Innuendo free headline about “Extra WOD’s” this week

Hey kids;
the Elements classes for this month ended last week, so there will be extra WOD classes this week in their place.
Anywhere in the schedule you see an Elements class just insert a WOD…beginners classes as usual.
Elements class starts on November 5th, coinciding with the new evening class schedule. More details to follow.


  • michelle


  • Gabriel Sganga

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s 1230 class! Even though I kinda rolled my ankle on a 10k yesterday….Oohrah!

  • Moon

    Bart: Candygram for Mongo! Candygram for Mongo!
    Mongo: Me Mongo.
    Bart: Sign, please.
    [Mongo grabs the paper and makes some rough scratches on it]
    Bart: Thank you.
    [He gives Mongo the box and walks out of the bar, putting his fingers in his ears]
    Mongo: Mongo like candy.
    [he opens The Box...]

  • Tyler Durden


  • Jack Bauer

    Keith remember -big circle no fit in square box! You good tree dweller!

  • Dex