“Remember, remember the Fifth of November”

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Monday 071105
Four rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070319.

Given the all-running nature of this WOD, chances are each class instructor will be creating alternative WODs in its place. Maybe we could do this? Heh.
A little windmill action with the Conch for ya, courtesy of Kevin.
The best damn cheerleader a dilettante first-time marathoner such as myself could ask for:
Thanks to Marisela, Rachel, Avery, Dan O., Xuan Mai, Michelle, Moon, Brian D., Dan Def, Greg/”Jack”, Keith/”Tyler”, Court/”Rick”, and everyone else from the Black Box who took the time to either cheer me on at the race and/or text me/email me encouragement. It meant a lot to me.
The race took me just over 6 hours because I was severely hampered in the second half of the race by knee, ankle, and hip pains that were making it nearly impossible to run without drastically altering my gait (something which means one shouldn’t be running at all). It was rather frustrating because I hardly felt challenged cardiovascularly speaking, compared to the wear and tear on my body. My splits were as follows: 5K 0:33:42, 10K 1:09:08, 15K 1:44:57, 20K 2:23:17, 13.1 Miles 2:32:13, 25K 3:09:29, 30K 3:53:50, 35K 4:47:44, 40K 5:45:32, FINISH 6:03:39.
See you guys tomorrow at the lunchtime class; that’ll be me taking the elevator upstairs.


  • michelle

    congrats girl-way to stick it out!!! awesome!!! you get to take the elevator ALL WEEK!!!!!

  • Jack Bauer

    Hey Boo! Congrats on making it! Like a true Crossfitter you went and got some. Doesn’t matter how long it took-you took it! You made us all proud! Take the elevator all you want!

  • kouvenhowen

    congratulations allison.
    i am really glad i went and watched both for seeing paula Radcliffe, who is a unique phenomenon in many ways, and for the achilles track club. a few of them were far more of an inspiration than a one particularly self-aggrandizing athlete and his entourage of pacers/security. i watched one guy get off his bike and walk the last 800 meters using a walker and moral support from the crowd. took him about 40 minutes. supremely impressive.

  • michelle

    Allison-u should have worn your catwoman costume!-I saw a Robin, a zorro and a spongebob while I was there.
    greg-next year you are going to have to run dressed as Fran. unless u want to borrow my owl girl get up.

  • Hari

    Congratulations, Allison!

  • Kevin

    Congrats Allison!! You are a real warrior for gutting that out. I am still having trouble conceiving how some one can run such a distance nonstop much less with ankle and hip pain. You are an inspiration. See you in the afternoon.

  • Jeff

    You continue to impress, Allison!
    I don’t really see a problem with the pedestrian dodging for the main site’s WOD. In fact, I’d like to do a small amount of running to ramp me back up into form.
    100 pullups wouldn’t sound too bad either, but I’ve been gone from Crossfit so long and, call me sympathetic, but I think I’ve gotten attached to this new layer of skin on my hands… Speaking of which, I wonder how Amundson’s palms looked after that.
    I saw we run. If there are 26 of us, then maybe we can put together the work that Allison did herself at the marathon.

  • Kevin

    Hey Allison do you think I can make up Nasty Girls in the 1230 class after the run? Thanks.

  • Dan L.

    Congrats Allison!
    Technically, you did tomorrow’s wod 26.5 times…does that translate into 3 weeks of rest days?

  • sarena

    Congrats Allison! I was thinking of you here in Israel yesterday.

  • Ewen

    Congrats Allison and Brian!
    Claire and I were out there at mile 22, but we didn’t manage to see either of you. We tried though! When we left, the ground was spinning a little from peering into the crowd all that time.
    We did bump into Alex, who was cheering on her best friend; maybe she saw you?
    Please convey my admiration and sincere condolences to your legs.

  • michelle

    Hi Allison-I am with kevin-would love ot make up Nasty Girls at lunch time if we dont do the run/after the run- (hopefully no run!)
    Can u post what our lunchtime workout will be if you have a chance?

  • hey guys, thanks for all the well wishes. slept well last night but surprisingly, couldn’t sleep more than 8 hours. maybe because i didn’t really work as hard as i could’ve if not for the pain. for instance, my muscles all feel great, it’s just the creaky knee and ouchie foot that hurts right now.
    in my list of thank yous i accidentally left out derek and alex, who both made efforts to see me, though i’m not sure if they did or not. thanks alex and derek!
    in regards to lunchtime class, i’m in a mood to let the students dictate what we do today. i’m open to doing a make-up nasty girls if that’s what folks want. if anyone’s in class who already did it, then we’ll have to have something else for those people, but we’ll figure it all out.
    ewen, sorry to hear that you and claire didn’t spot me, i know just how difficult it is to pick people out of the crowd when you’re a spectator at the marathon. it can be dizzying.

  • P$

    good morning all,
    Ran the workout this am. 4x400m time for each were :90’s
    Did the “nasty girls” workout from the main site last night.
    50 squats
    7 muscle ups (i subbed dips and pull up)
    135# hanging power clean (scaled to 115)
    Time 11:16

  • AM Class:
    4 Rounds of 2′ Max KB Swings, 2′ Rest

  • michelle

    by the way guys-bring ur own water-there was none yesterday at the oly class.

  • if we’re still out of water i’ll be sure to go on a water run to stock up.

  • also, i forgot to ask: brian h., how did the marathon go for you? please give us a full report.

  • xuan mai

    Josh, you left out the burpee warmup.
    Michelle – we got the over-the-door chinup bar (or the door gym) at Modell’s. Amazon sells them too.

  • Ewen

    Plenty of water at the box this morning, just not in the fridge – which is fine considering the weather these days.
    KB workout (1.5 pood): 47, 40, 36, 37. Ow my grip, ow my back. Not too good at these.

  • Brett_nyc

    1:24 (.27 miles)
    1:13 (.25 miles)
    1:14 (.25 miles)
    1:15 (.25 miles)
    Total 11:06,
    Still beat my previous time by 5 sec despite the too long first interval.

  • Dan L.

    Nasty Girls made a bit tougher by lack of short term memory:
    ~ 30 minutes
    135 lbs. Hang Clean…accidentally done with 15 reps
    7 MU: Subbed with 4x Pullups and Dips…apparently supposed to use 3x.
    50 squats.
    I was wondering why my time was so high, I think I should have scaled the hang cleans, and done the required load..I could have sworn it was 15 when I was at the gym.

  • Lisa

    Yay Allison.
    I was thinking about you at Emily’s cheer leading competition yesterday. I knew you would do it but I’m still impressed as all hell.

  • juan g.

    3 rounds
    50 squats
    21 pullups
    21 ring dips
    10 hang cleans, 95# (felt easy)

  • Robzilla

    Can we get a CPR class at the Box?
    It’s free as long as there’s a minimum of 6 people and a max of 20. However, it is not a certified course.

  • has anyone seen my camera, that I leave at the Box for use at the gym? it’s not on the charger stand.

  • Dave L.

    There’s a new schedule starting this week, right? Can we get the schedule link updated?
    Kudos Alison on completing the marathon! Brian, I assume you finished as well? If so, well done!

  • JUAN G.

    im down for a CPR class

  • Jack Bauer

    Can I do the 100 pullups workout today? I need to work on them anyway.

  • Tom

    Nasty Girls w/subs – 3 rounds
    50 squats
    21 pullups
    21 ring dips
    10 hang cleans, 112#
    Anyone here done a triathlon and used a training book? I have signed up for one in the spring and figure I shouldn’t totally wing it. Amazon.com was no help. Thanks!

  • Brian D.

    Just my luck my coach happens to do the WOD today… except it’s 8 400m w/1.5 min rest. Bastard.

  • Brian D.

    Just my luck my coach happens to do the WOD today… except it’s 8 400m w/1.5 min rest. Bastard.

  • Jack Bauer

    4 rounds 400 meters (2 sides of a block)
    12:35. Much faster at night with no pedestrians or stairs.

  • Justin

    Made up nasty girls WOD today… 15:10 subbing 7 ring pull-ups and ring dips. 135 lb. hang power cleans.

  • Kevin

    Made up “Nasty Girls”
    18: something
    First 2 1/3 rounds as rxd + 1 muscleup then unfortunately hit the wall hard with muscleups as I kept failing for about 5 minutes. That took everything out of me especially getting stuck in the transitions and trying to get into the dip. Had to do 18 pullups /18 ring dips to make up for the remaining 6 muscleups. Didn’t realize how those 135lb cleans would affect them.

  • marisela

    made up nasty girls as well.
    50 squats
    band pull ups/jumping ring dips
    62# hang cleans
    hang cleans are the hardest for me. i hit a wall whne i faliled on my 3rd set at # 6. my mind played some tricks on me. left me wacked
    i start my month long stint at the ritz tomorrow
    46th bet 8&9
    10:30 pm

  • michelle

    kevin-u were awesome!

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