As Many Rounds As You Can…

Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 L Pull-ups
15 Steps, Walking Lunge
Post rounds completed to comments.

A beautiful snatch
Marathon Kids
The Now or Never Athlete
The Road to Nowhere


  • Brett_nyc

    8 rounds
    hspu, forehead to deck : L-Pullups got down to singles.
    Keith, that Illustrator disc is turning out to be harder to find than good snatch form…

  • michelle

    looking good there greg!

  • Jack Bauer

    Thanks Michelle! It was a good Oly class-wish you had been there! Was fun. And that weight was as heavy as it looked!

  • Jeff

    How is the turnout at the 8:15 WODs?

  • marisela

    4 + 5 hspu assisted, 10 pull ups assisted
    but i have 2 shows this week. tonight at the back fence 8:30-11:30. corner of bleeker and thompson.
    tomorrow night at the ritz. 46th bet 8&9th. 10:30pm. gf so bring your gf.

  • michelle

    sorry to be a big dork everyone but I am really excited-keith just taught me how to my first double under and i was able to do three in a row several times! Thanks so much keith! thanks also to Kevin and Brian who motivated my sloooow sorry self during my workout after 🙂

  • 4 rounds plus 5 assisted HSPUs and 8 assisted L-pullups. keith had marisela and i partner up to assist one another on HSPUs and L-pullups and that definitely made the workout go quicker than it would have otherwise, so hard but fun.

  • Adam

    7 rounds even with full range of motion. HSPUs were the weak point, go figure. I’m happy though considering I slept for four hours at the most last night.
    Greg, that picture doesn’t look right without your wig. That should be a requisite for every workout for you.

  • Hari

    8 Rounds. HSPU’s about 4 inches less than full ROM

  • Brian D.

    Greg, you missing a sleeve or something?

  • Brian D.

    Oh and Greg, what’s your email?

  • juan g.

    5 rounds and 8 L-pullups

  • Kevin

    10 rounds +10 L’s+ 1 lunge

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