164
    used 95# for DL and 52# for cleans
    full pushups.
    that was hell.
    I got plenty of cardio just walking over to the desk to hold onto it to try not to keel over during that one minute rest period. yuck.

  • Gene

    I’m going to try to make the 8:15 class. Hopefully the instructor in class tonight won’t see fit to ramble on forever.

  • 192 points w/ 135# dl 95# clean. After that rant I won’t claim it was as Rx’d until I get better on my clean form.

  • AllisonNYC

    160 reps
    72# Squat Cleans

  • jacinto

    linda gone bad as rx’d 5 rounds of 135 dl. push ups and 95lb. clean and squat. 181pts.

  • alex
  • sarena

    nice vid alex!! josh good teaching–all in sync there!

  • Shane

    2nd Beginner Class
    5 Rounds of:
    1 minute Push-up
    1 minute Air Squats
    1 minute Medicine Ball Cleans (20 lb ball)
    1 minute rest
    272 reps
    Thanks again for another great workout!

  • Jack Bauer

    Linda Gone Bad lived up to its rep
    As Rx’d 193-lost momentum on the FULL squat cleans.
    Damn you Paul on your high scores! And Brett as always I can’t stand you-you damn Oompa Lumpa on steriods! 🙂
    Good to suffer along side you Josh! We got some today boys.

  • Naveen

    135#DL – 18,19,12,9,10
    pushup – 28,24,20,19,16
    75# squat clean – 9,6,6,6,4
    Total = 55,49,38,34,30 = 206

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