Super Friends

When I was growing up, my favorite show was The Super Friends. It is hard to find a show that bad on tv nowadays, but back then that was good tv. I do not know what about the bad plotlines that focused on the often far fetched schemes of various mad scientists and aliens drew me in and kept me riveted. All I know is that after being in the presence of real superheroes, the kind from tv cartoons do not compare.
We are modifying today’s workout since bench pressing does not fly in our space.
Tuesday 071023
Five rounds for max reps of:
Ring Dips or Push-ups
Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.


  • Hari

    Since Lynne isn’t for time, might it be possible to set up one bench, like we do during Linda? Each max rep BP set should only take about one minute, so there probably wouldn’t be that much of a jam up, especially if we staggered the starts a bit.

  • Kevin

    According to HQ there is a rest period between rounds . Are we doing that or just going for max reps for time w/out rest. We could stagger the starts as long as we stick to some kind of designated rest period.

  • One bench for X people is a bad proposition. If some of you want to run the bench press, then I’d be fine with it. On the condition that it is only for those that can/must do this WOD as Rx’d.
    However, for those that do not have a bodyweight bench press for reps, I recommend working pushups/ringpushups/ringdips. I find it just as important to work max reps on these exercises.
    I do not want to see someone that doesn’t know whether they can do 10 reps at bodyweight on the benchpress wasting time trying to figure it out today. And I do not want to see someone that only does one rep and then rests for pullups. Seems like a waste.

  • sarena

    SuperFran was awesome to watch last night. Kudos to all who participated. When my husband was convertiing the tapem, he asked who is the black guy with the pink wig. I said why thats Fran adn he said Fred? I said no Fran. It went back and forth until I finally said–You just dont get it after trying to explain the WOD and such.
    Made for quite a few laughs on my part!!

  • Brett_nyc

    Last night was awesome. Can’t wait to see it cut together.

  • A Man called Fran

    Sarena-that’s pretty damn funny. I don’t blame your husband for his confusion. I’m confused myself!
    Dinner was fun last night-Thanks Keith for taking us to your hood in Little Korea and putting me on to the delicacies of your motherland!
    Ok now to Superfran… That shit was hilarious!
    Brett was an Oompa Loompa on steriods. Did Fran as rx’d and got sub-five and still had time to adjust his green fro! Proof that chocolate is good for you!
    Ewen was a French poodle, Dan was Rock n’ Roll Man and wore skin tight zebra pants…skin tight.
    Dammit had Underroos and Lightning ears, looking like a washed up Superfriend!
    No one but Jacked-cinto could have pulled off the Spartan outfit with those arms but him. You put Leonidas to shame Father Time!
    Funny-hearing the sound of Moon’s helmet hit the pullup bar each time he kipped! LMAO
    The Ladies showed that all the time they spend working out is time WELL SPENT! We need a Crossfit Girls calendar! Lord Have Mercy!
    Highlight-when Robzilla aka “The Punisher” took of his trenchcoat and showed off the guns. The ladies went wild. You lady-killer you!
    All the while, Keith is walking around with a video camera and a Corona looking like the producer from the Girls Gone Wild dvds. Way to go Coach.
    And due to my Fran costume being a big hit (not to mention damaging to any political aspirations I’ll ever have), it seems Jack Bauer is now laid to rest.

  • HELP!
    I’m just a caveman. I was found frozen in an iceberg and your scientists thawed me out. Then I went to law school and a CrossFit cert and now I am Unfrozen Caveman Trainer. I do not understand your internets or the voices speaking to me from my cellular phone. I’m just a caveman.
    It amazes me that I am able to post up on this blog every day. Thanks to some blogging lessons from Allison, I think I have a handle on this now.
    Now I have a new project that I need help with. If one of you out there knows your way around Illustrator or Photoshop or some similar program (that’s free!), I need a few tutorials on graphic design. I have a Mac iBook and would love some help figuring out what program to get and how to use it to do a few small projects. Send me an email directly if you can help. Thanks.

  • Brett_nyc

    did Lynne at the big box, lots of loafing around on the bench and siping at the water fountain everything!
    bwt 197 lbs, bench at 195 lbs
    28-77 Total, huge improvement over last time.

  • Brett_nyc

    did Lynne at the big box, lots of loafing around on the bench and siping at the water fountain everything!
    bwt 197 lbs, bench at 195 lbs
    28-77 Total, huge improvement over last time.
    Kieth, I can help you out with PS and illustrator. I do product design for a living. I’ll send you a proper email.

  • last night was the most fun i have ever had in a gym ever, and trust me, that is saying a lot.
    can’t wait for the video to come out.
    unfortunately, i am ill now. knew i was feeling a little icky after the first workout yesterday, but that bitch fran kicked my butt and i woke with swollen glands and a massive headache. good thing i can justify not working out today because i did two workouts yesterday.
    i vow never to miss any extra curricular crossfit activities ever. it was so much fun!

  • juan g.

    man am i bummed i missed this.

  • Gene

    On the subject of integrating elements of H2H into the WODs. Gonna have to knock “Lynne-ette” out after class tonight.

  • michelle

    um Marisela-I woke up with swollen glands too. Did you drink my water during the workout??? 🙂

  • Moon

    Dammit – we’re just waiting for the signal…;)
    Really, I hear that from time to time. There’s supposed to be a full FBI file/workup on the SCA, but the conclusion is “pretty much harmless.” When you think about it, portly sysadmins, project managers and such carrying swords isn’t really threatening.

  • Moon

    To the after-party crew – did anyone manage to drop a coin in Chips’ cup? Just seeing her made me think we could have a potential East Coast Annie. My guess is it’s likely going to take someone like her – light, lean and not very tall – to hit upper 20’s in tabata squats.
    CrossFit: Changes how you look. Changes how you look at other people.

  • marisela

    chips will come around eventually. you have to ease people in sometimes.
    i don’t think i drank out of anyone’s water but my own, michelle, but my boss (holistic life coach) says its the shift in the weather. along with the crazy city we live in, the immune sustem starts to create more mucas and attaches to more of the stuff in the air.
    he told me to eat 2 apples a day
    that’s it. the vitamins in the apples should help your system fight off the potential infection.
    i feel better than i did this morning, but just a bit run down.

  • michelle

    mariselea- is this the same life coach that sells the oil i was wearing last night? funny-i ate an apple today and i never eat apples. thx for the tip. i feel like crap. what is ur direct email address-

  • P$

    I’m a little behind here. is there a reason i can’t post to the message board from two days ago-Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
    21, 15, and 9 rep rounds for time of:
    95 pound Squat clean
    L Pull-ups
    95 pound Thruster
    Handstand Push-ups
    As rx’d with the exception of HSPU were piked on ab roman chair after first 10 on first set. continue to struggle wiht L pull ups.
    i had to break the sets of 7’s, 5’s and 3’s to complete
    Time 36:44
    this was a tough workout

  • Kevin

    Looks like fun was had by all. I saw some footage today at the box. Looked hilarious. You guys all looked amazing in your costumes. Wish I was there.
    Anyway todays WOD. Didnt feel like dealing with benching at the box, so we subbed either ring dips or elevated pushups or regular pushups. I went with the ring dips.
    Five rounds with 3 minutes rest btwn rnds.
    Ring Dips total 63 reps
    Pullups total 94 reps.

  • P$, the reason you couldn’t post a comment on a couple-days-old post is that we’re now shutting down posts to comments after a day or two to avoid massive amounts of comment spam. Sorry for the inconvenience, but just go ahead as you did and post your comment in the current day’s blog post.

  • Hari

    As RX’d:
    (2,21), (2,20), (1,19), (1,15), (1,11) = (7,86)
    I can see there are going to be issues if and when I try to do Linda as RX’d.

  • Just wanted to second Marisela’s comment that shooting SuperFran is the most fun *I’ve* ever had in a gym, either, and considering how much joy and happiness our little Box brings me on a daily basis, that is most definitely saying a lot.
    Thanks to everyone who participated and/or helped document the evening. I can’t wait to see the official edited video.
    P.S.: Greg/”Jack”/”Fran”: thanks for the props to me and my girls. You didn’t look so bad yourself in that dress–nice gams! 😛

  • jay h

    Hey single people…
    There is a New York Road Runners race this sunday, which usually have a lot of runners. Maybe something like 1,000 – 4,000… who knows, but if you divide that by 2, that’ll be a good ball park figure for number of the opposite sex. So there could be anywhere between 500 – 2,000 (maybe more) -athletic- women at this thing.
    If you are a NYRR member its $20 and you get a T-SHIRT! Woo Hoo.
    here’s the link:
    oh and its only 5 miles

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