Simple, But Effective

Again I would have to say, that this falls into the category of things that look easy but is probably really hard.
Friday 070914
Three rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
75 Squats
Post time to comments.

For some people, this is porn:
It is hard to resist this treat that has on average about 2.5 blocks of carbs, 0.5 blocks of protein and 5 blocks of fat per serving. Most people eat four servings at one time.
Tip of the day: To rationalize your Ben & Jerry’s craving and make it Zone “friendly”, eat about 4 blocks of protein (28g), preferably in the form of a 4 oz. steak. Then split a pint with a friend. That will give you 5 blocks of carbs, 5 blocks of protein, 10 blocks of fat and many blocks of sweet satisfaction.
Read this article on Intermittent Fasting (IF) and read some of the interesting comments as well, then post your thoughts to comments.
Get the June 2007 issue of the CrossFit Journal for this article:
Lon Kilgore, “Physics, Physiology, and Food” – A practical look at the ins and outs of nutrition and the realities and requirements of dietary composition in the light of common-sense principles of physics and physiology. “Diet” is not just about weight or appearance; it’s the foundation of physical training. As Prof. Kilgore puts it, “Exercise is about adaptation. Nutrition is about the support of that adaptation.”


  • portland cert..
    delta 433 jfk 7pm
    anyone on this flight?

  • Hari, Dammit, Juan and Rob!
    Have a great time in Portland! Say hi to Coach and Nicole and the whole CFHQ crew. Represent NYC and make us proud!

  • Dammit and company do the damn thing out there! Represent for NYC baby!
    Yeah that WOD is harder than it looks.

  • Kevin

    Have fun guys! REPRESENT!!

  • Adam

    Have fun out in Portland. I will admit that I’m a little jealous

  • Justin

    Have a great time out there in Portland!! Little over a month before I’ll be in Toronto representin’. Steak + Ben and Jerry’s sounds like a Zone I can live with!!!

  • alex

    I am coming home for the weekend!!! woo hoo I will see everyone at the BOX tomorrow! Good luck in Portland guys its a great town. lots of great dive bars!

  • Brett_nyc

    have fun at the cert fellas
    cfwu x 3
    with tuck jumps 10:04
    thought I had it under 10min, nope, legs are fried

  • IMPORTANT: If you’ve left behind clothing at the Box, be sure to pick it up and take it home. Keith’s taking some random clothes to the laundry to get washed and he’s threatening to keep what he likes…

  • …and throw out the rest! You’ve been warned.

  • marisela

    ok, point taken. and i feel like poop today. 4 mile run and i nearly met with the clown. no more crap food. blocks and health!!

  • Jack Bauer

    See you guys at 6pm. Long week at work so I need to dust off the cobwebs with some fun double unders! Yeah and since I sprained my ankle on Thurs they will be double fun!
    We at CF must love the pain.
    Anything Keith takes isn’t worth salvaging. Let it die with dignity.

    We are looking to order more t-shirts. We are trying to get Under Armour Tech Tees with our logo on them. These are premium quality shirts. They would say “CrossFit NYC Hostile Workout Environment” on the front.
    The survey question is whether you would be willing to buy one or more of these shirts at $40?
    Personally I think they will be awesome.

    hostile workout environment on the back
    i will pay 40 bucks …
    if awesome ill buy more
    underarmour shirts are fuckin nice

  • michelle

    I am in for $40. those are awesome shirts.

  • Jack Bauer

    $40 for a tshirt? I know we are a NYC gym but that’s Banana Republic price. LOL. Pass.

  • caroline


  • jay h

    $40, would do it for possibly 2 shirts…
    How are we doing sizes?
    Are these the loose UA t-shirts?

  • jay h

    that didn’t make sense
    at $40, i’d buy two… one for my bro, one for me

  • Yes, Jay, they’re the loose t-shirt style. (I was rather disappointed to find out that fact.)

  • girls should wear the ahemmmm tights ones

  • jay h

    ^ We need different sizes anyway, might as well get the ladies tight ones if they want

  • I’m more concerned about the tightness of the boys’ shirts–I wanna see those abs!

  • Adam

    I would probably be down for 2 shirts, one for myself and the other for Roxanne.

  • Here’s a NYTimes article about the supposed “paradox” of endurance athletes needing tons of sleep (e.g., marathoner Deana Kastor sleeps 10 hrs per night plus a 2-hr nap every day):
    What’s seemingly paradoxical is that “mild exercise” (what we CFers would simply call “activity) is invigorating whereas extreme endurance training is exhausting.
    Of course there’s absolutely no mention whatsoever in the article that humans aren’t built to do hard-core endurance activity and that it in fact depresses the immune system. The article also fails to discuss what type of effect the CF style of training might have on sleep. (Personally I find I need no more sleep than I did pre-CF.)
    IMO, that extra sleep is the body’s way of recovering from the damage of all that training… And the really sad part is all those amateur endurance athletes usually can’t afford to get that extra sleep they need since they’re not making a living as marathoners/triathletes, but instead often have full-time jobs, families, and so on.

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    3 rounds for time:
    50 double unders
    75 squats
    as rx’d 11:41
    Legs were toast from yesterday. Lactic acid built up really fast. Doing 3 reps of squats at a time at one point. Thanks to Keith and the 1230 crew.
    If we have any say, I’d like “Crossfit NYC the black box” in small text on the left corner of the shirt. Similar to where other Crossfit affiliates puts their logo, and “Hostile Workout environment” in big Block text on the Back. Are the tech tees the same material as the heat gear tees? I like those. We should come up with some more clever phrases. Court had a really funny one a couple of weeks ago after a WOD. Cant remember it right now.

  • Jack Bauer

    Tshirt slogans-on the back of the shirts
    Crossfit-If it’s in you, we’ll take it out of you!
    Feeling alive is a near death experience-Crosssfit
    If it hurts, you’re doing it right-crossfit
    Crossfit NYC-Where pressure makes diamonds. (and have the t-shirt all blinged out!)

  • I’m kind of partial to:
    “Breathing is overrated.”
    Can’t remember who came up with this one or if any other affiliates use it, but it just seems an apt way of describing CF, especially for workouts like FGB.

  • Moon

    Keith – I’d be in for at least 1 shirt. 2 if I like the design/look.
    Allison – unless these shirts are going to be blood pressure cuff tight, my abs will continue their hibernation in their subcutaneous lair.

  • brett_nyc

    Coach had a good quote once, something like.
    “I never said Crossfit couldn’t kill you.”

  • Jack Bauer

    LMAO Brett that was funny.
    How about this a parody on the age old maxim: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Instead: What doesn’t kill you isn’t Crossfit.

  • michelle

    hey guys- for those of u who follow the caveman diet- can someone point me to an article on why dairy is considered “bad”?
    thx much!

  • Allan E

    Sign me up for a $40 t-shirt
    Can we get “hostile workout environment” emblazoned below the “perfect arch” pic?
    I think people would appreciate the contradiction

  • Hari

    I can’t speak on the nutritional value of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, but I can speak on the economics of the product. Our company has it on sale this week. (Check out the price!) You guys are paying way too much:
    Just got into Portland. Thanks for the well wishes.

  • Hari

    I’m in for a couple of t-shirts.

  • michelle

    wow Hari that is the cheapest I have ever seen the product! I think I pay almost $4.50 for one pint! Enjoy the cert!

  • Justin

    Ill take a shirt… and 16 pints of Ben and Jerry’s from Hari.

  • Today’s workout was much harder than it looked. Thanks to Justin and Mr Ben for the push. 18:20. But the highlight of the day was doing my first full muscle-up! I know that feeling of euphoria now Coach P. LOL
    Have a good weekend ya’ll

  • Yoon

    Dairy Barn roadtrip!!

  • Hari


  • Kevin

    Congrats Jack!!

  • Ewen

    Definitely in for the tshirts

  • I just wanted to say that I’m in public (at the 24 hour apple store, yes, I’m weird and up at almost 5 am) and I laughed out loud at the “for some people, this is porn” line. Hilarious.

  • I just wanted to say that I’m in public (at the 24 hour apple store, yes, I’m weird and up at almost 5 am) and I laughed out loud at the “for some people, this is porn” line. Hilarious.

  • Ann

    Hi guys, all woman’s situations have their ups and downs. We feel those of the here and now but never see or feel those of the future

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