“Hostile Workout Environment”–The T-Shirt!

They’re here! Women’s tank tops in medium and large, men’s t-shirt shirts in S, M, L, and XL. Get some!
Accessorize your t-shirt with an 88 pounder.
Pullups come much easier when you’re wearing one of these:
There’s a reason why the shirt says “Hostile Workout Environment”…
And since turnabout is fair play…equal-opportunity harassment:


  • forgot to mention: $20, cash only

  • sarena

    Please put away a Med tank top for me. I am not sure if I will be in before I leave on Sat. If not, pls hold it for me for 2 weeks. Thanks

  • michelle

    hey did anyone who took pix from Monday night post them on a flikr account? i wanted to show some of my friends the lunacy and see if perhaps THAT might convince them to come and check out the box. or at least meet Greg.
    nice pix allison! save me a tank in M. will be there Fri.

  • alex

    Another late night at work, please save 1 large tank and 1 small t shirt for me please.
    thank you

  • Justin

    Well, Ill be in tomorrow to get one for this weekend… And I guess to do the WOD as well.

  • jay h

    Someone was talking about health care the other day. This is an interesting article, a snippet:
    Huber notes that medicine is increasingly making two things crystal clear to anyone who cares to notice: First, that for the most expensive chronic diseases, personal habits (diet and exercise or the lack thereof) are the real killers, and second, that rapid advances in molecular medicine are untangling our individual risks for everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s. In either case, for what Huber calls genes or “gluts”, government cannot pay for, or legislate, individual outcomes.
    This great etiological shift-from the medicine of us versus germs to the medicine of us versus us-upends everything. Disease and its cures now depend on factors too fragmented for conventional insurance pools to contain, too costly for public treasuries to underwrite, and too divisive for public authorities even to discuss, much less manage. The era of big government is over in medicine, too. Within a decade or two, a charismatic president will deliver on the promise to end health care as we know it. What then? Science will discover, competition will supply, patients will choose, and freedom will deliver better medicine and far better health, at lower cost, to many more people.
    Link: (SFW)

  • Adam

    That Nigerian was asking about coming to the class again. Would it be alright if I brought him to the elements class tomorrow? I know from previous conversations that you would prefer Wednesdays or Saturdays but Wednesdays are out because we have night lab and I don’t think Saturday is too doable because he lives out in Queens.
    On a side note, it’s always humbling when you think you do decent job on a WOD and then go to the main site board. 516 tabata something else? Damn I’ve got a ways to go.

  • Jack Bauer

    Oh Fran made me a celebrity in Crossfit? Bring them on down Michele! Please save me a medium in men’s and one women…it’s for Fran! 🙂
    I totally feel you on that one, Adam. It’s like the moment you feel like you’ve gained some type of props in your workout, you read someone else’s and think you ain’t shit!
    But remember that having a nice score is one thing; doing the exercises with ROM is another. Do it right enough times and the scores will come.