Dan Gable

“It‚Äôs funny, but the world is made up of two groups: those who know or think they know Dan Gable. And those who wish they did.” The House of Seven Gables
During his prep and college careers, Gable compiled an unbelievable record of 182-1. He was undefeated in 64 prep matches, and was 118-1 at Iowa State. His only defeat came in the NCAA finals his senior year. Gable was a three-time all-American and three-time Big Eight champion. He set NCAA records in winning and pin streaks.
After college, Gable added titles at the 1971 Pan American Games, the 1972 Tbilisi Tournament and the 1971 World Championships. He won an unprecedented six Midlands Open championships and was that meet’s outstanding wrestler five times. In 1972, in Munich, Germany, he won a gold medal at the Summer Olympics without surrendering a point to any of his opponents. The Soviets came to the Olympics with only one goal in mind: to defeat Gable. They were unsuccessful.
In Gable’s final 21 Olympic qualification and Olympic matches, he scored 12 falls and outscored his nine other opponents, 130-1. The single point being scored by Larry Owings, who defeated Gable in his final collegiate match.
Gable joined the Iowa coaching staff in 1972, assisting head coach and Hall of Famer Gary Kurdelmeier until taking over the program in 1976.
As the University of Iowa’s all-time winningest wrestling coach from 1977 to 1997, Gable compiled a career record of 355-21-5, all at Iowa. He coached 152 All-Americans, 45 National Champions, 106 Big Ten Champions and 12 Olympians, including four gold, one silver and three bronze medalists. The Hawkeyes won 25 consecutive Big Ten championships, 21 under Gable as head coach and four while he was an assistant coach and administrator. He had a winning percentage of .932 and captured nine consecutive (1978-86) NCAA Championships. At the time that equaled the longest streak of national titles won by any school in any sport, and is also held by Yale golf (1905-13) and Southern Cal track (1935-43).
On only five occasions did a Gable-coached team lose more than one dual meet in a year. In fact, Gable’s teams averaged over 17 wins and just one loss per season. The 1996-97 season added the final chapter to Gable’s storied career. In late January, he underwent hip replacement surgery, missing four dual meets while recuperating. He reappeared in the Hawkeyes’ corner just in time to lead the team to their 24th consecutive Big Ten title and 17th NCAA title. Iowa shattered its own NCAA team points record, scoring 170 points during the three-day tournament in Cedar Falls.
Gable has coached many United States teams in international freestyle competition. He is a three-time Olympic head coach (1980, 1984 and 2000). The 1984 Olympic team, which featured four Hawkeyes, won seven gold medals. He was an assistant freestyle coach at the 1976 and 1988 Olympics. Gable also served as head coach of the World Team in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1994 and 1999, as well as 10 World Cup teams winning three team golds in World Cup competition. Gable also coached the U.S. team to a bronze medal at the 1986 Goodwill Games, and has led several all-star teams to Europe and the Soviet Union.
Gable was named to the U.S.A. Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1980, and to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in 1985. He was selected the nation’s outstanding wrestler by the AAU in 1970, and the U.S. Wrestling Federation in 1971. Gable was the Amateur Wrestling News Man of the Year in 1970.
Some of his most recent accolades include being named the top wrestler of the 20th Century by Gannett News Service, listed as one of the top coaches in the 20th Century by ESPN and named Iowa’s top “sports figure” in the past 100 years. In 1996, Gable was named one of the “100 Golden Olympians”, an honor bestowed to the top 100 U.S. Olympians of all time.
In June 2002, he was appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Several networks, including ESPN and HBO have aired documentaries on Gable’s life and accomplishments.
Currently, Gable serves as Assistant to the Director of Athletics in charge of performance enhancement at the University of Iowa. He has also rejoined the coaching staff at Iowa as an assistant to Head Coach Tom Brands. He resides in Iowa City with his wife Kathy and has four daughters, Jenni Mitchell, Annie Gavin, Molly and Mackenzie and four grandchildren, Gable, Danny, Jake and Elsie.
“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” Dan Gable
Thursday 070920
For time
5 KB cleans Left arm
5 KB split jerks Left arm
5 KB cleans Right arm
5 KB split jerks Right arm
5 KB snatches Left arm
5 KB overhead squats Left arm
5 KB snatches Right arm
5 KB overhead squats Right arm
20 burpees
5 rounds:
KB clean, split jerk, snatch, overhead squat left arm
KB clean, split jerk, snatch, overhead squat right arm
This workout is done using one kettlebell 24kg for men, 16kg for women. The first half and last half have the same volume of work but are done in a different order. Post time and weight of kettlebell used to comments.
Tip of the Hat to our main man, Hari!


  • michelle

    look at the picture of Hari on the main site! way to go!

  • michelle

    wait even better-its an interview! go Hari!

  • michelle

    and a great one-love the line about being passed out on the floor in 13 minutes. Hari-you are the best!

  • michelle

    oh and I am NOT Hari’s agent. but would be happy to be.

  • Awesome, Hari! You are our ambassador.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for making us proud, Hari!

  • dan def

    Way to represent Hari! Nice work.
    Being a former wrestler, I’ve known about Dan Gable for years. Few dominate a sport the way Gable dominated wrestling both as a wrestler and coach. Awesome post.


  • Allan E

    Excellent! Sweating and bleeding, love it!. (You forgot chafing)

  • sarena

    Hari you are the sweetest, nicest and perfect person to represent CFNYC! You always have a smile on your face and a kind word!

  • Ya’ll should read that Seven Gables link. Some funny anecdotes.

  • Ewen

    Felt too uncomfortable to really hurt, but a fun workout. I have to do more KB work.

  • Ewen

    Good job Hari!
    New T-shirt slogan: “Sweatin’ and Bleedin’ to The Oldies”

  • Coach P

    I love you Hari. That was fantastic!

  • Fuck yeah Hari

  • marisela

    eloquently put, juan.
    is was really cool to see you on the site, hari. i was like, “i know him, i know him!!”

  • marisela

    …and we all seem to be ignorant to the fact that there is a disgusting work out on the site today thanks to stratigic product placement on behalf of mr. durden.

  • Jack Bauer

    Yo Hari can I get your autograph! You’re like a quadruple threat: 1-Engineer 2-Ambassador of Milk 3-Role model 4-And badass Mother-shut yo mouth! Made NYC proud!

  • alex

    It took me an hour to down load the video, but it was worth it!! Way to REPRESTENT Hari.

  • Denise

    Did you realize that when you do a text search for “Hari” that “charitable” and “sharing” come up too?

  • Gene

    I must meet the man behind the legend soon. Looking forward to meeting you Hari.

  • “I’m a big believer in starting with high standards and raising them. We make progress only when we push ourselves to the highest level. If we don’t progress, we backslide into bad habits, laziness and poor attitude.” Dan Gable
    A Season On The Mat
    This Bio is even better

  • Kevin

    Nice Hari!!

  • Kevin

    Nice Ewen!! Amazing . You did 5 rounds of that workout in sub 10.

  • Ewen

    Thanks Kevin, but I think you’re misreading the WOD description 😉
    The first half is straight up. After the burpees (another weakness of mine), you do 5 rounds of the second half.
    This is probably a sub-6 workout for someone who knows their way around a kettlebell. I was a bit sluggish this morning, but above all my form was mediocre all around, with the OHS being particularly ugly. Just ask Keith.
    It’s not easy, but it goes by pretty quickly, really.

  • juan g

    as per moon…
    (thanks for taking me outta my comfort zone buddy)
    no homo.
    anyway, the cert.
    The cert was really fun watching nicole and glassman give their classes was insane, Im certain this guy is a genius There was so much information to take in. But these guys no their stuff and have given enough lectures to explain their points very well. I learned tons. Form, nutrition, trainig others, scaling, planning wods the reasons behind 3 on 1 off, affiliation, etc anyway all kinds of shit.
    I mean if anything i wish the cert was longer, but then again the weekend is perfect for everyone to be able to make it.
    Which is the best part, meeting other crossfitters. You definitely come back energized when you see CF firebreathers just demolish a wod thatll take you 4 times as long to complete. That sense of humiliation makes ya wanna work 4 times as harder, its not even humiliation what you feel, its plain Awe. That dude chazz, fucker had this crazy technique for pullups. Way better than regular kipping, we spent our lunch break trying them out on Sunday fun stuff. What else the women, wow some cute ones, but more important these were some strong chicks. I never looked at like real fitness as a factor when it came to checking a girl out, but that weekend I spent a lil to much time looking at Nicoles arms and back…Her muscleups were definitely fun to watch.
    mmm CrossFit HEL, awesome facility place is huge, and its owner Kevin lives there with his dog BOGO. The place is sick, and the kids that workout there just tell nothing but horror stories, I mean This guy sounds twice as bad as KW. Cool dude that guy.
    Portland as a whole too hippie for me, but I had fun. Cant wait to do the level 2 cert next year.
    lot more to tell about the cert, but im not one to ramble.

  • Robzilla

    Great interview Hari! Nice way to represent NYC.
    The cert. There’s not too much that I can add to what has already been posted. The close knit community feel, that I always get when going to the Box, extends well beyond our own gym and throughout the CF community. I talked to Matt, one of the trainers from Crossfit H.E.L and he said that he used to visit different firehouses to meet his fellow firemen, and now he’s visiting different CF gyms and collecting their T-shirts. Anyway, I know exactly where he’s coming from.
    What I found to be amazing about the cert is that even though I learned a lot, there’s nothing that was covered that wasn’t already available online. However, I’m not saying that the cert wasn’t worth it. I would say quite the opposite. Even though everything is covered, I was able to get a deeper understanding of it through the lectures.
    Also, I think that having all the material already available allowed me to not worry about writing down every detail during the lectures, because I could always reference back to it, and in turn allowed me to absorb more from what the presenters were actually saying. It just stresses a point that Coach Glassman had made. If you strive for excellence, then success will follow.
    Well, I need to cut this short because I’m gonna go do some hiking soon, but I just wanted to say that I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a cert, or should go, but after attending I can say that I learned a great deal, and have not second guessed myself even once.
    Crossfit is a great program, but more importantly is an outstanding community and I take pride in being a
    part of it.

  • sarena

    Hey all, enjoy the pics from Tues evening 9/18/2007. Elements doing Fran and the rest doing some sort of hell!

  • sarena

    Just did this KB WOD @home w/ only KB I have here-12kg
    Wasnt sure if second half was 5 sets R then 5sets L. That’s what I assumed and did! Thanks Court (and Keith) for the KB work yesterday. Had to try my new and improved skills.

  • marisela

    8k kb
    i need to go heavier.
    this was fun. i need a true rest day, though. i’m totally beat.

  • Justin

    Been at our companies Golf Outing all day, but had to come and give a shout to Hari… From your first day, to interview on the main page. Like the song says, ” We’re movin’ on up!!”

  • Hari

    Thanks, everyone.
    I’d like to say that but for Keith and Josh breathing life into Black Box, with subsequent help from Court and Mike, none of us would have been able to realize the full benefit of CrossFit. And without all of our members, Black Box wouldn’t be the place it is, or the even better place it will certainly become.

  • Leslie

    Being that I have been a member of the Hari fan club for a long, long time (can you tell I am a little jealous there are so many other Hari fans out there?) I just have five words to say: I love me some Hari.

  • Kevin

    6:11 with 24k bell
    This was a good rest day workout. It didnt overstress me and it made me feel better now that the cold is finally fading. Tomorow is another story with Grace.

  • You day class people got off easy. After doing the Workout at the 7pm class, Coach P decided they needed a “cooldown.”
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6…. V ups
    5 + 5 KB Snatches
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …. pullups
    For time. LOL!

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