Welcome Back, Cotter!

Our man with the big bells is coming back to the NY area. Steve Cotter will be doing seminars in Brooklyn and New Jersey in October. Check out FullKontact.com for more info. We are looking into getting a CrossFit discount.
An article from St. Louis Today about another unsuspecting reporter trying CrossFit. Always entertaining.
Elements classes this week will be working on Fran and Fight Gone Bad! Wish them luck.
We also welcome back Hari, Dammit, Rob & Juan. Thanks for representing The Black Box at the Certification Seminar at CrossFit H.E.L. We are looking forward to some pictures and stories.
Monday 070917
21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070715.


  • michelle

    look at Hari wearing the RESPECT t shirt in the photo! NICE!

  • sarena

    I think all our NYC boys look awesome. I personally heard from Juan and he loved it! Coach looks great on that pic as well!

  • Jack Bauer

    That’s how you do the damn thing fellas! NYC representing! Getting respect!
    Diana was my first workout every at Crossfit so it’s come full circle now! Did Modified Handstand pushups with Mike asking me if I was a marine as soon as I walked in! LOL. However, unlike other CF women, thses women (Fran, Diane, Linda) seem to GAIN weight as time goes by! Watch out for the big girl!

  • marisela

    diane is a bitch
    this was the first time i hated a crossfit workout
    lets see how i like it now…

  • Kevin

    Congrats on the cert guys! Wish I was there. Cant wait to do one myself.
    As bad as I want to do “Diane”, I’m sick and it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. Last weeks WOD’s kicked my ass and I didn’t get enough rest.

  • Gene

    “By the way, Crossfit is regularly kicking my ass. It’s the unofficial training for our SWAT team down here.”
    David Lew is a former Marine Corps Staff NCO and is now an FBI officer. He trains with the local SWAT team in his neck of the woods. Thought you guys would appreciate his comment above.

  • Brett_nyc

    cfwu x 1
    Deads as rx’d, but HSPU very shallow. I was a time whore today. I think I might swap out push ups and start doing 3×5 full rom hspu in my warm up so I get better at them.

  • Kevin

    Nice time Brett!! The HSPU’s in the warmup is a great idea. I planned on doing it but never got around to it. Now I have to.
    Have to build up my strength and muscle endurance in the shoulders so I can keep getting solid reps especially when fatigue kicks in.

  • Kev, rest up and just make up Diane later this week when you’re at full force.
    I’m looking forward to Diane at lunchtime–this will be my second-ever meeting with her, and my first one I actually really enjoyed (in a perverse way).
    Welcome back, boys!

  • As I said on the affiliate blog, seeing our members represent like this is what makes starting an affiliate so magical. Boys, you warm the cockles of our otherwise black, black hearts.
    In other news, as I’ve been working late for too many weeks, and have started getting erratic in my WOD compliance (and therefore WOD results), today was my first day of hitting the WOD in the AM in my building gym.
    As RX’d, 8:14. The other people nearby were suitably terrified.

  • brett_nyc

    Thanks Kevin, but the hspu were really garbage. I need to train myself to get down to forehead depth for every rep. Nose depth will have to wait. The deads did feel pretty light today though.

  • Jack Bauer

    You know when you’re an animal when Brett makes comments like :the deads did feel pretty light today. Damn Killer.
    ROM HSPU are difficult. I will probably be doing the modified ones on a really high box so as to not break my nose once fatigue sets in. I’ll only skin my lower lip when I eventually fall. Great.
    Kevin rest up man. Need more other motivational partner back asap!

  • Justin

    It seems Im sick everytime Diane comes around, so looks like I have to do it later this week as well.

  • kouvenhowen


  • man, this sucked:
    145# DLs
    61# press (subbed these for HSPUs)

  • sarena

    Diane w 165# and modified HSPU off 15″box in10:51m
    Last time 7/16 w 115# and strict pu off 15″ box not full rom in 8:11
    I am pleased

  • Hari

    The Portland Cert was amazing!
    Leo Durocher said, “Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”
    The Cert was my transition from attending CrossFit to understanding CrossFit. For Rest Day on Thursday, I plan to write a more complete review.

  • 10:45 RX
    Took generous breaks during deadlift sets as I’m kinda hoping to use my back for the rest of the week! Some kinda light weight stuff for the rest of the week would be nice… maybe I’ll make some kind of sacrifice to the gods of CrossFit.

  • sarena

    Juan awesome pics and guys great to represent CFNYC with our gorg Ts! Dammit, do we need to make a collection so you have a Black Box t as well? LOL

  • Hari

    Sub 185 lbs. HSPU’s 4 inches short of full ROM.

  • Jack Bauer

    Being consistent with crossfit has proven solid results:
    Diane in July (1st WOD ever) 185lbs DLs and modified HSPU in July was 11 min and some change.
    Yesterday with 225lb DL and modified HSPU-7:41! Thanks Allison and Cort for the push.
    Mr. Ben, I feel you on the back-I can’t even bend over! I swear finishing schools don’t need to make women walk to with books on their heads to correct posture-just make them do DLs-save the books for reading!

  • Yeah! Thank you for this post. I adore Black Eyed Peas, and more than the others I adore Fergy the most. Fergy is so beautiful.