Due to the popularity of our Elements Workshops, we are bringing on additional coaches to assist with the workshops so that you can get more attention. Also we are raising the prices because we feel that we are giving away the farm. If you sign up for October Elements Workshop this week you can get the early bird discount price of $200. After September 28, the price will go up to $300. We will cap each workshop at 8 people so act fast and secure your spot.
Yes, you must attend an Elements Workshop before being admitted into the WOD classes. No, we will not make an exception for you.
Payment must be made in person by check or cash. And you must choose between T/Th 6pm or M/F 7pm.
October Elements begin on Monday, October 1 at 7pm.
Friday 070921
135 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps
Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed and post time and load to comments.

Compare to 070812
Elements Class had an amazing week playing with Fran and Fight Gone Bad.
“My Outsourced Life” by A.J. Jacobs.


  • sarena

    7:20 w 62#
    PJs need work!

  • Kevin

    Whats the protocol with Grace. Power cleans and push jerks like I keep seeing in the Crossfit exercise demos or full squat cleans and split jerks. The former will definitely take longer.

  • Brett_nyc

    5:50 @ 135lbs, with power cleans and push presses, not jerks, this felt heavy from the very first rep

  • Gene
  • Jack Bauer

    Thanks Gene for the video! Nicole is Sexy! That’s awesome work! Stuff like that shows you that that muscle and power aren’t gender specific as long as technique and dedication are involved.
    So Keith, what do you plan on outsourcing? Very interesting article.

  • dammit

    Grace is traditionally performed as a ground to overhead “anyhow.” If you have the strength, you’ll probably find that power cleans and push jerks afford you the most efficiency.
    Comment #16 – Posted by Tony B. at September 20, 2007 08:00 PM

  • dammit

    btw, i love the fact we follow the WODs on the national site, and i hope that never changes. according to coach glassman, we’re one of the only affiliates that does so.

  • Kurt

    I have been lurking on this site for about a month and half now, but I have some questions about the elements class for October.
    I have emailed questions to the contact email address and to the address listed in the schedule page, but have only received canned responses that don’t answer any of my questions, so I thought I might have better luck here.

    I came to your page from the Crossfit main page and I saw that you offer an Elements class. As I understand it, the new student enrolls in either A or B and then comes for four weeks on the designated days to the Elements classes, which last about an hour. The class costs 150 for the full month and after the month is over you take the Total test which allows entry to the WOD classes. [note: since I emailed this earlier in the week, the price appears to have increased significantly] Please correct any misconceptions I have have, but, based upon these assumptions I have a few questions:
    1. Can I switch between days? For instance, if I join the B class, but have to skip a thursday workout because my day job leaves me chained to the desk, can I show up to A’s class on Friday to do a make-up?
    2. What do the classes actually consist of? I am looking for instruction on olympic and power lifts, kipping pull ups and correction of form for all of the various exercises.
    3. Will we be doing scaled or full WOD’s during the class?
    4. If we don’t do the WOD during class, is it alright to stay after class and do it?
    5. When do I have to have the paypal payment in to start the Oct. class? As to this question, it seems that paypal is no longer accepted and I have to show up in person to make payment. If this is not the case, please give me a heads up.
    Thanks for the help, Crossfitters.

  • marisela

    kurt, maybe you should just get your ass to a wed or sat class and find out for yourself. you’ll find out soon enough that crossfitters do they don’t ask. hope to see you tomorrow morning.

  • dan def

    I second Dammit’s comment about following national wod. However, we do modify some WOD’s (Linda, for example) and always have rest day shenagians, so we have our fair share of unique flair.

  • sarena

    Kurt elements are geared to help everyone get up to speed. WODs are an honor in a sense once u understand and can perform technique.
    If u want exposure to specifics do private 1:1 w/ any of the trainers. But that doesnt guarantee entry into WOD classes.
    I think Mariselas point is perfect–come to a beginner class and check us out!
    Also elements are for ur benefit or would u want to jump right in and end up w rhabdo?

  • Jack Bauer

    Why do we call them rest day when they are, as Dan Def so eloquently put it “Shenanigans” happening? Let’s just drop the facade shall we?
    I propose we call rest days “Chef-Boy-R We Screwed Days”, or “Choose your own Adventure Days”. We get rest days when we don’t come in. LOL
    I agree with Dammit about the national WOD. Knowing that somewhere in Oregon or North Carolina someone is suffering alongside with me is endearing and fosters the camaraderie amongst the CF family.

  • Allison
  • Dan O

    HAHA! Do we need a lesson in customer service here? “Hey, I have a few questions.” “Shut up and get down here!” Like flies to honey… :)

  • alex

    I’m coming home!!! and I start my new job on monday!!! woo hoo.

  • Ayaz

    here’s some great relaxing friday afternoon music:
    I know I haven’t been in for a while. Been doing the Ramadan thing, no food, no water, no wods. But bought a 35lb kettlebell to do some light workouts at home. from kettlebellconcepts, and picked it up from the warehouse in NJ. (saved on shipping). I’m in NJ fairly regularly, so if anyone wants to arrange a pickup let me know.
    will see you guys sometime in Oct.

  • Kurt

    Sarena- Thanks for the info. I have been doing the WOD’s, scaled to Pack or better, for about 5 weeks now, but was interested in the Elements class as a method to correct any bad habits I have learned from doing them without anyone to check my form. From what you are saying, it sounds like the Elements class would be good, but 1 to 1 might be better. Thanks again.
    Marisela- I fail to see how going to a beginners class would tell me what happens during an entirely different class or whether that other class allows make ups. Doing something new without asking questions is a good way to get hurt. I am asking polite questions about a professional service beforehand so that I don’t waste more of other people’s time or my own. If that is not the proper behavior here, then I stand corrected and will try to drop by, take a beginners class and ask in person.
    Unfortunately, due to other exercise and personal commitments, I won’t be able to do that until after the October Elements class has begun, hence my desire to ask questions by email or message board so that I could decide in time to actually sign up for the October classes. I guess that means I will have to either put off learning technique till November or find another location that will train me, as dropping 200 or 300 dollars blindly seems stupid.

  • michelle

    perhaps Marisela was just defending whomever may have sent you the “canned” responses. I can tell u one thing-u wont get any “canned” coaching from anyone at the box. and there is no reason u should get hurt. its outstanding here!

  • sarena

    Kurt, i think both are great, the 1:1s and the elements. Not to give u the cold shoulder but go for it. Pay it this week so u lock in the rate. I also believe that there is no transfer btwn elements A and B to ensure abovbe adequate coaching to “student” ratio.
    Trust me- I have been training w/ Keith for over a yr and dropped fm a size 14 to 4/6–a lot was trust and blind faith along w/ a lot of sweat. Now i also trainw Court. All the CFNYC coaches are superb!

  • Moon

    Today’s viewing selection: Randy Pausch’s last lecture.
    Randy is a pioneer in computer visualization and his credits are legend. He’s also dying of pancreatic cancer. A couple days ago, he gave a lecture that was recorded on the web and he has some interesting things to say about life and in particular, obstacles. The brick wall metaphor alone is worth the trip.

  • dan def

    Hey Kurt and welcome to CFNYC.
    Your idea to drop by the Box is an excellent one. You have to come by and check us out in person to really see what it’s all about. Obtaining information beforehand is a good and smart idea, but it’s going to be incomplete.

  • Robzilla

    Hey Ben,
    I remember one day a few weeks ago you were talking about a website that had an interactive model for all the muscles in the body. Basically, you highlight a muscle and the site tells you what the muscle is and what’s it’s used for.
    Do you remember the name of the site? I wanted to check it out. Thanks

  • xuan mai

    There’s no need to “put off learning technique” until November.
    I chose to take privates instead of the Elements classes because I felt that I needed extra attention having never really done much with a barbell (or, really, any weight bearing activity). However, I did stay after my private one night to watch an Elements class. On that particular night, they covered back squats, presses, and deadlifts. Everyone got quite a bit of attention.
    I understand that the “canned” response may have been a little off-putting. Look at it this way though – when you walk into a typical globo-gym, a lot of energy is spent on getting you to sign up for a membership. Once you sign on the dotted line, they drop you in the middle of the gym with a single training session to “show you the machines” and then you’re on your own. At CFNYC, though, a lot of energy is given to providing top-notch training. That’s what really counts.
    The bottom line: I really don’t see how you could go wrong with the Elements class. You get two days a week of instruction plus you can go to the two beginner’s classes. If you feel like you need or want more attention, then take some privates as well.

  • Ewen

    Like Sarena said, the CFNYC coaches are great. They also have the ability to grow long stem roses out of their rears while doing Tabata burpees. It’s a rare display of advanced skills you won’t witness anywhere else, so you should really come see for yourself!
    In the meantime, I’ll give a shot at your questions, having been through the Elements myself.
    1- Make-up classes tend to be frowned upon, I believe, for practical reasons. You should assume you can’t make up a class, try to follow your schedule, and, as a last resort, see with your assigned trainer if you can work something out.
    2- Look through previous blog postings for hints on recent Elements classes. Basically, you go through all the core moves of CF, from bodyweight to slow lifts, Olympic lifting and kettlebell lifting. Fran and Fight Gone Bad are usually thrown in at some point for good measure.
    3- Elements classes aren’t centered around the daily WOD. If a WOD is somehow incorporated into the class, it will usually be scaled down, unless you have demonstrated the skills and fitness level required to perform it correctly – just like in a regular class, in other words.
    4- Frowned upon due to overcrowding, etc. Finish your Elements cycle first, young man! Taking a few weeks to focus on form rather than intensity can’t be a bad idea anyway. For case by case begging, see with the coaches.
    5- Currently, Paypal is only set up for the $150 monthly fee. Drop by before the end of the month to smell the aforementioned roses and register for the Oct. Elements. Special reduced price increase is only till next Friday, Sept. 28th.
    There, if I misled you maybe the heavens will part and an official CFNYC honcho will descend upon us to speak the Truth.

  • Kurt

    Thanks for the help! I will definitely try to stop in next week and check the place out. Looks like a lunch hour trip is in order.

  • sarena

    Ewen-well spoken!
    Xuan Mai–you are a beast and your form is great! I assumed you had a background with lifting.
    Kurt we are indeed a unique breed! Few if any have been disappointed!

  • Hari

    In general, CrossFit is not like, say, eating in a fine restaurant. Think of it more like dealing with the Soup Nazi. It’s not for everyone.
    You need to make a commitment to this program, and that includes attending the Elements classes as scheduled with your section. In the alternative, you can take private lessons. No one is going to tell you up front that if you miss a given Elements class you can just go make it up with a different section. Different people teach different sections. If you miss Monday, the Tuesday class may not be doing what the Monday class did. Just showing up Tuesday wont get you the missing knowledge.
    The classes “actually consist of” the subjects you listed and more. You’re not going to get a syllabus. This isn’t like school. You pretty much wont be doing full scale WOD’s but there are exceptions, and no one is going to say in advance exactly which WOD’s, how scaled, or anything else. Maybe the class needs more or less instruction in an area. The instructors use their judgement. The instructors have excellent judgement.
    If you’re having trouble paying on line, so what? You need to actually show up anyway, if you are going to get what you pay for. If you are concerned about spending your money without knowing what you’re getting, then come to one or more free classes.
    If you make it as a CrossFitter, this will all be mildly amusing to you. If you don’t, there are plenty of alternatives. Good luck.

  • Hari

    7:08 Subbed 105 lbs.

  • Allison

    65#, 5:44
    was afraid to go heavier because of the shoulder tendonitis and the fact that i still overuse my arms in cleans…

  • Sam

    I’m currently doing the elements for September. If you are interested in becoming fitter and stronger than you have ever been before than go for it. If you dont want that, then dont bother.
    I’ve only been doing this three weeks and I feel healthier and fitter than ever before. I’ve even gained 4 pounds (of muscle presumably).
    We’ve learned proper technique, for squats, deadlift, shoulder press, push press, back squat, front squat, sumo deadlift, push press, thrusters, push up, pull up, overhead squat, kettle bell swings, turkish get up, (probably others I cant remember) and the month isn’t over yet!
    We’ve also done scaled workouts, like 10min Cindy, Fran, Fight Gone Bad (absolute masochism).
    My group has had 4 or 5 people in most classes and 1 or sometimes 2 others instructing us in correct form.
    From what i’ve experienced so far, I would have paid $500 for all that i’ve learned.
    So take what you will this. But i’ve never felt so good after a workout before, as I do after a crossfit workout.

  • Sam

    Oh and by the way, Fight Gone Bad was absolutely killer.
    After one round, I couldn’t imagine being able to handle two more. But everyone was so motivating and encouraging, both my fellow elements guys and the more experienced dudes who were hanging around.
    Thanks a lot guys

  • Kevin

    Welcome Kurt look forward to seeing you at the Box.
    Grace as rx’d
    Exactly one minute slower than last time but I’m still sick and the Theraflu was still in my system. Thanks Keith for that awesome warm up it was fun.

  • Jack Bauer

    Grace at 65# because of that damn queens cold we are seem to have contracted: 9:41.
    Good seeing you Adam-no puking today man. Allison always a pleasure and thanks for the “Bend Over” band lol.
    Dan Def fun as always.
    Mr. Ben it was a pleasure and you will be missed.

  • david

    Kurt, if you’ve been doing regular bodybuilding workouts, then Crossfit will improve your fitness.
    But, don’t be an idiot. You’re dealing with a business here that won’t give you details on what service they’re providing, don’t respond to your questions (or do so with attitude and sarcasm), give you the macho Gym Jones-esque bullshit attitude that you need to somehow earn the right to train with them, etc. etc.
    For some reason, people lose their common sense when faced with this in a fitness environment, especially if the person slinging the attitude is physically stronger. There’s no reason to put up with crap like that…you wouldn’t buy a car from a slackly-run dealership just because the salesman was bigger than you.
    Bottom line: first impressions are a good sign of how someone runs their business. My advice: New York is a big city. Find a trainer with familiarity with Crossfit (and who also has respected non-Crossfit certifications) who runs his/her business like a professional and patronize them instead. You don’t live in North Dakota; you have options, and you deserve better treatment than you’ve gotten here.

  • marisela

    um…david i have four different “respected” certifications none of which include crossfit certs and you would be hard pressed to find a crossfit trainer in NYC that doesn’t go to the box. funny that you’re on the blog, but i’ve never seen you at the box. spoken like a true non-crossfitter.

  • david

    Attitude will only get you so far Marisela. I’ve been Crossfitting for years, since long before Black Box opened.
    As it happens, the facility where I work out put some basic thought into things like location, so we can drop our bumper plates without having the downstairs neighbors come up to complain. We also have basic amenities like showers that well-run businesses include as a matter of course. Trying to hide your lack of experience or a decent business plan behind bravado is just sad.
    You’ll see me at the box when you get your act together. Meanwhile, there’s little reason to send money your way. Your first instinct is going to be to come up with some new snotty reply, but maybe a deep breath followed by some effort to fixing your business would do you more good in the long run. God knows you’ve had enough problems at the box thus far.
    And Kurt, good luck to you!

  • marisela

    …and what i need is advice from someone who doesn’t even know what my role is at the black box. i’m sure you know a LOT about what is going on at the box, but actions speak louder than words, my friend. not showing up and commenting on the blog is a surefire way to prove what you are (or aren’t) made of, and there is a LOT you don’t know about the exchange with “new” crossfitters. i’m sure you have been crossfitting for years and you’re probablly great at it, but you should also know that the black box, the only true new york crossfit affiliate, the attitude is new york. get in, do your shit and go. if you think you know so much about the box and crossfit in general, why are you reading the Black Box Blog?? looks like a lot of time wasted if you don’t RESPECT what happens there.
    glad to have your 2 cents though.

  • david

    Watch carefully Kurt…these are the people you want to give money to? Here’s a quick Crossfit lesson for you: whenever you’re in the wrong (like, um, you didn’t bother to respond to a prospective client’s reasonable questions) lash out at anyone who questions you. You can see this at work on Greg Glassman’s main site day in and day out, and you’ll find plenty more here in NYC. Get some!

  • marisela

    kurts questions were answered.
    and i am not a crossfit trainer at the box, just to clear that up. i don’t represent the box or their business all i do is attend. frequently.
    these are my opinions as a fitness professional that i am posting today.
    i am a trainer with over ten years of experience and i have worked for everything from globo gyms to my quiet private residential gym where i am now, and none of them compare to the box. nowhere in my years in fitness have i seen more people get “results” then they do here.
    the box, and crossfit is for people who want to get fit and do it without hurting themselves which will happen if they got to crossfit to learn, not to think they know everything. if you know it all, stay with your well thought out, machine filled, bench pressing, dumb-bell curling, showering gym that concentrates more on your comfort than on your fitness. i go to a spa for that. i go to the box to get some.
    don’t flatter yourself into thinking that i am lashing out at you personally, david. the only reason you are getting the attention is because i am sitting in my very posh, comfortable gym with nothing else to do because there is no traffic. probablly because they don’t know what to do except their 30 min of cardio.
    i have nothing better to do right now, and i’m getting paid. what is your excuse again?

  • marisela

    and kurt, none of your money will go to me.

  • david

    Note, Kurt, that the founder of Crossfit is unable to do his own workouts due to injuries.
    Kurt’s questions were half answered after a truckload of attitude.
    I know it’s hard for you to imagine, Marisela, but there are gyms in NYC that use Olympic Lifts, sled drags, power lifting, medicine balls, pullups, plyo boxes, Concept 2s and so on, that aren’t Crossfit and that pre-date the box. This head in the ground attitude is kind of sad.
    I’m not trying to sell Kurt anything, so I’m not going to name names, but alternatives are out there. Go find them, Kurt.

  • Zamiel

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