Turkish Get Up Friday! 070928
Spend a total of 5 minutes in a Handstand in as few attempts as possible in as short a time as possible.
Rest 5 minutes
Complete as many Turkish Get Ups as you can in 20 minutes.
Men should use 24kg, Women should use 16kg.
Post total handstands and time to completion. Post load and number of TGU right arm and left arm.
NOTICE: The Olympic Lifting Class will be canceled this Sunday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Women Lifting Heavy Video…Impressive!
Sixty eight and friggin’ jacked!!!
That’s how we roll.
Who’s yo’ daddy?
Elements workshop. This is Mike.
This is Elijah.
The lunchtime crew
Coming to get you!
Loving life.


  • Ewen

    May I suggest that people bring their own stopwatch?

  • Denise

    These are two of my favorite things! I can’t wait!!

  • Yeah, bringing your own stopwatch is a good idea. Otherwise, I might have people start on the top of every minute.

  • Denise

    Won’t we need 2 stop watches each?

  • Denise


  • jaybombs

    Dammit, where do you bar tend? I say we get a CFnyc rendezvous sometime soon.

  • jaybombs

    Dammit, where do you bar tend? I say we get a CFnyc rendezvous sometime soon.
    Can I get a hell yeah??

  • mike from houston

    Its 6:30am and I’m hungover as shit… that Baconator looks so good. Looking forward to working on Turkish get ups?!?!

  • marisela

    all of you are insane!!
    crazy i tell ya!!

  • marisela

    what are we selling here???
    hot older men?
    post work-out drinking?
    pregnant out of wedlock?
    (though i am technically still married to the baconator)
    so much debauchery at the black box
    the horror! THE HORROR!

  • dan def

    I am officially disappointed there is no Black Box Member interview on the main page today.
    Interesting pictures.
    Jacinto– seriously— get together a video of you doing a WOD (shirtless of course) and send it into HQ. I guarantee it will be posted.

  • dan def

    Marisela, you’re old enough to know better that no matter how much you swallow, you can’t get pregnant.

  • marisela

    tell that to jr. bacon cheesburger!

  • LMAO ROTF!!! You win a beer, Dan Def!

  • Ewen

    Jacked-cinto, you put all us kids to shame!
    Took me 15 minutes to do 5 minutes of HS this morning. Then 19 (10 R, 9 L) TGUs in 20 min with 24 kg KB, not including a few failed attempts and KBs hurtling towards my forehead.
    Good work this morning Xuan.
    Through the magic of the Internet, Dan L. unwittingly threw down the gauntlet the other day. So after the WOD I rowed a 22:18 6K (1:51:5/500m pace). My split at the 5000m mark was 1:51.6/500m, which I thought was enough to beat Dan’s pace of 1:51.8 –except it turns out his pace over 5000m was actually 1:51.2. Doh! I also fell short of the CF North “Advanced” benchmark of 21:45 for 6K (just under 1:49/500m).
    In short: thanks Keith for sticking around after class and letting me cough up a lung for no good reason. :-/

  • Ewen, I was enjoying the cool breeze you were generating off of the rower. Quite pleasant. Excellent work today. We’ll get those shoulders open one of these days.

  • Moon

    Handstand duration competition? Oh that is IT! I’m calling you out, Sunny – aka my archnemesis in this event! Do not be intimidated by my PR of 2:00.
    Meanwhile, in other studios….

  • Jack Bauer

    LMAO Dan Def for Mayor! You’re the man! Wow.

  • Dan Def
    Regarding your comment yesterday about fat blocks and macadamia nuts.
    My calculation was based on somebody doing the athlete’s zone.
    Here’s another Zone lesson:
    An average medium sized male would eat 17 blocks per day. Three meals that are 5 blocks and two snacks that are 1 block each. Totaling 17 blocks in a day.
    A meal is 5 blocks of protein, 5 blocks of fat, 5 blocks of carbohydrate. A snack would be 1 block of each. This leads to what our grandmothers would call a balanced diet: meat and vegetables.
    A medium sized male that is very athletic (e.g. does crossfit and perhaps another sport) should use 3 to 5 times the fat blocks. Each 5 block meal consists of 5 blocks of protein, 5 blocks of carbohydrate and 25 blocks of fat. A snack would be 1 block of protein, 1 block of carbohydrate and 5 blocks of fat.
    Yes, that is a lot of fat. The majority of your calorie consumption will come from fat. Greg Amundson is a rather large male and probably eats around 20 blocks per day and 5x fat. That’s eating 4 blocks 5 times per day and having 20 blocks of fat per meal and snack. He devours almonds and avocados. Notice he is lean…like a frikkin’ comic book super hero. How is that possible?
    Fat is a good, slow-burning fuel source. Intense exercise combined with a diet rich in good proteins, good fats and low in carbohydrates will cause the body to turn into a fat burning furnace. Look at Nicole. Look at Amundson.

  • Ewen

    Forgot to add that it took me 12 attempts to get to 5 minutes.

  • Andrew

    Hi, an automated email response suggested I post this here: I’m out of town and want to send a check for the Elements special ending today (9/28) for classes this month. Does anyone remember the cost of the special, I think $200. Email response would be great. Thanks.

  • Jack Bauer

    Hey people this is the massage parlor I was talking about last night. My sister who is a yoga instructor recommended them
    Happy endings not included lol

  • dan def

    I guess it’s time for me to re-read Enter the Zone.
    I may not be getting enough fat per day.
    I’m getting confused with “meal” and “day.” My good fat block zone is about: 8 8 2 8 2 per meal totaling about 28 fat blocks per day. I say about because I’ve stopped counting peanuts and eyeball it. All fats are nuts or olive oil. Am I getting enought fat?

  • Dan Def
    It depends how many blocks you are on total. I think you’d be a medium size male and would consume 17 blocks per day. So if you ate 17 blocks of protein and carbs, you wouldn’t be at 2x fat. My guess is that `) you should evaluate your intake levels and 2) up your fat to 3x because you are really lean and athletic.

  • dan def

    That’s exactly where I am. I call myself a medium male following 5 5 1 5 1 for protein and carbs and 8 8 2 8 2 (ish) for fat, following a pretty strict zone. I think it may be time to re-evaluate my diet.
    Tyler, you’re suggesting a fat intake of 15 15 5 15 5?

  • That’s right. Try upping the fat for 2 weeks to 15, 15, 5, 15, 5 and see how you feel/perform.

  • dan def

    Thank you for the fat block zone advice Tyler. I’ll give it a shot.

  • everybody sucks but this guy:

  • Looks like Carrot Top is on the carrot JUICE!

  • Dan L.

    Nice split Ewen, looks like I’ve got some competition. Under 1:50 by November is the next goal.

  • Justin

    Thank you Adam for having us do the 32k kb for our TGUs… I didnt really need full use of my arms this weekend anyways.

  • Thanks Adam for your inappropriate jokes as my arms were wobbly as hell from the TGUs. Your hovering and trash-talking helped me to stay focused and not drop the 20kg on my nice glasses.
    I did 2 R/L with 24kg, 20 L/R with 20kg
    Who’s idea was this? You guys love taking it there on rest days. Damn…brother can’t catch a break. LOL

  • Allan E

    7.30 for the handstand
    5,4,3,2,1 each arm + another 5 each arm 16lb TGs (the choice was that, or 1x 20lb tg each side!)
    OK — fatty-ass talk… anyone know a good place to get cheap raw nuts in this town? No smutty replies if you pleaz (mind you, it is the weeknd…)

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