East Coast Love!

Thursday 071025
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070919

AllisonNYC Interview – video [wmv] [mov].
“Experts” Sound Off on Grunting.
Lies In The Gym


  • Jay
    I posted that article on the site a few days ago.
    Nigerian? Email me. tyler@crossfitnyc.com

  • juan gonzalez


  • Jack Bauer

    Oh boy. I can’t wait to hear the comments on this one.
    Please tell me you guys so her Crossfit interview? She had that fool stuttering!

  • she actually did a pretty good interview. Lil shout out to the box and dammit.
    does this workout suck subbing GHD back extensions for supermans? if so is there a sub for the sub.
    other than good mornings.

  • Cesar.


  • Cesar.


  • P$

    um…Are those kettlebells? All in good fun. I hope that doesn’t offend you allisonnyc. I did watch the interview and it was great. He said “kettle balls”.
    I’m a couple of days behind here. I did the tabata workout this am.
    pullups-8,6,5,4,3,3,3,3 = 35
    pushups-15,12,12,10,8,8,8,8 = 81
    situps- 15,12,10,10,10,10,10,10 = 87
    squats-14,12,12,12,12,12,12,12 = 98
    Total = 301
    plan on doing michael tonight.

  • jay h

    My bad Keith.. I need to do a better job reading the posts.
    Is anyone running the 5 mile this Sunday in Central Park?

  • Gene

    Perhaps the caption should be “This is what happens when you Crossfit…” or something to that effect. Will knock out Michael after class tonight.

  • sam

    Am I missing something, who’s the girl with brown hair in the photo above? Is she at crossfit nyc?
    Also, regarding the allison interview, i’ve never seen her, is she part of the lunchtime crew?

  • Brett_nyc

    21:55, PR by about 40sec.
    Feet anchored for situps, BE’s done with belly on a big ball, feet anchored. Runs were about 3:35-3:45, need to get even faster with those, SU and BE were almost all unbroken

  • Sam
    The girl in the photo is AllisonNYC aka A2 aka…
    She’s an old friend of the Box.

  • And I’m the original Allison.
    AllisonNYC aka A2 is no longer a member here at CrossFit NYC. She left here a few months ago to be a trainer at Equinox, but I don’t believe she’s working there anymore.

  • meeoww.

  • juan gonzalez

    Lt. Michael Murphy,was awarded the medal of honor on Monday.

  • Kevin

    23:54 as rx’d at the Box
    Runs outside plus 4 flights of stairs and lunchtime pedestrian traffic. Also couldnt run up and down the stairs anymore after the first round cuz the super complained. Had to walk quietly. Totally lame
    Back extensions on GHD (first rd unbroken)
    Situps on floor anchorless(all unbroken)
    Cant compare to the last Michael because I did the situps on the GHD that time(torture!!).
    Thought about doing it but I didn’t want to hog the GHD for my situps since they would have most likely taken a while.
    If I did this on a running track I might have been around 20 minutes. Next time.

  • Hari

    Gene, writes,
    “Perhaps the caption should be ‘This is what happens when you Crossfit…’ or something to that effect.”
    Of course the irony is that nothing in that photograph was created or improved by CrossFit. When the picture was taken, A2 had been at Black Box for perhaps one (of two or three) months.

  • jay h

    Still a good photo though. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Gene

    It was meant to be a humorous/lighthearted comment. I was not aware A2 had only been at the box for only 2-3 months prior to the taking of the photo. However, if A2 hit the box hard and consistently for those 2-3 months, Crossfit could have very well contributed to her physique in the photo.

  • Jamal

    Side topic. I’m about to buy a sledge and tire in order to further harm myself and wonder if its the kind of thing we’d want to keep at the current, or new, Black Box? I have a backyard so am fine either way.

  • Hari

    Jay H, writes,
    “Still a good photo though.”
    After tens of thousands of hours of brutal training, Annie, Nicole, Eva, et al don’t look “good” based on that standard, and never will.

  • marisela

    i feel like shit

  • Dan L.

    ~30 minutes
    1km rows subbed instead of runs.
    I don’t recommend this sub, it causes a double impact on the back. I just didn’t have access to treadmills because of the thursday evening NYU crowd.

  • jay h

    I love the sledge and tire. You can get tires at auto-work shops and junk yards for free! Call first to make sure. They will probably try to get you to take more than you need.

  • Well, it looks like we are all going to hell…

  • sam

    Did this at home tonight as couldn’t make it to the box.
    Improvised my own GHD with sofa and bed and used it for the back exts and sit ups. Got almost as full ROM as with the real GHD.
    ran around the block for 800’s (plus two flights of stairs)
    pretty happy

  • alex

    Guys, can you be a bit more careful of the pictures you put on the main page, I think this one got the site restricted at my office.

  • 25:03

  • “meow”? et tu, juan?
    well, i guess that comes with the territory, since i was catwoman for superfran…
    seriously, though, must we rely on the tired cliche of “catfight” when it’s a female-only situation? please, let’s grow up and expand our brains beyond such patriarchal bullshit. thankyouverymuch and goodnight.

  • p.s.: props to Keith for posting the link to “Lies at the Gym”. that website, stumptuous.com, is THE BEST website regarding women and weightlifting and i recommend it to anyone and everyone, and have for many years. please peruse it more thoroughly at your leisure, whether male or female, and please pass it along to any and all women you know who just want to get “toned” and are afraid of “bulking up.” it will most definitely set them straight.

  • heyooooo!!!
    last time i tried expanding my brain, i broke the paper towel dispenser at the box.
    i still luv ya Gaius Julius Allison, my liege!!!!
    these canadians rock!
    so do ann and megan, from the portland cert

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