Push It!

Sunday 071028
For time:
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters
Push-ups are honest push-ups. Handstand push-ups are “nose to floor”.
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070801.

The Viking Disco Queen asks Is It All About The Snatch?
The Double Knee Bend
World Series Science

I like ’em Fat & Jolly!

“Back Squat Geometry”, Mark Rippetoe, November CrossFit Journal Preview – video [wmv] [mov]


  • Adam

    Science catches up to the crossfit community again.
    Link SFW
    Unfortunately they only mention fruits and vegetables but not grassfed beef.

  • Brian D.

    I have to compliment Avery on that blog post (and the wrist bands, I had the same ones for my costume last year); it touches on an overlooked part of life in general. It sucks that it occurs in Crossfit, but I guess it’s inevitable. There is no utopia, but we (as a whole) should try to be a lil bit above the rest of the fitness industry.

  • Hari

    Avery‚Äôs post (“Is It All About The Snatch”) is superb!
    Until A2’s interview, I could point to the main site as a place where women were always taken very seriously. And I suspect that after A2’s interview things will return to normal.
    From my point of view, the main site has always treated female athletes with as much or more respect than male athletes. (I cannot say the same of the Black Box Site.) I cannot think of a single comment directed towards Nicole, Eva, Annie, or any of the other female athletes that was laced with the slightest bit of sexual innuendo. Not one.
    (An exception might be some of he more misogynistic rap lyrics, which were quickly scaled back after numerous people took exception. Frankly, I think the sound track to “Nasty Girls” is humorous because it is so profoundly obvious that these “girls” are the complete opposite what is suggested by the lyrics.)
    As much as I like A2 (we all like A2, I really mean it) she was used, and she was delighted to be used. Women deserve to be taken seriously, if they choose to be taken seriously. When a woman blasts out a WOD, men are in awe, and without exception, they are delighted to be in awe. I have not heard a single negative comment directed towards a woman who takes this sport seriously.
    But a woman who chooses to be strictly an object? There is zero that can be done about that. Very few men will refuse to comply with that wish.
    Should women put up with this nonsense and be a good sport? In my opinion, the answer is no. Being a good sport about this stuff is the beginning of the end of being taken seriously.
    Bravo, Avery! Respect.

  • elizabeth

    Hmmm…i’m overanalyzing a blog article on a Sat night…alas.
    So what is the DEGREE of correlation between low body fat and negative emotion? High body fat is also associated with overeating due to emotional issues. And low body fat is usually associated with energic people who exercise and hence build those wonderful mood altering endorphins that should be marketed as a drug on my local street corner. How was the study done? If one simply asks people”are you generally happy”, will one population be more likely to respond with an easy “yes” than another? On the other hand, there is a very strong correlation between high twitch movement, fidgeting behavior and body size. A “fidgety” person burns more calories in a day than someone who is more energetically efficient and works out every day. Maybe that fidgety behavior is the chicken and it is the mood that causes the size…
    Sorry- meant to just quip that i was grateful for the excuse to add hot fudge to my Haagen Daz…Yay!

  • michelle

    I hope you can attend a cert soon so someone can interview YOU.

  • http://www.allisonbojarski.blogspot.com Allison

    I decided to open a can of worms and post about this on the main site, asking CFers of the world their opinion on Avery’s post.
    I just had to, because this whole thing was bugging me the same way it was bugging Avery.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think CF does a great job of presenting women like Nicole, Eva T., and Annie in a strong, positive light. Likewise, Jolie, winner at the first CrossFit games has appeared in lots of videos in a serious light, where I sense major respect for her.
    Nonetheless, that interview with A2 (Allison NYC) just really didn’t sit well with me at all and Avery’s analysis hit on the head for me exactly why.
    So rock on Avery, and I second Michelle’s comment.

  • michelle

    Allison I was just thinking that I hope someone from the Box posts the blog on the main site-so glad you did it!

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight_Club juan gonzalez

    I have no issues with whoever has issues with me calling her a chick.
    men and Women are not equal, if they were. We’d all be either one or the other.
    shit man.
    to me…
    Its the benchmark to mark all benches.
    It has and will put in check all who want to jump in the ring and box.
    that said, we are all different…
    Man,woman, weak or strong. (Nicole and Annie are stronger than me.)
    Crossfit doesn’t care.
    sure it scales, yeah people might say women do this weight and guys do that. Yeah… So?
    Girls can do as RX’d. We’ve all seen it.
    (Damn you Erica and your insane tabata Squats, she rocks. btw.)
    Do for you, when it comes to a WOD.
    3-2-1… Go.
    That’s it. The score or time you decide to post or not, is all that matters.
    (I left mine out yesterday thanks to that Tyler Durden. I was more offended by my lack of form and his enthusiasm to point it out.)
    We are a community, I get the complaints or praise we all have about A2 or Armundstend (did I spell that right?)
    Hes’s friggin Iron Man by the way, My goal is to destroy him. One day.
    But its not about the posts, isn’t it.
    Its about that God damn bar coming up to the Rack position on a squat clean or you getting your God damn chin up passed that bar.
    Thats all that matters.
    Whatever that white board has to say is all I’ll listen to.
    Thats my 35 cents.
    Thanks to everyone at the black box by the way.
    You all inspire me, from the vets to the Element-ards (I heard someone call them that.)
    You are all the reason we all keep coming back.

  • Allison Bishop

    I made a post on the Main Site about all of this.
    I came here to respond to what Hari wrote above-
    I’m hurt by what you said. I respect you. I liked you. One of the questions I was asked in the interview was who I admired at the Box. I said a few names but said that I admired you the most because you encouraged me, you’re smart and I saw your determination to finish WODs more than once.
    I’m really shocked you said that about me.
    Calling me 2pood is fine. Posting half naked pictures of me and Allison and Marisela is fine. But laughing about the snatch is degrading?
    I say the nicest things about all of you and the Black Box to everyone I meet. I said great things about all of you and the gym in my interview and this is what I get. I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back for a second time. Some of you know what I’m talking about here.
    It’s all very hypocritical..

  • Allison Bishop

    I made a post on the Main Site about all of this.
    I came here to respond to what Hari wrote above-
    I’m hurt by what you said. I respect you. I liked you. One of the questions I was asked in the interview was who I admired at the Box. I said a few names but said that I admired you the most because you encouraged me, you’re smart and I saw your determination to finish WODs more than once.
    I’m really shocked you said that about me.
    Calling me 2pood is fine. Posting half naked pictures of me and Allison and Marisela is fine. But laughing about the snatch is degrading?
    I say the nicest things about all of you and the Black Box to everyone I meet. I said great things about all of you and the gym in my interview and this is what I get. I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back for a second time. Some of you know what I’m talking about here.
    It’s all very hypocritical..
    I think Avery is great and enjoy her blog. She’s smart and I like that she speaks her mind. The picture of allison’s tit being grabbed would probably have been a more appropriate reason to be offended (I don’t think any of it is offensive). That’s all I’m sayin
    One last thing- I’ve read this page a few times since I left and started posting on the Main site. Things have been said here that would never be said on the main site. Hari even pointed those things out at one point. My point is you guys have fun and joke but when I was having fun and joking you found it so offensive. Strange. Just something to think about.

  • Ewen

    Maybe, just maybe this is more about us (the Black Box) than it is about A2 or that interview. Maybe it’s true we should look into how we treat our female members (see also Morgan’s comment on Avery’s blog), but we, as a group, have once again mismanaged what could have been a simple issue, to the point where we’ve driven away a member/former member for the second time, and made a public display of it. How fucking stupid are we?
    I don’t feel like discussing this further right now, it would take too much time to sort out my mixed emotions. Let me just say I agree with Avery in general terms, but there’s more to be said.
    Finally, people, this is the Internet. Nothing ever really disappears. In fact, there is no edit button on these blogs. Think before you type, always, and when in doubt, do NOT post.

  • michelle

    Alison-I am trying to post a message on the main board making it very clear that this was not motivated at all by jealousy on your part and -so far the post is not going thru bc a i am a dolt.
    anyway guys last night i emailed hari with one concern-that visitors to our site were going to quickly notice those photos of the t-shirt string and have a field day.
    we will figure it out but alison-you are obviously entitled to ask the very legitimate question that avery raised so eloguently and you should have been able to do so without being told you were jealous of a2. that basically puts women back at square one. I am sorry you had to deal with that on a public fourm. its as my kids say “not fair”.

  • http://runningdownadream-avery.blogspot.com/ Avery

    I’m not sure where to start with all of this, but I knew that I was going to come across as a battle axe wielding feminist after writing that post. I also understand why someone from a totally outside perspective on the main site might think I have “issues” or “be jealous” or whatever. They have no idea who I am, what my personality is like, or what my real agenda is…frankly it’s not worrying about the possibility of sexism occurring at Crossfit all the time. I do have a job. And stuff.
    I had not intended it to be posted on the main page of this site, the main site, or wanted it to stir up some major controverial debate about what consitutes fun and joking. Frankly, I forget that anyone ever reads my blog besides a few people. I woke up today and saw all of this and thought, “Oh God.” Obviously, that was a mistake on my part.
    I also had no intention of anyone getting their feelings hurt over this post. I should have used more general terms talking about this issue, as the main point is not the interview (that was merely the catalyst), it is the general atmosphere I have AT TIMES experienced at the Box, on the CrossfitNYC boards, and my experience on the HQ main site (which is limited compared to the regular posters).
    FOR THE MOST PART, my experience at Crossfit has been life changing, amazing, awesome, insert other superlative adjectives here and I love the people I have had the opportunity to workout with. I only wrote this post as a challenge to the way we think about our speech and actions, so perhaps we can become an even stronger community.
    In the light of all these posts and comments and the possibility of more negative, personal ones in the future which I find most unnecessary, I’ve set the blog post to private. If you have any questions or comments you need to make, please email them to me at averex@msn.com. Not the main HQ site or this board.
    Many Thanks.

  • http://runningdownadream-avery.blogspot.com/ Avery

    Oops. Sorry for multiple posts. My computer is unhappy.

  • Brian D.

    I understand that A2 has rubbed some people the wrong way at the Box, but what’s the point of trying to discuss one’s issues with her on a fucking BLOG? i’m sorry but in my opinion, this is ridiculous, the whole thing with A2. She’s not at the gym anymore, let it go. If you have nothing nice to say about someone when they aren’t around, don’t say it. I understand people need to rant and vent but (in general, I’ve seen this with my own friends) don’t have a discussion about your dislike for a certain person. If you want to settle things with her, call her up, get a date for coffee/lunch, and talk it out. You are all mature adults here, not a teen like I and my peers.
    After reading delving into our archives, what the hell has happened? In the past 2 months the discussions and picture postings have become less and less PG[-13] at times. There are points where I’m going to show my coach or other adults in school this website and I see some of the pictures posted on the main page and some of the comments we make, and I refrain from doing so. I LOVE the Box and I don’t think much of what is said or posted here because I know most everyone and that a lot of this is in good fun; but, however, other people don’t know what our sense of humor or our characteristics are like. First impressions make or break you. If I want to vouche the validity of the Box to someone, I want them to see this is a mature institution and not just some hole-in-the-wall gym (which we are, but we can be above that standard).
    And now if you’ll excuse me, pancakes are ready.

  • http://www.allisonbojarski.blogspot.com Allison

    What I just tried to post on the main site but got caught in the Spam filters:
    For the record, as I stated in my original post, I wasn’t critiquing AllisonNYC at all. I just didn’t like the tone of the interview and the lack of serious questions for Allison about her amazing athletic abilities, her choice to work at a big-box gym as a trainer and the issues she has faced doing that, etc.
    I just could not imagine that same type of interview with the gender roles reversed. I’ve never seen anything like that on this site and I doubt I ever will, because any men that get interviewed are approached in a more serious manner.
    While AllisonNYC was a member of CFNYC, she made amazing progress, always worked hard, and was a quick learner. I was not and am not critiquing her, and I’m sorry if she or anyone else feels that I am.
    I just would prefer it if CrossFit didn’t fall into mainstream culture’s stereotyping of women, and *sometimes* I feel it does.
    I raised this critique because I *am* part of the CrossFit community (although more through CFNYC than through the main site, generally) and I want to feel welcome here, to feel my views reflected.
    Taking women seriously is a big part of that.
    The accusations of jealousy are so typical and cliched that I was tempted to not address them at all, but I decided to go ahead and make this post to further clarify what exactly I was concerned about.

  • http://www.crossfitnyc.com Tyler Durden

    I think the point is or should be that A2 is an excellent athlete and should be treated as such. The problem I think Avery is pointing out is that when Hari is interviewed he is treated like a diplomat and when A2 is interviewed she is treated like a pornstar. The truth of the matter is that A2 is younger, fitter, faster and all-around better athlete than Hari (no offense, Hari) and most people here at the box. However, that part of the story is neglected in the CrossFit interview.
    Of course, we must consider the personalities of the people that contribute to the tone that the interviews take. I’d rather not get into that but the point is that we can’t live in a white-board only vacuum as Juan would like. I hope Allison (Bishop) knows that I am not trying to pick on her. I think she is a fantastic athlete and should let that speak for itself. The other drama is counterproductive. I apologize if posting the picture was too much. I guess I have seen too many adds for Bally’s and Equinox and Shape magazines and thought that was what a gym-goer was supposed to look like.
    Am I guilty of a lot of bad judgment and poor taste? Yes. Are the rest of you? Probably. I have heard most of the women here make sexual comments about pictures of glistening, shirtless men that appear on this site. Do two wrongs make a right? No. Let’s get over the hypocrisy and the bad feelings and work on our cleans and handstand pushups.

  • jay h

    MmmMmm pancakes sound good. Thanks Brian.

  • Hari

    You write that you are hurt and shocked by what I wrote, but much of what you list has nothing to do with what I wrote. I have consistently been critical of the sort of crude behavior you cite, and have never been part of that crap.
    What I did write was this: “As much as I like A2 (we all like A2, I really mean it) she was used, and she was delighted to be used.” I meant this exactly as I wrote it.
    Shortly after you started working out at Black Box, a number of us realized that you had the potential to become another Annie, Eva, or Nicole. Instead, you are allowing yourself to become another Anna Kornikova, a woman who had the potential to be the absolute best, but traded her potential for attention.
    I encouraged you because you have talent and because you can be infinitely more than just cute. As you know, men will literally lie beneath your feet while you do pull-ups. If that’s all you want, it’s yours. I encourage you to get more out of life, but it’s your life.
    When I wrote my response to Avery’s post, I was actually not concerned with you. You’ve been gone for months. I was concerned with the other women who are currently at Black Box as well as those who are likely to join (or not join). My primary interest is in the ongoing success of Black Box, which depends entirely on how we treat all our members.

  • Hari

    31:45 HSPU’s were about 4 inches less than full ROM

  • Allan E

    The problem is Hari that some people are notable for being attractive/hot as much as they are for being athletic — it’s only a “problem” (one I know *all* too well I can tell you) if you choose to call it that
    Innuendo is a fun way American culture has evolved to deal with this kind of thing. Personally I think it’s rather optimal.
    For example in Allison’s interview would you rather the interviewer ignored Allison’s charms altogether (eg BBC circa 1950)? The middle ground of flirtation is just fine IMO
    So what if the interview steered from fun/sass/innuendo at the beginning to Allison’s sincere devotion to CrossFit at the end? Seems like a perfect balance to me — captures all aspects! Everyone came across fine — both Allison and interviewer.
    But I think it is easy to come across as insulting when you try to make excuses, perform analysis, or give opinions on someone else’s behalf, all the more so when it is related to either looks or personality. For example, “please excuse my friend Hari — he’s intelligent”; or “he’s just letting himself be used — to solve equations!”
    So while I fully believe you didn’t mean to insult, maybe it could be seen as hurtful for you to analyze this issue in-depth when Allison is in the public eye? And maybe the all-important RESPECT doesn’t commute with detailing opinions about someone in public?
    Just my two pence (sterling).

  • Dan L.

    Respect implies reciprocity.
    If you’re correct in your assessment that ‘innuendo’ is an optimal solution, then should every crossfit interview begin with a question about one’s dating preferences?
    I think the middle ground you seek becomes impossible when a criterion such as ‘charm’ has the burden of often reinforcing sexual stereotypes.

  • marisela

    wow. i’m gone for a week and the shit hits the fan.
    it’s not just me!!
    i wish i had had the chance to read your post avery, but i was too late.
    funny thing about the main site is that there are soooooo many things posted there that i don’t agree with and don’t like to read, so i don’t read them. the reason i am on this blog so much is because i do know the people and i want to have stimulating (pun intended) discussions with people that i do understand and that understand me.
    as a woman, i have no problem using my assets to charm or intrigue. this is what our society and culture have taught us to do, so to be chastised for being sexy is unfair. men do not have to play the same kind of game. the fact that i have a brain underneath it all seems to be secondary to the fact the my breasts look great in a corset, or that my bottom propels me into a great squat. but i also do not let people disrespect me. i will be the first person to tell someone if they have and it is almost never personal.
    allison, i fully understand what sat badly with you about the interview because they never talked about her(a2)ability. they discussed why and when she got into it and how it changed her life, but never about her amazing talent as an athelete. it did seem to me that the only reason for the interview was because she is hot. though i know that allisonnyc is also a talented athelete.
    this is the frustration that women have to deal with all the time. this industry in particular is not female friendly. look on the main board and see how many times a woman is involved in the heavy political discussions or how many times womens rights come up there.
    and annie, nicole and eva (give another 3 or 4 names that i don’t know) are only 7 or 8 women! the names get repeated here so often, you would think they are the only kinds (bodytype) of women out there. i have a great respect for women like them, but unless i make this my life (which i am slowly working against) I WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THEM. nor do i want to. i want to look like me. the best version of me possible and if i never lift as much as them, fine.
    i don’t understand why when a woman speaks her mind about the mysoginistic manner with which an interview was handled by our beloved crossfit HQ, she is quickly called jealous. all of us who know allison (a1) know that she is HOT. (ummm, catwoman)
    and i choose not to have people around me that get offended by the pg13 pics on our blog. brian, i know that you are still a puppy and have teachers hovering around you that want to teach you what is good and evil, but we are all good, strong, smart and, yes, SEXY people here at crossfit nyc.
    i make no excuses for who i am or what i do. and i do some pretty stupid shit sometimes.

  • http://www.crossfitnyc.com Tyler Durden

    From The Mothership. TonyB’s response:
    The interviews you see on this site are unscripted. In fact, as Allison walked to the camera, she thought I had asked her to interview Sevan, not the other way around. It was taped during lunch on the Sunday of the Kettlebell Cert in Santa Cruz. I knew several days before the event that I was going to ask her to do the interview for the same reasons I asked Bingo, Hari, Dammit, Nadia, CCT Joey, John Wopat and the others: she is an enthusiastic member of our community whose posts are noticeable on the main site. I had no idea what she looked like, and I didn’t care.
    Sevan and Allison were 12 hours into a seminar with about 15 people. They had a pretty good sense of each other, and why they were there. Allison is really excited about CrossFit, about the changes it’s made in her life, and about what this means for her future. She is young, bubbly, playful, and yes, hot. I think the video successfully conveyed all that. Sevan is a good interviewer. He fed off her energy, which allowed her personality and interests to come through. We know much more about Allison than Sevan, which is how it’s supposed to be.
    CrossFit will always be a great place to be hot. A good (female) friend once said, “Thank God fit bodies are beautiful because working out would become a real dilemma if strength, stamina, speed, power, and health made you ugly.”
    You can expect to see a lot more of Allison if she keeps showing up to events with the same spirit.
    Comment #42 – Posted by TonyB at October 28, 2007 01:31 AM

  • Allan E

    Dan L: I certainly wouldn’t start by asking you mate. No offense 😉
    But I definitely wouldn’t suppress innuendo either — I think people who try this are implicitly seeking to homogenize our culture; this is something that hasn’t worked out well in the past…

  • Brian D.

    Marisela, I know and agree with what you are saying completely. However, I was making a reference more specifically towards the most recent pic of A2 and a post last month for the “Heavy Fran” on this site. I’m fine with pictures we post regularly, but I thought that putting the pictures of some girl’s ass in a thong and another guy’s head up his ass was a little much. And the picture of A2 in her bikini, very flattering and I’m sure everyone would agree with me and say that A2 is a very beautiful woman, but how many other pictures of her do we have? I cringed when I saw Keith post about how we wanted A2 to be interviewed about her personal bests in Crossfit and not who she wants to date when we have a picture of her prancing around in her bikini on the blog.
    I was getting at that in professional environments (school and office-wise), that pictures such as those don’t fly well. My therapist jumped to an immediate conclusion just by seeing the former pictures I mentioned. He said a serious institution wouldn’t post such pictures for all to see. Maybe my therapist wasn’t a potential new Crossfitter, but what if I were to vouche for us at my school? They wouldn’t take me seriously because of those pictures. Outside a professional environment or if they had their own peers turn them on to Crossfit, they wouldn’t raise as much of an eyebrow.
    *I* know we all mean well with what we post and know the context behind these posts, but outsiders don’t.

  • Allan E

    That was a nice response from TonyB. Nice slogan too “a great place to be hot” —- the thing is, everyone brings their own kind of hotness to the gym.
    For some people it’s hotness of intellect/eloquence (Hari), with other people it’s hair (Paul), and with other people it’s further under wraps but nonetheless shines through with the intensity of effort put into their training
    To single out one type of hotness (eg intelligence or beauty) as bad, or somehow in need of censorship, is unhealthy surely? Especially when there is a cultural norm for dealing with it light-heartedly (ie making nerd jokes or innuendo; or both!)

  • Justin

    For fucks sake, I leave the country and everyone loses their minds 😉 Anyways, all I have to say is come to a cert, and you will see the way men and women of a like mind respond and work together, as well as a level of respect between the 2 that I have to say, I have never really seen. And thats not just because of Eva or Nicole, but of all the trainers and participants. Plus all the sexual innuendo by both parties to make everyone happy.
    But I will do my part to make it all equal. I will come back tommorrow in a bikini and you can put pictures of me on the site, and then watch the hysteria that insues.

  • marisela

    i refuse to conform to what a “serious institution” should be.
    i refuse to look at a beautiful ass in a thong and think of it as bad, especially when someone that day may have finally understood what arching their back meant.
    i refuse to think, because others tell me i should, that certain things are wrong until i have experienced them.
    i refuse to be around people that think i am bad because of it.(which is why i like the nyc blog better than the main)
    i refuse to feel bad for having a sexy body and a sexy attitude, because i don’t feel bad about my sexuality the way our misogynistic society wants me to.
    nobody will ever make me think i have less integrity because of it.
    the truth of the matter is that “men” are afraid of a woman like me. i will not bring in any other names because i don’t want anyone to misinterpret this as anyone’s opinion but mine, but i’m sure there are others like me.
    i’m beautiful
    i’m strong
    i’m smart
    i’m sexy
    i’m fit
    and i speak my mind
    i don’t do it in that irritating “girlie” way either. i speak to everyone the same way and a woman like me, with these qualities is labeled “angry” (“stop getting all rosie o’donnell”).
    it is a way of saying that they are scared. scared of a woman with eloquence and strength. scared of a woman that isn’t an object, but is still sexy and beautiful. scared that a woman isn’t prude, but likes sex a LOT, maybe even more than him. scared that they may have just found a person, entirely and not a thing to get off with.
    the same people that called allison “jealous” or “hypocritical” or, even worse, “prude” are probably the same guys that would ask for dirty deeds, then go tell all their friends at school the next day and ruin her reputation. ironically, if a girl went and told everyone, she’d still be the whore.
    it isn’t just men either. women fight each other all the time. we judge and bring each other down. sadly, i don’t think this was that occasion.
    a2, if you were offended and hurt and truly respected allison and the box, shouldn’t you have just called her? or maybe read the posts thoroughly?
    because of my refusal i have struggled a lot in life, but i choose the struggle of my integrity. i know who i am. i know what society is and i am saddened that some women don’t even know the difference.
    on a lighter note,
    justin, i would pay to see that :)

  • sarena

    Ok so I too finally feel compelled to add to this ongoing “debate/topic”
    While I have been out of the box nearly 2 wks for an injury and now in Israel, i have been following along and talking to other CFNYC members and even A2.
    Sadly I would agree as I believe the older female @CFNYC. While i dont view myself as hot or sexy, i know that I have made tremendous gains using CF methods of training. However during this time, I have also been ridiculed and treated as stupid and someone to brush off by others members–perhaps since I am older and not hot!
    All i can say is that a little over a year ago i was a size 14 (prior to that a 22) and now am a 4/6. I also had never lifted a BB. Yeah i am bragging some but yeah not too many of my peers can DL 225#. Can i do better or go farther–SURE? Was I ever interviewed at any of the 3 certs I went to–NO? Do I feel Allison was interviewed as a great athlete–not really?
    When are we all gonna learn to RESPECT each other w maturity where we can work out and do our best w/out regard to whats underneath out gym clothes. I have been to nunerous CF gyms now and one thing common both in facilities and on blogs are testimonials to athlethes on their PRs and acheivements thru CF. Do we have that here–HELL NO? It doesnt matter if someones PR shot up from 45 to 65# on their SP in a month or if they lost 5# they struggled with. I think we need that kind of action on our blog with stories, testimonials and pics in addition to a huge whiteboard that we can all recotrd on at the box.
    Lets start using our maturity to treat each other as athletes–young/old, fit/out of shape shouldnt matter– I believe we are all at Black Box with one sole underlying purpose to CF. Lets start doing that and hopefully the RESPECT will start showing!
    Now i better conquer my jetlag and get back to bed–its 330am in Jerusalem and I was planning on lifting Mon here with my CFNYC tshirt at http://www.irongym.co.il
    In Israel!

  • Adam

    I’m calling you out again. I definitely want to see you in that bikini! I’m going to change the box into a full studio set for one night just for this. See you tomorrow!

  • Robzilla

    I remember reading something about a “dress bet” that was supposed to culimate at the Toronto cert. Did any guy show up in a dress during the cert?
    Also, this bikini thing sounds similar…

  • alex

    Adding my two cents to the discussion, I started the same exact day as A2 and I did notice the different treatment we recieved, sure I know that I was no looker at an overweight 40 year old female. Sometimes it was a bit much and I knew it was not meant to be hurtful and boys will be boys. I laughed it off, But i loved the program and lived with it.
    I have to agree with sarena. I would love to see someone like her or michelle interviewed, believe it or not there are alot more women like them than not.
    They are my heros, not some 21 year old.

  • Justin

    Yeah, John from CFBoston did a workout in a dress with the others from the bet. They recorded it and should be on the site hopefully in the next week.
    And lets be real, NOONE wants to see my fat ass in a bikini, lol…

  • sarena

    Alex, thanx! I am amazed by how hard you push yourself. I guess us “old ladies” gotta stick together to show those young uns!
    Alex maybe we should go back to the globogym and watch the stares we get we pick up the reak iron as opposed to the little pink DBs!
    Justin, I for one dont mind skipping the bikini shoot!

  • michelle

    Alex- don’t kid yourself-you have huge fan base-you persevere through those workouts like nobody’s business. You have earned so much respect. One day I came in and was just feeling prettly tired and sorry for myself and Keith basically told me how you did every single pushup in the workout and I should get moving! So lets all keep our eye on the ball-what is really great is when we see how far our fellow crossfitters have come over the past year. it makes me want to work harder. it certainly makes me want to get my first pullup by New Years. Hope to c u soon Alex-in your skinny jeans!

  • http://jalopnik.com/photogallery/FerrariFXXEvoluzione/1000065404 juan gonzalez

    Justin what time are the bikini pull-ups?
    lunch or evening?

  • Allison Bishop

    Dammit was asked if he has a girlfriend in his interview and about his tatts. What does that have to do with Crossfit?
    I related everything that I was asked about back to Crossfit. Even about the men.
    There’s a picture of Eva T. doing pullups in her panties and everyone loved it. No problems there.
    many more examples where that came from.

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    It’s not real clear whether you’re a legend in your own mind or not. Please repost; it was too subtle.

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