Wild On Wednesday!

Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max.
Tabata I, Nishimura K, Kouzaki M, Hirai Y, Ogita F, Miyachi M, Yamamoto K.
Department of Physiology and Biomechanics, National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
This study consists of two training experiments using a mechanically braked cycle ergometer. First, the effect of 6 wk of moderate-intensity endurance training (intensity: 70% of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), 60 min.d-1, 5 d.wk-1) on the anaerobic capacity (the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit) and VO2max was evaluated. After the training, the anaerobic capacity did not increase significantly (P > 0.10), while VO2max increased from 53 +/- 5 ml.kg-1 min-1 to 58 +/- 3 ml.kg-1.min-1 (P < 0.01) (mean +/- SD). Second, to quantify the effect of high-intensity intermittent training on energy release, seven subjects performed an intermittent training exercise 5 d.wk-1 for 6 wk. The exhaustive intermittent training consisted of seven to eight sets of 20-s exercise at an intensity of about 170% of VO2max with a 10-s rest between each bout. After the training period, VO2max increased by 7 ml.kg-1.min-1, while the anaerobic capacity increased by 28%. In conclusion, this study showed that moderate-intensity aerobic training that improves the maximal aerobic power does not change anaerobic capacity and that adequate high-intensity intermittent training may improve both anaerobic and aerobic energy supplying systems significantly, probably through imposing intensive stimuli on both systems. PMID: 8897392 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MetalMan.jpg
Wednesday 071024
“Tabata Something Else”
Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.
Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments.
Compare to 070821.


  • Robzilla

    In laymans term: BRING THE PAIN!

  • juan gonzalez

    i like this one.

  • Jamal

    What would the sub be for the pull and push-ups? My wee arms would give out pretty early, I think, robbing me of the fullness, inherent in this joyous WOD.

  • michelle

    i am sorry that picture is just killing me. i cant pull this site up at work anymore between yesterday’s crotch shot and now this. will every day up utill halloween feature another super hero culminating with Fran? one can only hope.

  • sam

    In simple terms, isn’t this 4 normal tabatas stacked back to back?
    tabata Pull ups
    tabata push ups
    tabata sit ups
    tabata squats
    and the thing is… no rest!!!???
    This is just stupid.
    That said, see you tonight guys!!!

  • If you have any pullups and pushups, there is no sub. You can do 1 per round if that’s all you can get. if you cannot do 1 pullup, then you can use a jumpband. If you cannot do 1 pushup, then you can do them from your knees.

  • NB – Scoring is total GOOD reps completed. As always form is critical. Do not try to pass of half reps as full reps as they are NOT interchangeable. You can only score GOOD, FULL and TECHNICALLY CORRECT reps. All of you at this point in the game, should know what is expected of you in terms of form on these basic exercises. An inability to perform these basic exercises correctly (with or without assistance) is unacceptable.
    If you do not have the fortitude to do things properly, then you belong at a Globo Gym. CrossFit is an elite fitness program, not a “just do the bare minimum and scrape by” program. We demand more of our athletes because that is what makes them better. Your bad form is a manifestation of your poor attention to detail and lazy attitude. That is why I always say “Ugly reps are for ugly people!”
    I am going to start compiling some video footage of some of our supposed “star performers” and seeing if their form really passes critical scrutiny.

  • Coach P

    TD, good idea. Vid does not lie…

  • juan gonzalez
  • Brett_nyc

    pulls: 10,10,4,8,4,5,3,6 =50
    pushes: 10,10,10,10,8,6,5,5 =64
    sit: 12,12,12,12,12,12,9,8 =89
    squats: 15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15 =120
    Total 323
    Pullups and pushups had nothing after Lynne yesterday…
    last time was 346, with 55,77,87,121

  • Jack Bauer

    Jack’s back now that the dress is off! Michelle-I feel the same way, opening this website at work now is like Russian Roulette!
    Yesterday’s workout killed my arms but it was a good chance for me to work on my overhand kips which I can now finally do! Not as many reps as I’d like but performance is a work in progress.
    5 rounds dips/PU: 10/10. 4/12, 7/11, 7/11, 5/7. Finished it off with 4 sets of front squats 135#. Adam you are negative-positive peer pressure!

  • can’t comment on yesterday’s post for some reason.
    Five rounds for max reps of:
    Ring Dips or Push-ups
    19/10, 14/5, 11/6, 10/7, 10/10
    10 rds of plyo-box hops in between WOD rounds

  • Adam

    Video taping our form is a GREAT idea! I know it will keep me from getting sloppy on a few exercises, e.g. wall-balls and burpees.

  • Moon

    Shall I bring back the webcam I loaned the box to be used for this purpose? I can’t leave my main digicam, I’m afraid.

  • Tabata Something Else
    Pull 56
    Push 61
    Sit 70
    Squat 128
    TTL 315

  • yeah, Dammit, that should be fun. plus David Osorio of CrossFit South Brooklyn’s competing:
    I don’t know if Yoon’s competing, though.

  • Ooooh! I’ve been meaning to get up there to check out the facility. I’m definitely up for going. Anybody feel like going up there after the WOD class at 11 am?

  • Kevin

    Tabata Something Else
    Pull 71
    Push 62
    Situp 62
    Squat 118
    Total 313
    Nice job today guys.
    Definitely on top of my form today with Big Brother watching and taping everything with the vidcam.
    Heads up people in the evening class!!
    Pulls and pushes were way down after yesterdays Lynnette WOD and 5 rounds of Muscleups and 2x 16kg overhead KB lunge WOD on Monday.(time for this was 15:15 as rx’d). Situps were ehh. Squats I was pleased with because my form was the best its been and my numbers actually went up 19 points from last time. Good thing for my legs that the last 2 days have been predominantly upper body.;)

  • Adam

    just finished this one up since I can’t come to the box tonight, night lab again
    Pull-ups: 17, 12, 12, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7 = 78
    Push-ups: 18, 10, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7= 71
    Sit-ups : 12, 13, 12, 12, 11, 11, 10, 10 = 91
    Squats: 14, 12, 12, 12, 12, 11, 11, 10 = 94
    Total: 334
    I finally got to sleep more than 5 hours a night and look what happens! I suppose I wasn’t losing my ability as fast as I thought, it must’ve been sleep deprivation I’m in a GREAT mood now. See you guys Thursday, I’m off to study some more.

  • Jack Bauer

    I’ve been at LBH-it’s right in my backyard of Queens. The coaches are pretty badass and there is the one guy that that would give Adam a run for his money! He was vicious.
    Kevin, great work bro. Yeah with Big Brother watching (or when isn’t he?) the intensity level is probably going to go up in the Box. I suspect Pukie will be a frequent visitor.

  • always wanted to check LBH out, im in. Lets hit it after the WOD.

  • BTW – I was genuinely impressed with the lunch class today. After my long speech on proper form and a thorough breakdown of the movements, today’s class performed exceptionally well. The usual offenders were on best behavior today and there were few violations of form. Some claimed it was my lecture others said it was the camera’s watchful eye, but everyone really tried to keep the form perfect and for that I am thankful and appreciative.

  • 15, 24, 64, 119 = 222
    as Rx’d (i.e., real pullups, real pushups). damn those pullups were hard, especially after yesterday’s “Lynne-ette” WOD. and the pushups felt funky in my right arm from that lingering rotator cuff crap i have going on.
    yesterday’s WOD, “Lynne-ette”:
    (assisted dips, 2 feet on the box; pullups)
    6,6 / 8,10 / 7,7 / 7,7 / 6,6 = 34,36 TOTAL
    kipped the 2nd set and baby-kipped sets 3-5 with a chin-up grip (seems safer for my arms, but unfortunately not as much power or speed as full-on kipping, obviously). trying to work the kips back in gradually so my arms can handle them.

  • marisela

    the camera is why i didn’t show today.
    no, it’s not
    i am full blown sick today. left the box yesterday and didn’t leave my bed again until today at 4 when i had to start getting ready for work. lots of mucas and sneezing. guess i should have eaten those apples. i hate being sick.

  • Yoon

    Still rehabbing wrist, so no lifting for me. I’ll be loading the competition barbell during the women’s session I think.

  • Hari

    (7×6,5),(6×10,8,8),(7×10,14),(6×15,16,17) = (47,76,84,123) = 330

  • sam

    298 as rxd
    pull ups 33
    push ups 45
    sit ups 91
    squats 129

  • pullups 6-6-6-6-6-5-4-3
    pushups 11-11-11-11-6-5-4-5
    situps 11-10-11-10-8-8-9-9
    squats 19-12-14-11-11-12-13-11

  • way to keep it real Allison…
    good job