Keith practicing his “O-face” for his wedding night.
Cindy inspires an altered state of consciousness.
Looks like Cap’n Morgan finally decided to come down and get some!
Saturday 071110
Row 1000 meters
25 Double-unders
Row 750 meters
50 Double-unders
Row 500 meters
100 Double-unders
Sub Sumo deadlift highpulls with either a barbell or KB for rowing.
Post time to comments.


  • Ewen

    Subbed 24kg KB SDLHP (100, 75, 50)
    All broken into various bits and pieces
    Last set of double-unders were a real drag.

  • Kevin

    Subbed 24kg bell SDHP (100, 75, 50)
    All broken as well.
    First set of DU’s were almost a warm up. Then got progressively better. Actually got 40 unbroken on the 2nd rd. SDHP just killed me especially after Mary yesterday. My legs were gone.

  • Gene

    This one was a killer…. Just like every WOD in CF. Thanks to Coach Mike and Coach Court for the motivation and instruction. Thanks Rob-zilla for sitting there and waiting for my slow ass to get those last DU’s done. I really appreciate the tips and will be working on those DU’s. The whole morning crew was motivating as hell!

  • AllisonNYC

    I look possessed

  • Adam

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately everybody, I had four exams last week and another three this coming week. I made up the deadlift workout today and tried 405 for all the sets. It seems my back is finally nearly healed which is great. I should be back in on a regular basis next week. See you then. And congrats to Keith one more time!

  • 200 burpees for time: 19:32.
    that SUCKED.

  • sarena

    Dammit!! 200??
    Adam best of luck on exams!

  • Kevin

    Great crew this morning! Alright, now I have to try this 200 burpee workout. That’ll be Sunday at 1030 AM. Saw Mike do GIJane and thought about doing that after the SDHP/DU WOD but I had to bartend this evening. God what is wrong with me?!

  • Tomorrow’s a rest day so Mike will come up with something for the 10:30 class.
    Tomorrow will also be the last olympic lifting class for the year. The kettlebell and olympic lifting classes will return in a new form in the new year. We will be offering in-depth workshops on kettlebells, olympic lifting and other fun things in the new year. So please stay tuned.

  • michelle

    any suggestions on where i can learn how to do the double unders-any videos or books or anything? i cant seem to even get one and i keep trying at home but obviously i am reinforcing the wrong move over and over.

  • Great little write-up about working out at CrossFit OKC on the affiliates page:

  • Michelle
    When you come in next time we’ll work on double unders and I’ll show you a book and video by Buddy Lee!

  • Coach P

    Dammit, sounds like my good time with GI Jane: 17:01. Thought it would be an easy sub 12 or something-yeah, I thought wrong.
    Makes me want to do it again, with a bunch of us crazies…

  • Coach P

    Welcome Cap’n Morgan!!!!
    Looks like someone has been sandbanging her super powers. Mr. Wing’s secret warrior princess pulling heavy!

  • michelle

    do I get to wear a fancy headband as well Keith? the red white and blue one?

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