Freakin’ Friday

Aeon Flux
Friday 071026
Skill of the day: Two Handed Turkish Get Up. Try 10 reps with the heaviest pair of kettlebells you can handle.
As Many Rounds as You Can in 20 minutes of:
5 Knees To Elbows
10 1-arm, Contra-lateral, Split Jerks
15 Kettlebell Swings
Men use 24kg, women use 16kg Kettlebell.
Post rounds completed to comments.

More Thoughts On Shoes

Worst person In the World can bench/squat/leg press over 1,200 lbs.


  • Marisela–er, I mean Aeon Flux–ROCKS.
    I hope you feel better, girl–we miss having you around at the lunchtime class.

  • Robzilla

    That’s an awesome photo!

  • sarena

    Justin enjoy the Toronto cert. Drink it all in man!

  • michelle

    have a great time Justin!

  • Jack Bauer

    Marisela…NICE! Can see those ring dips are paying off.
    Justin have a blast!

  • bklyn_chris

    Re: the picture
    so i see how u guys attract newcomers now… haha
    hey so when I do come in for a drop-in my mom might come, im going to try to turn her on to the gym because she is really concerned with losing weight and i KNOW u guys can help her 😛

  • jay h

    Check out the worst guy in the world’s website, He’s got pictures of him flexing. I laughed.
    Why haven’t I seen Aeon? Does Ms. Flux usually come in the mornings?

  • Bklyn Chris
    Please bring your mom so we can post some hot pictures of her. 🙂
    Kick ass in Toronto! Say hi to Coach and the gang.

  • Jay H
    You are right those pics are hilarious:
    Poor guy. 🙁

  • Ewen

    Got this weird nagging pain in my left arm so Michael was fine yesterday, but this sounded like a bit much.
    I’ll just do some pistols and more core work at home.
    Can’t wait to see the final Superhero Fran video!

  • Ewen

    Just a thought, maybe the posting restriction could kick in after 48h? I can’t even post the Michael time I did last night.
    Anyway, 23:01 for Michael as rx’d. Walking the stairs definitely adds some time, but gives you a nice rest (altough that’s probably not a good thing from the training point of view). GHD was on a first come, first served basis until you had to take a break, so most rounds were a mix of GHD sit-ups/ab mat situps and GHD back extensions/good mornings.
    Alex, lol at the site getting blocked at your office! That’s a pretty strict policy they’ve got.

  • michelle

    marisela- whatever u had-r u better now? bc I am soo sick now-feel like hell- cold, fever, swollen glands, sore throat. i hope it clears up fast.. i will be drinking tea, napping and watching bad tv today-for time.

  • Ewen
    It’s easier for me to disable the previous post when I’m creating the current post. Also people can rest assured that new info isn’t being posted on old posts. If people just post under the current post we don’t have to scan back to old posts to follow conversations.

  • Coach P

    Get better Michelle!

  • Jack Bauer

    Michelle-hope you feel better!
    The “Worst Person in the world” was hilarious. Perfect on a Friday. He looks like an extra from a Will Ferrell movie! Who flexes like that anymore? Annie could take this dude! Come to think of it, Annie could take most dudes!

  • OMFG!!!
    Fran, be careful! Look what happened to Angie!

  • hey everybody, a little birdie (ok, it was really my myspace) told me it’s ewen’s birthday today.

  • Happy Birthday, French Poodle Man!

  • sam

    What is a 1-arm, Contra-lateral, Split Jerk ?

  • Brett_nyc

    Happy Birthday Ewen.
    Made up the Total today…
    sq 305, PR 320
    pr 165, tie PR
    dl 375, PR 395
    Feeling tired after the last full cycle. No breakfast in the belly either.

  • sarena

    Ewen, happy birthday!

  • Jamal

    Justin, when you get to the Toronto cert, look for a guy named Jon Kellet, aka Tuxey. Tell him Jamal sent you. He’s an animal, you’ll enjoy his workout attitude and company.

  • Moon

    So glad they haven’t put cams and eye-tracking software on my work machine. At best I’d only be able to claim I have some interest in the midrange floor tiles. (Seriously – that’s a tough position to hold – good work!)
    Tyler – What if you skipped just a day of comment locking to create a 48 hour lag. Then every day, you post a new one and close the one from 2 days before. If the posting window for the Day is missed by people and they post stats in the (Day+1) bucket, it makes them harder to find again for comparison/finally putting that log together/reference, which is part of why we even keep an archive, no?
    Ewen – I’d like to wish you a happy birthday. Unless this workout is dedicated to it. If so, you suck.

  • Jack Bauer

    OMG! Keith that’s horrible! And I don’t hitchhike… I take the subway! GO MTA.
    Besides Fran is diesel enough to have whipped that punk’s ass 🙂
    Ewen aka “French Poodle man” -Joyeux anniversaire!

  • Mulcahy

    Good article. Looks like the guy he trains with, Logan Hood, is a disciple of Gym Jones that branched out on his own.

  • Kevin

    Happy B-day Ewen!! Are you going for that 425lb deadlift today? 😉

  • sarena

    Did a mini workout at home today–easing back in after a week off!
    500m row
    25 abmat situps
    25 supermans
    25 16kg KB 2arm swings
    approx 15min
    timer malfunctioned–checked clock though before and after

  • juan gonzalez

    Hey any rugby players at the box, Ive been meaning to learn and get into a league for ages…
    and just read an article about the women’s league in Tehran,so I figured its now or never.
    p.s. anyone going to any good Halloween parties this weekend?

  • Adam

    I just made up Michael since I missed it yesterday. I had another exam (big surprise) and afterwards came home and slept 13 hours straight!
    Michael as Rx’d
    I did it outside and it was nice to work out in some brisk weather for once. Now it only needs to get about 20 degrees cooler. I’m going to visit Roxanne for the weekend so I won’t see you guys until Monday. Have a great weekend!

  • Adam

    I forgot to mention how much easier workout was WITHOUT the four flights of stairs.

  • marisela

    thanx for the pic comments!
    michelle, i got really sick, too. the whole thing, fever, swollen glands, chaped lips from breathing through the mouth, cough, watery eyes, painful sneezing. i know it sounds sexy. i’ve been sleeping for time. i’ve managed 3 days so far. i feel TONS better today, though i didn’t get out of bed until 3:30, but all one can do is rest.
    guess we shouldn’t have been making out so much, michelle.

  • marisela

    oh, and btw…
    i have another show on sunday.
    back fence
    corner of bleeker and thompson
    8:30-11:30 pm
    and for those of you who don’t know who aeon flux is:

  • michelle

    marisela-the tv for time is working nicely-i have completed too many rounds to count. i will look into the sleeping for time next. thx for the tip. glad u r feeling better. i think ur superhero powers just work better than mine. they retired owl girl pretty damn fast. she pretty much sucked.
    next year i am going to come as jacinto.

  • Ewen

    Thanks everyone, happy birthday to all of you as well!
    A few words, if I may.
    1/No, Moon, today’s WOD is not my fault.
    2/But I’m sure my b-day WOD would have been just as painful.
    3/My left arm IS tweaked, I didn’t stay away because I feared a potential b-day workout. Really.
    4/No deadlift PR’s scheduled today, Kevin (see 3).
    5/I’ll bite a chunk off the ass of the next person who calls me French Poodle -it’s Superdog, godammit! Respect the bone.
    6/Charlize Theron’s got nothing on Marisela (2nd row from top, 4th pic from left in the picture gallery).
    See yall tomorrow

  • 7 rounds as Rx’d.

  • dan def

    with 1.5 pood (24kg) for all.
    8 2/3 rounds.

  • Justin

    Thanks all!!! In beautiful downtown Toronto as we speak. Just got back from CFToronto and all looks ready to go. And just to let all you who are wondering know, there is a Wendy’s downstairs and yes, they have the Baconator.

  • Mulcahy

    Strong work 6 p.m. crew! That was a beast of a WOD.

  • canadian baconator, fran.

  • Robzilla

    Happy birthday Ewen!

  • Dan L.

    Good to be back (and healthy) at the box.
    8 1/3 Rounds as RX’ed

  • alex

    I would have wished you a happy birthday earlier Ewen, but the site has been ban from my job, thanks Tyler!
    Happy Birthday!

  • sam

    Hey guys,
    So I guess my left shoulder is completed fubar’d so I won’t be in the box for a few days. It’s ibuprofen and ice packs for me for a few days.
    Hopefully i’ll be in for some v light training earlyish next week..

  • Sorry Alex. I can’t imagine why they let Dammit’s big red crotch go uncensored but A2’s cleav gets banned. Seems unfair. 🙁

  • Moon

    9 rounds + 5 KTE. Only 16KG bell though – we need another 20 in the Box.
    Although the real story of the day was that all of my KTEs were clean from start to finish. Doubleplus pleased about that.

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  • Perfect on a Friday. He looks like an extra from a Will Ferrell movie! Who flexes like that anymore? Annie could take this dude! Come to think of it, Annie could take most dudes!

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