New Schedule

Most of you have asked for more WOD classes in the evenings. To accommodate your wishes, we are going to shorten the classes to 45 minutes. This new schedule will go into effect next Monday, November 5.
Here is how it will work:
Mon & Fri
6:00-6:45 WOD
6:45-7:30 WOD
7:30-8:15 Elem
8:15-9:00 Elem (Mon only, No late class on Friday)
Tue & Thu
6:00-6:45 Elem
6:45-7:30 WOD
7:30-8:15 WOD
8:15-9:00 WOD
6:00-6:45 Beg
6:45-7:30 WOD
7:30-8:15 WOD
8:15-9:00 Elem
In order to maintain order and get everyone in and out on time, please try to come on time, get changed and be ready to go at the start time. We will start doing lead warmups to speed things up and run the workouts as fast as possible. WORKOUTS WILL BE CAPPED AND MODIFIED. In order to get everybody in and out we will cap the workouts as necessary to get everyone in and out. That means if we are doing Fran, you will only get 10 minutes. You must choose to lower the weight so you can perform it faster or only do what you can in 10 minutes. Also some workouts will have to be modified, for example we will not be doing Linda but will come up with some other painful workout that involves similar movements but can be done faster and with less equipment. I think we will be more effective and be able to get more people fit faster.
I expect you will all have some complaints about this so please feel free to discuss this with the same fervor you discuss everything else.
Also note that the Tuesday & Thursday 6pm and the Monday & Wednesday 8:15 Elements are sold out! Monday & Friday at the new time of 7:30 still has openings. Please sign up fast. Since we have shortened the elements to a mere 45 minutes and because of the impending holidays, we are extending November Elements to 6 weeks: 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and 3 weeks after. They are still only $300. These are the last Elements for 2007! Hurry!


  • Robzilla

    “I expect you will all have some complaints about this so please feel free to discuss this with the same fervor you discuss everything else.”

  • Robzilla

    Actually, I had a followup after my hastily posted comment.
    How are the elements class going to work for Wednesday? Is it only one day, or is it a make up class?

  • In case you are wondering what the WOD is today… I made the morning class warmup with
    3 rounds:
    5 deadlifts
    5 squats
    5 highpulls
    5 pushups
    5 swings
    5 pullups
    using one kettlebell
    The workout for the morning class was
    3 rounds for time:
    5 l/r 1-arm, 1-leg deadlifts
    5 l/r 1-arm front squats
    5 l/r 1-arm high pulls
    5 l/r turkish getups
    5 l/r lady raises formerly known as sn***s
    10 pullups
    The ball is in Court’s court for lunch class.

  • Brett_nyc

    made up the pullup wod,
    14 rounds + 8
    last time was 11 rounds + some
    I’ve dropped 12 lbs to 198.5lbs since starting Zone on 9-13-07. I think that’s why I’ve been feeling so light on the pullup bars lately.

  • does anybody have a fanny pack i could borrow for the marathon this sunday?
    i REALLY don’t want to buy one, as i plan on making this my only marathon ever and i have no other reason to ever wear a fanny pack in this lifetime…

  • THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL GIFT, MOON!!! Much appreciated.

  • Paul S

    Yeah, very cool gift Moon. That should be some fun. Has anyone tried overheads yet?
    Last night, 16 rounds + 6. I believe this is much better than last time, although I didn’t write that workout down.
    Well done Adam, 18 rounds +10!

  • what did moon donate?
    i have one you can use, allison. it’s kinda stinky from years of use but you’ll be suffering too much to notice 🙂

  • one caveat: it’s not so much a “fanny pack” as a mp3 player-keys-phone-and-ID holder. not room for much else.

  • Paul S

    Moon (aka, Johnny Cash the Man in Black) made a Slosh Pipe.

  • Moon

    No prob. But I couldn’t help myself once I saw the link and realized how easy it was to make – w/ a little mod to allow for city transport.
    Next up: The 8′ remix.

  • Moon

    Search is wonky on this site. So here’s what we’re talking about:
    Notice that theirs is 9′ and weighs 38#. Ours is 6′ and weighs 41#. This makes me think we have way too much water in there. Looking at the site, Court had the right idea with 2/3rds full instead of my 3/4ths full idea. So if someone could drain the pipe….er…remove some of the water from the PVC tube, it might “work” better.

  • Justin

    Well shit, now that we have bongs at the Box, enrollment should soar!!!!

  • Ewen

    I have various contraptions you might find useful. Remind me to bring them over to the Box for you to try out.

  • marisela

    who’s down for major crossfit support team on sunday for allison. thinkin: brunch, cheer on first ave till we see her, make our way over to cpw to find her for the end, carry her to a restraunt, feed her and buy her a beer, then get her home safely…
    to sleep…
    for 3 days…
    who’s with me?

  • xuan mai

    Tyler – here’s the Master’s Weightlifting site with the rankings:
    Age range is 35+ for women as well. I was mistaken.

  • I’ve been playing with the slosh pipe a/k/a the Conch all morning. I think the weight is right or maybe even light. The point is that the water sloshes and makes it unstable…a 9′ pipe would be way more unstable even with less water. The shorter 6′ pipe requires a little more water to give it that sense of instability.
    I’ll buy a beer for the first person that can do a one-arm press with the Conch. Unpossible!

  • Jack Bauer

    See Keith Allison Court: in light of our conservation yesterday..Moon is a perfect example of another successful black inventor! Sure it could be turned into a really big bong but that’s the beauty-it works you good and makes you feel good afterwards. How many other people can do that?
    Welcome back Justin. Your South wit has been missed.

  • Moon

    Marisela – I may be with you. A friend and I need to cheer on her sister who is also running. Needless to say, I’ll be sporting my new t-shirt and maybe sneak-stickering my friend and bystanders.
    Oh – one more thing. A lot of us asked for more WODs (sometimes nicely, sometimes with the implicit threat of bearing torches and rakes as the next step) and it appears that Our Glorious Leadership has responded with a few more slots. So like…thanks and stuff.

  • Lauren Barnhart

    Guten Tag!
    So i think all the german is gettin to me and i can no longer understand English…. So is a 1-arm 1-leg deadlift really what i think it is? yes, i know i’m a bit slow to understand… but it is balancing on one leg while pulling the weight off the ground. Geez i sound like an idiot. Anyways… what is an ideal weight for the ladies on the WOD?
    Things are good over here, despite not seeing the sun for days. but the gym is killer (for a regular gym). Its just strange to have people looking at me like i’m nuts during these workouts. I just laugh!

  • Lauren
    Great to hear from you. Wie Geht’s? Miss you here at The Box!
    You hold the kettlebell/dumbbell in one hand and balance on the opposite leg: right hand and left leg. You bend over at the hip and keep your back straight and reach back with your leg for a counter-balance. Touch the floor and stand up by squeezing your glutes hard.
    I think you know the rest.
    I suggest trying to do the workout with 35lbs…cuz you’re strong!

  • Hey CFNYC!
    The slosh pipe is bloody brilliant.
    So I’m trying to decide which firm to go to this summer, might need to know where the new box location is going to be so I can decide which firm to go to. At this point it might be a crucial part of the decision making process. Is that bad?

  • michelle

    Marisela-I am watching my best friend run-am going to try it this year at 59th street by exhale to catch her there bc 1st avenue last year was pscyho so I am hoping this might be better-but would love to meet up with u guys at finish line. Before the race lets make sure we exchange cell numbers so we can hook up.
    ok Moon- sorry to ask this but what is a slosh pipe???? and is it yet another item that keith will be able to tell me I suck at using?

  • jacinto

    it’s not aslosh pipe it’s the conch

  • Adam

    Keith, Make it a Guinness and I’ll do it on Thursday

  • Moon

    Michelle – basically, yes. But I’ve gotten that reaction from Keith when I use barbells, medicine balls, and ballpoint pens.

  • marisela

    16k kb
    pullups with tan/blue band
    i decided to do the 16 k because my legs are strong enough to do SLDL with 40k, so doing it with any less than 16k would have been useless, but my strength is so lopsided that i didn’t think i could make it through the upper body with the 16k.
    half way through the last set of TGU’s on the left side on the way back down i dropped the kb on my knee. like, right on top of the patella at the insertion of the muscle. i don’t think i made a noise (yea, right) but i heard keith say “whuo” and all the guys followed then “i think the kettle bell won that one.”
    its def gonna leave a mark.
    took a short rest and then finnished
    gabe was nice enough to give me some bio ice (or something)
    got home and iced
    lucky i didn’t break it i guess
    first time finishing a WOD w 16k!!!
    i think thats called a PR?? (first time)

  • marisela

    i think i left my phone at the box, could someone let me know for sure?
    btw…there will be a dallas cowboys cheerleader at the box tomorrow afternoon. shes really sweet. her name is christina beth parker. WOD should be fun.

  • Gene
  • Marisela, we don’t hear your phone ringing when we call it here at the Box. 🙁

  • sarena

    Jetlag is kooky- I am up at crazy hours! Went this morning early yo a nice local gym w/ biggest supply of BBs and weights (only KBs were 24kg!
    Decided I needed to lift, espec since I had no clue what all the weird machines were.
    100kg F
    Then I tried to SP. Did
    20kgx3 but didnt feel right on shoulder
    So I went to FS
    60F (cudnt get up)
    Needless to say the 10 or so ppl there were majority Russian men. I def had my share of laughs watching them while they were staring at men espec w the DLs making noise!!
    Although I was close to PRs, nothing hit my max.
    Forgot to mention I slept 4 hrs last nite, had on snecks when used to WL shoes and havent been eating strict–although ok

  • made up yesterday’s pull-up WOD:
    17 rounds plus 11. did the whole thing in microsets of 3, otherwise i’d never have lasted that long.

  • alex

    So its was 4:30 and I was happy that I was actually going to make it out the door at 5:00. But then the dreaded email came. Oye I feel like one of those people at a globo gym who pays every month and doesn’t go. I hope to see y’all soon.

  • michelle

    Alex-don’t read u r work email until AFTER u work out. 🙂

  • Here’s some footage of our boy Justin in Toronto this weekend.

  • Moon

    Today’s KB WOD.
    19:45 w/ 16 Kg bell.

  • marisela

    The ringer is off. Im pretty sure its there. I think i put it down on my way out. Dont think i took it with me. Thanx for checkin tho.

  • Kevin

    Welcome back Justin. Looked like fun up in Toronto.
    Todays WOD 18:15 with 24 kg
    my stop watch accidentally stopped for about a minute when Keith picked it up so I think it was actually 17 n’ change.
    And LOOK!! Our barf bags are up on the main site!!

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