She said yes!

Tyler and the future Mrs. Tyler.
Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Beer is better than water
Left-handers think faster

I’m sorry but you’re spinning on my machine

Wednesday 071107
Tabata Mashup
Kettlebell Swings
Knees To Elbows
16 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.
Alternate between KBS and KTE use the 10 seconds to switch between exercises. Score each rep.
Post total reps for each exercise to comments.


  • Less flattering photo of my trip to Vegas here:

  • You’re a lucky guy, Tyler.

  • Congrats Keith and erin.
    That’s a bummer some people that can only work out like that. (p-u-s-s-y you don’t have no alibi)
    I liked the lead article better. Hooray Beer!

  • Yoon

    Congratulations Tyler!!!

  • Jack Bauer

    Awww Tarzan found Jane! Soon you will give birth to Cheetah! Congratulations again.

  • Gene

    Congrats Mr. Durden. Friggin awesome view of Red Rock.

  • Jeff

    Way to go, Mr. Durden!
    Also, I think the people in the NY Times article could benefit from the “routine” that is CrossFit.

  • Adam

    After posting those articles I propose forthwith that we replace the putrefying liquid known as “Poland Springs Brand Natural Spring Water” with a more effective fluid replacement vehicle such as the wonderfully dark, sweet, nectar of the gods known as Guinness; the true Aqua Vitae. Not only will it quench our thirst more rapidly, replace calories spent, and renew our vigor through the restoration of our B vitamins but the taste is delightful as well! It may even make the exercising that much more enjoyable! If Guinness does not sufficiently sate your thirst or appease your tastes buds, then perchance another brew may be suggested.

  • sarena

    Wow! Congrats Keith–you 2 are lucky to have eacg other

  • JoeP_NYC

    Awesome – Congratulations!!!

  • Ewen
  • Justin

    Im all for the Guinness… Maybe it will help stop the lowering of weight in my back squat. Last total I hit 320, last night only 300 and failed at 305.

  • Moon

    The Conch is tightly capped and sealed at one end and has a screw-in closure at the other to allow for ease of transport from location to location. Recognizing the screw-in closure, even with a couple layers of teflon tape, is the most likely leak point – especially when dropped and banged around in our special way – it should be stored with that end on high. Recognizing that as the builder I was probably one of the few who might think about this, I wrote “This End Up” on the screw-in end and “Down” on the other. Still, it’s being put away upside down…like a lot. And last night I found just a hint of a minor puddle on the floor under the cap. I’m not mad at y’all (it’s just water) but I think if the folks below start getting Eau de Box drizzled on them…well, it’s just going to be more trouble for all.
    Option A is to re-teflon tape it (I think I left a roll there just for this) and continue to try to store it upright. Advantage is this lets us continue the adjust the amount of water within it or move it to other locations (parks, other gyms, new places) easily.
    Option B is to say screw this screw cap thing and just seal-cap both ends after putting some amount of water in there. This would probably be done at The Box ’cause I’m not wobbling through the city with one of those pups. Advantages are little chance of leaking, sleeker look.
    As I have a couple more of these in the pipeline (HAHAHA!), I am also asking here for advice on how to construct the other ones. Also this is a good time for feedback on the existing one for any changes/mods. Suggestions such as “Longer” or “Narrower” are fine while “Easier” and “Funner”, are not as easy to accommodate.

  • Cesar.

    Congratulations Keith!!! The best to both of you.

  • Moon

    BTW – I wanna go do yoga now.

  • P$

    Congrats on the engagement!
    What’s the reco’d weight for swings?

  • David Aguasca

    congratulations, keith!

  • Robzilla

    15 tips to keep yourself going to the gym:
    How do you weight up against the pink dumbells?
    Most of these are pretty good and there are a few redundant ones. Quick and fun read.

  • dan def

    Congrads Keith! All the best.

  • marisela

    112 reps
    this one is brutal
    i thought you would be more calm now that she said yes, tyler. less of these crazy rest day WOD’s. guess i was wrong.

  • michelle

    Marisela-was your grip just fried? I am trying to decide if I am going to come to the box tonight to do this-I am seeing a layer of skin just being ripped off pretty fast.

  • ec

    wow, keith, congratulations!

  • marisela

    totally fried. just filed down my calluses. bruises on my shoulders from heavy squats. good times, makin memories.

  • juan g.

    crossftinyc ate my comment.

  • Robzilla

    Hey Marisela!
    How was your show last night?

  • Jamal

    Knees to elbows: 58
    Squats: 271
    On another note, what do we think of the Ab-Roller?

  • looks like someone un-ate it for you, JuanGolia.
    for today’s WOD my score was 118 if memory serves. was loving the 16-kg KB swings much more than the KTEs, and that was doing KTEs off of a box. can’t imagine how impossible they’d have been if i were jumping for the bar…
    someday i will have strong forearms!

  • alex

    Wow Keith, I’m confused I thought you were 17 year old boy, head banging to “enter the sandman” but i was wrong you are a grown up!
    Good for you. I wish you all the luck!

  • sarena

    Felt good to be back but went conservative nonetheless! Arrived home tday fm Israel with some stomach thing (prob bad food) and 24 hrs no eating and also didnt do any overhead work, pullups or pushups for 3 weeks! Met pukie in cab on way home
    8kg KB swings 86
    KTE attempts. 47
    Total 135

  • AllisonNYC

    KB Swings: 83
    KTE: 54
    Total: 137

  • juan gonzalez

    hooray allison
    lets post it again, im bored.
    rest days suck are boring.
    Congrats Keith and erin.
    That’s a bummer some people that can only work out like that. (p-u-s-s-y you don’t have no alibi)
    I liked the lead article better. Hooray Beer!

  • OMG juan that 2nd video is too funny!

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