Training, especially in CrossFit, can be fun if you allow yourself to occasionally try new and different things. We do lots of the same movements over and over again, but those movements build a foundation that allows us to try new movements with greater confidence. With that in mind, I wanted to throw some moves into the mix that we haven’t done in a while or perhaps at all. This mornings class did 3 rounds of 3 minutes each: Steering Wheel Twists, Barbell Punches and Farmer’s Walks. I will leave it up to Allison and Mike to decide what to throw at you guys for lunch and evening class. I hope they come up with something different and creative.
For Inspiration:

Want strong bones? Get off your bike!
Forty isn’t too old.
This is what determination looks like:


  • Jack Bauer

    This dude pulled Optimus Prime! He makes a 95# thruster look like a warm up! Gottdamn!

  • Paul S

    Fran: 8/27/2007: 5:51
    Fran: 10/18/2007: 4:26
    Thanks for the props Kevin. And thanks for pushing me Brett.

  • Ewen

    Fun workout this morning, thanks Keith!
    Except that on top of sucking at push-ups, push-presses, push-jerks, HSPU, dips, shoulder presses, thrusters, and bench press, I now know that I suck at barbell punches.
    Sorry, I meant to say “I need to get better at…”. :-/
    Sweet, sweet rest tomorrow.

  • sam

    Hey Guys,
    I appear to have picked up some sort of shoulder injury. If I raise my left arm while keeping it palm down and straight, at about 80-85% I get a painful twinge deep inside my shoulder.
    Similarly, if I have my arm straight out to my side and then rotate to come in front of me, I get the same painful twinge.
    I think it might be some sort of impingement issue or a rotator cuff tear..

  • Jack Bauer

    Paul S aka Prince Charming-you got fairy tale times at Fran! You got the strength of seven dwarves! LOL My hero!
    Miss you guys at the Box. Work and auditioning has kept me away for about a week. But I do have an appearance on Law and Order: SVU at the end of the month. I’ll let you guys know. Trying to be the next big celebrity to put Crossfit on the map!
    I’m going to be sucking gas after taking so long off! Stay tuned for upcoming pics of my face in the bucket!

  • Kevin

    Ah the great “Kaz”. One of the greatest WSM and strength athletes of all time. What a freak. awesome.

  • Kevin

    Congrats on the L& O SVU gig. Thats my favorite one. of three. Look forward to working on that one soon.

  • Jack Bauer

    Thanks for the love Kev.
    Kevin & Brett are you doing your first 21 reps of Fran unbroken? I am mentally prepping a strategy. I did it 7-7-7. I’d like to aim for a 7-6 minute time until I can get to your monster times.

  • brett_nyc

    yep 21’s unbroken.

  • Kevin

    Jack, the 21’s were unbroken,
    2nd rd thrusters went 9,6 pullups were 10,5
    3rd rd thrusters were 5,4 and pullups were 5,3,1
    I have to get those last 2 rounds unbroken. For me the big factor was lactic acid in the shoulders and not using more hip drive as the shoulders fatigued, and my grip failing me towards the end.
    Position your barbell as close as possible to the pullup bar. The transition between exercises will eat away at your time especially as fatigue sets in. Its interesting how many people perform a sub 3 fran yet you see noticeable disparites in time even though they all do the exercises unbroken. The key is exercise tempo and transition time between exercises. Thats the difference between a 2:19 Fran(AFT) and some other guy doing it in 3:08 even though they both do it unbroken.

  • brett_nyc

    racking the bar takes off a bunch of time too. Having to clean the bar from the floor sucks when you can’t breathe.

  • Gene

    Got to start hitting the morning class. Virtually impossible for me to make the 6PM weekday classes with work and Graduate courses at night.

  • Gene

    Gotta love the 30MM rounds and the dog lasing the targets…..

  • Kevin

    Cleaning the bar does suck Brett. For me cleaning the bar works faster for getting right into your first rep very quickly. Addressing the bar, clean it and drop into the bottom of the squat in one seamless motion is faster for me then walking to the rack lining up your hands, unracking the bar taking a step or two back then starting your rep. In the time it takes to unrack and position yourself for your first rep you could do one or maybe 2 reps in the clean style if your fast. I agree that the rack is slightly less taxing but at that point it doesnt really matter.;)

  • sam

    By the way, I will still be coming in tonight. The shoulder hurts yes, but not so much i’ll be missing my daily dose of come get some!!

  • Jack Bauer

    Comrades thanks for the feedback. Probably going to try doing a heavy Fran on my own to ensure I get the form-yeah I’m a little off too it seems. LOL
    Kevin you’re right-driving the hips (kind like a push press) at the top of the movement does help the bar go up faster. I get in trouble because I catch the bar high instead of on the way down. Need to work on making that transition smoother.
    Brett- I agree. Racking seems less taxing.

  • marisela

    owch…can’t type..arms, hands, fingers won’t move.
    class was…
    24k kb
    55# punches
    60# twists

  • michelle

    Sam-ask Keith-I had the same thing with my right shoulder last week-could not do push presses , thrusters and was trying to learn kipping and had to stop. I rested it and this week I was able to do the thrusters and it did not hurt once Keith adjusted my form to take some pressure off the shoulder.

  • Moon

    Anyone catch the latest Improv Everywhere prank? They got 111 guys to show up at Abercrombie and Fitch – a place that seems to adore the shirtless male – and take off their shirts while continuing to browse.
    Somehow…somewhere, there’s a fundraising idea in this mindspace that we could use based on unusual public displays around the city. I wonder if we could rig up a station for something like “Pullups for Pennies” either in a sponsored mode (ala breast cancer walks) or a streetside pass-the-hat type event. Some people would indeed give pennies, but some would probably go over and give dollars.

  • Justin

    For me, and I know it may sound a little crazy, the best place to rest the bar during the thrusters is to keep the bar overhead. That way I can just drop down and start again, and it really doesnt feel that bad up there. Plus, it keeps me from bending over to “catch air” which is counter productive and slows me down even more. I really try to do unbroken as much as I can. No problem on the 1st and 3rd sets, but damn if it isnt the middle set that is the kicker. Of course now if I could just keep from breaking my 2nd and 3rd sets of pull-ups to sets of 3, I would be getting somewhere.

  • Jack Bauer

    Moon that was hilarious! I need to get in contact with these guys and join up! LOL

  • dan def

    Be it known that due to his excessive use, misuse and abuse of “LOL”, one “Jack Bauer” is henceforth BANNED from using “LOL” on any CrossfitNYC blog post.

  • http://www.crossfitsouthbrooklyn.com David Osorio

    Call me when the black box has a WOD including bending metal bars around your head and neck.
    Nice video.
    You guys look so busy! Keep up the great work, everyone!
    Keith, Where did you get your dynamx med balls? the website has been sold out of them for some time now.

  • http://www.crossfitnyc.com Keith W.

    I think we got them from Dynamax. However, I remember Jon at againfaster.com said he had a bunch.

  • Jack Bauer

    Welcome back from the cert Dan Def! Nic representing with the Box T-shirt!
    I will now use a plethora of other Text acronyms at my disposal!

  • Kevin

    Keith , cant wait to start doing some log presses and refrigerator carries for time.
    Bring it on!!

  • marisela

    i think this guy is, quite possibly the ugliest man on earth, too.

  • http://runningdownadream-avery.blogspot.com/ Avery

    Keith, would you recommend the kettlebells from againfaster.com or is there a better place to order them from?

  • Dan L.

    Blood tests came back negative for mono. Thank god. I’ll be back at the end of the month once I’m fully recovered from god knows what attacked my system.

  • alex

    Moon, I was at the best buy when they did their thing there. I joined the group very next day. But I am way too chicken to go along with them.

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