Hail Mary

What’s more fun than CrossFit? CrossFit with guns!
TJ Cooper of CrossFit East.
The “arms” race
Ask Your Doctor If Getting Off Your Ass Is Right For You” by Lou Schuler
Running Efficiency
Saturday 071013
Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats
15 Pull-ups
Post round completed to comments.


  • Eva T. is the best! Here’s proof: http://www.crossfitsantacruz.com/

  • Hari

    If the Elias Sports Bureau covered CrossFit, surely it would be busy researching the following conjecture: The current three-day sequence of Linda, Murph, Mary sets the all-time record for most work (= force * distance) ever prescribed. Given that all three of these WOD’s are for time, they should also hold the record for the most power (= force * distance / time) ever required.

  • michelle

    5 1/3 rounds-used light band for pullups and pole for squats . great job guys. oh and Josh- glad to see you back but the jailhouse burpees really sucked!

  • Hari

    5 Rounds. Pistols were ugly, needed one hand for balance, significantly less than full ROM.
    Paid the price for always choosing Cindy over Mary.

  • marisela

    so, i just realized that i did murph wrong. instead of 100 pullups(body rows), 200 pushups, i did the reverse. 100 pushups, 200 body rows. i don’t know what kind of difference that would make in my time, but i did it all wrong. my time did improve by 18 minutes, though.
    full pushups for the first 18 rounds. which means 80 pushups and 20 knee push ups. 200 body rows and 300 squats. wow. i hurt today.

  • sam

    The less said about todays workout the better, way too much male underwear.
    An update on the callous situation: I have a bath with salt water, endured the pain for a while and then cut most it off with some ludicrously oversized scissors.
    If Keith sets pull ups for tomorrow i’m going to cry.

  • Dan L.

    The rower’s trick for callouses is to use of a small pin-needle, which you poke into the callous to drain the fluid. Afterward they will harden into the leather hands I’m sure you look forward to earning.

  • michelle

    Sam-I have some really good stuff to put on it that helps it heal that surgeons use for burns. I will bring some in for you. You use it at night. They helped mine and now I just have the nasty ass calouses that I am proud to show off to all my friends who use pink barbells and go to physique 57 and think they are working out.

  • Paul S

    Did my first Murph yesterday at an old track in my home town (partitioned the pulls, pushes and squats though).
    40 minutes flat.
    The only problem was the large and rounded goal posts I did my pull ups on. I had to adjust my hands each rep b/c they kept slipping off.
    1 mile: 5:55
    20 reps of Cindy: 27:05
    1 mile: 7:00

  • Ewen

    6 rounds + HSPU + pistols. Maybe I could have done 15 pull ups in the 4 seconds remaining – or maybe not.
    Not much of a range of motion to speak of for the HSPUs (2 Abmats under my head).
    Sam: if there aren’t any pics, it didn’t happen. Just put it in a corner of your mind and block it all out until the pain is too much to bear and you go on a shooting frenzy. That’s my plan.

  • Gene

    LOL. I agree Sam. I’m definitely not wearing those sweat pants to do HSPUs again. I’m already feeling those one-legged pistols.

  • sarena

    Sam–no pullups in Oly class w/ Keith today! We did Med Ball CK, TGUs w/ BBs (a ttly diff animal), and snatches and sotz presses.
    Always fun and a different experience w/ Keith!

  • Boys in their underwear? I knew I should’ve stuck around for yesterday’s class…

  • david

    Howdy Hari (and Keith, feel free to delete this once read). As expected, the topic of Greg’s weight cannot be broached. I’d be happy to respond in detail, but cannot until I have access to a new ISP (easy enough, so look for answers in the near future). Meanwhile, ask yourself why this is such a forbidden topic. Feel free to offer my apologies on the main board for not replying to questions. It’s difficult to answer when the state shuts down the free press. Of course, it’s always because the press was abusing its privilege, right.

  • JUAN G.

    nothing can be more fun than crossfit and guns.
    can we please go shooting.
    I just got my fix this weekend…
    probably post some pics later.
    and yeah whats with all public display of male underwear. i wanna work out with Eva T.

  • Hari

    The First Amendment analogy is pretty weak. It is congress (and by extension state and local governments) that cannot abridge free speech. Private organizations are free to do as the please.
    The tone of your posts was clearly meant to be insulting. The quote on future dictators being named Coach was obviously intended to be mocking. If CrossFit is exercising dictitorial type control over you, it’s probably time for you to look at alternative endeavors
    It is not at all clear to me that anyone who did not have to would entertain your sort of endless attacks. You’ve stated that you’re waiting to see the Glassman’s involved in a scandal. Surely, you can see that this makes you less than a welcome member of the CrossFit community.
    It turns out that private organizations really can shun people for being obnoxious, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happened to you.

  • Nick P

    Juan, nothing in the world seems more dangerous to me than Crossfit and guns. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t hit the side of a city after a Crossfit workout:) NOTE that the shooter has no magazine and the selector on fire. oops

  • Yoon

    Noon class:
    30 medicine ball C&Js @ 20lbs. Turkish getups with the bar, 3 each side…yikes! Very humbling!
    Squat Snatches: 7 singles.
    Worked up to 165lbs (bdwt’s down to 158 — day job has been rather stressful as of late). Had more in the tank, but saving up for max attempts next week.
    Some low bar back squats up to 185lbs x 5 — still trying to get a feel for the low bar position.
    Thanks Keith.

  • sam

    Big thanks to Mike for the squat workout today. My legs will be burning come tomorrow but my form is so much better now and I look forward to that 24Kg TGU!

  • Sweexytypevek