Life Is Just a Frantasy

Thursday 070913
Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound barbell Thrusters
45 pound weighted Pull-ups
Since we do not have any 45lb dumbbells or enough weightvests, I recommend 16kg kettlebells for the weighted pullups.

Post time to comments.
When I say arch your back, I mean this:
Unfortunately what I see is this:



  • Justin

    So thats what arching your back mean?!?! Wow, I was way off.

  • Paul S

    Anyone have any experience or thoughts on Intermittent Fasting?
    The theory seems interesting enough. I first read about on “Marks Daily Apple,” which someone at the Box pointd out to me (I think Alex).
    I fasted 24 hours, from 10pm Tues to 10pm Wed, only having water and a little bit of vitamin water.
    Basically, it sucked. Not sure I want to stick with it.
    What you say?

  • Paul
    If you go back through some old issues of the Performance Menu, Robb Wolf has had good things to say about it. Also check the CrossFit message board archives.
    The last I recall, Robb Wolf said he was trying a protocol of Intermittent Fasting from early evening to late morning. Roughly 14 to 16 hours of fasting out of every 24. The theory is and recent evidence suggests that you get many of the same benefits as people who were doing the severe calorie reduction diet, but without the other negative aspects of the calorie restriction. That is increased health and longevity and disease prevention without the lethargy and reduced sex drive.

  • Also look into the Warrior Diet, I think it has a similar protocol to Robb’s Intermittent Fasting.

  • Keith what book would you recommend the Warrior Diet or the Zone one? My diet is the missing piece of the puzzle.
    Now that’s proper form there! Coach Glassman would be proud.

  • hahahahaha
    yes this is more like it.

  • gonna leave blood on the pull-up bar tonight for sure.

  • “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”
    That essentially is the Zone Diet. It also steers you toward a diet that is essentially Paleo.

  • marisela

    tyler, you just became my hero.

  • marisela

    …and kanye is outselling 50 after the first day of sales

  • rob

    From the main boards:
    It looks like a useful data gathering tool. The scientist in me is stirring with statistical anticipation. I haven’t started entering data yet, but it’s worth a check out. It also looks like it’s still under construction in some areas.

  • Coach P

    Paul and anyone interested,
    What happens to stored food? It spoils. Intermittent Fasting allows your body the time to pull from the different systems of the body the energy it needs to fuction. With a constant supply of food, the body never knows what it means to “invest” it’s stores. Take three days and drink only water from waking to 12PM, then eat some meat and veges until your workout, then eat anything after that (stay in the zone)
    If I don’t reply here again, see me in the gym…

  • Hari

    26:43 (Subbed 105 lbs, 35 lbs)

  • Paul S

    I appreciate all of the feedback.
    The wake to 12pm and 14 to 16 hour regimes is what I’ll shoot for next week. 24 hours was uncomfortable and especially difficult sitting at my desk.
    Can’t make the gym today b/c I’m a corporate prostitute. See everyone Friday.
    Enjoy this workout — looks like hell. Nice job Hari.

  • I seem to recall another interesting story about intermittent fasting alternating one day eating and one day fasting. Sounded really interesting. I was trying to get my mom to feed her cats like that, but she feeds them until they are big and plump.
    There is a great article in the first Performance Menu about a guy who feeds his two guinea pigs different diets: one zone, one store bought guinea pig food. The zone guinea pig is bigger, stronger and regularly has his way with the other guinea pig.
    Also in the CrossFit Journal they discuss that commercial dog food is mostly corn, yet in nature, you generally do not find corn-ivorous dogs. Dogs eat meat. They feed Athena, the crossfit mascot mostly raw chicken legs, grass, a multivitamin and fishoil caps.
    If you read Fast Food Nation, you’ll discover that cows are naturally grass eaters, but we feed them corn because it’s cheap and it makes them really fat. Fat = more money for people that sell cows by the pound. Cheap corn = more profit because it costs less to grow fat cows.
    Most processed food for humans is made with corn oils and corn sweeteners because it’s cheap. Most people are getting fatter since we started putting cheap corn products into everything we eat.
    “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”
    Lon Kilgore wrote an excellent article in a recent CFJ about the intake levels of protein, carbs and fats that would support exercise but not promote or support body fat. He analyzed typical calorie requirements for hard workouts and daily living as well as the amount of macronutrients needed to replenish depletion and promote muscle building and cell regeneration. When he did the math, it came to proportions that were about 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein…The ZONE!

  • marisela

    check this out and let moofeus guide your journey

  • ec

    hey keith and xf nyc! checking out the web page again… and noticed the IF discussion. thought id add my two cents.
    paul s- ive been doing 15+ hour daily fasts since april. its pretty awesome. generally i eat between 12-8 daily. its really flexible – you can do it 1-7 d/wks… whatever works with your schedule, and try to hit at least 15 hr fasts.
    ton a good info in the IF section of the performance menu discussion forum.
    ive still been able to increase strength/performance since april and have a better body composition.
    anyway, i couldn’t resist writing in.
    hi josh, court, michael, allison, and anyone else! hopefully im seeing you all @ pittsburgh!

  • Brett_nyc

    bwt 210lbs
    as RX’d 15:22
    the dumbbell kept slipping down from between my legs after every 2 reps, maybe could have slipped under 15 min otherwise.
    This is harder than it looks.

  • Gene

    I think every exercise and movement in CF is harder than it looks which is precisely, in my humble and CF newbie opinion, what makes CF superior to many of the other exercise regimens I have used, including the calisthenics and strength-building routines they put us through at Parris Island.

  • brett_nyc

    Gene, yes, the basic movements are all hard on many different technical levels, to add weight, further increases the hardness. My simple point was that even after a almost a year-half of solid cf-ing, this wod is really focking hard. 🙂

  • Gene

    Which proves that we are all sadistic SOBs and like to inflict pain on ourselves in order to achieve that elite level of fitness many people can only dream about and watch on TV! LOL. Very glad to be among such a like-minded and dedicated group after my long and tedious physical rehab process.

  • dibs on the dip belt and a 45lbs plate at 7 PM

  • Moon

    Sadly, will not be able to play today. Even moreso unfortunate because I think I know where I can buy – what I assume after yesterday’s discussion is – the new standard for Black B…er Pink Circle workout outfits.
    However I will be a part of a small roving SCA demo team appearing at various times/places in Manhattan and Brooklyn through the afternoon/evening today, capping off with a rooftop viewing of a documentary movie of a somewhat-similar-yet-very-different group.
    Schedule is as follows:
    Union Square (south end). Fighting from 4:30 to 5:30.
    Then it’s two blocks to the Cinema Village heater and do a bit more sparring out in front, if allowed/possible/we remain unarrested.
    Finally for the “Special Rooftop Films Screening” in Brooklyn at 9PM there will be another demo starting around 8:30.
    So if anyone wants to see me hit armored people with a stick (or get hit), come on out.

  • Allan E

    Paul: I did a 24hr fast at the start of this week to kick off a tempory fad diet I’ve started… felt shit doing it, but great after
    All: any swimmers here? I’ve signed up for this:
    Come get stinky…!

  • Jeff

    It turns out I don’t need CrossFit after all to attain a 300 Spartan physique.
    Another bonus: it only a little costs a little more than half a year at Black Box, but the results are instantaneous!
    Coincidentally, Halloween is the day of the exam I’m studying (and eschewing WODs) for. This should be perfect for hiding 3.5 months of neglect.

  • marisela

    fat free fran
    15-12-9 12k kb thrusters
    45-36-27 (i think) assisted pull ups
    i feel like poop due to the wonderful diet of french fries and ice cream soda i had for lunch afterward.
    i really need to get a handle on my diet, but its my only vice left 🙁

  • Kevin

    As rx’d 14:08
    Not the best time but my entire back and hams are still sore from Monday. Didn’t have too much in the tank for weighted pull ups. Struggled to get my chin to the bar on those last few reps. Thanks to the 1230 crew. Great job today!

  • Conor

    just because i feel the need to give my two cents about intermittent fasting…
    you hear the same amount of people who fast as who are vegans, as who are vegetarians, as who are all professional athletes. NONE.
    if it were so good for you, dont you think NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS athletes would all be required by their respective dieticians to do it? as much as i like and respect crossfit, Greg Amundson doesnt (and most likely cannot) play in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or MLS.
    being a vegetarian doesnt provide the proper quality of proteins for optimum muscle building (all you CSCS’s should know that), and fasting doesnt provide you any protein at all.
    my two cents…

  • marisela

    no, greg chose the more noble course of the military and law enforcement. i don’t think we should try to compare what he can do to what pro-athlete’s can do. it has less to do with capability and more to do with god given talent. greg obviously has a talent for many things and to say he is less of an athelete than a pro would stupid and and untrue.
    i don’t care for fasting myself, but i’m pretty sure that at some point, some pro’s have been prescribed a fast for one reason or another by their nutritionist and/or doctor. the difference is, they have those to guide them and do it safely.
    my two cents…

  • Conor
    Curious which team you are playing for? You make a lot of assumptions and generalizations. There are various sources that claim various professional athletes are in fact vegetarian.
    While I generally believe that vegetarianism is not conducive to elite athleticism, there are those exceptions to the rule. So it is not entirely fair to claim that there are NO pro-athletes that are vegetarian. Similarly, just because you have not heard of any pro-athletes that use an intermittent fasting protocol, that does not mean there aren’t any. Also, I’ve seen several articles and witnessed on tv Pro-Athletes gorging themselves on crap food. Watch MTV Cribs and look at what they keep in their kitchens.
    Just because one is not on a pro sports team does not mean that one is not a great athlete. Amundson is a top athlete even though he has not chosen to participate in a sport like baseball, basketball or football.
    Also you might want to consider that you do not seem to know about intermittent fasting. This is not a ridiculous colonic cleansing program a la Master Cleanse. It’s a dietary protocol that restricts your food intake for short periods of time in order to increase your metabolism and let your bodily systems run more efficiently. Your statement that you get “no protein at all” is just unfounded and ridiculous. You eat quite a lot of protein, however you take short regular fasts so that your body can use the proteins and fats and carbs more efficiently.
    Finally, don’t get fooled by all the fancy guys in white coats with clipboards. There was a time when pro baseball players in this country were not allowed to lift weights because they would get too musclebound. Many pro teams and university teams used (and probably some still use) strength and conditioning protocols that were inefficient, ineffective or even dangerous. There were (and probably still are) lots of professional dieticians employed by many professional teams that were recommending athletes eat a low fat, high carb diet for a long time.
    Just because someone is sponsored by Gatorade and Nike doesn’t mean that we have to listen to them.
    Why use your last $0.02 to be a hater?

  • marisela

    i just ate a pint of ben and jerry’s for dinner. that’s in the zone, right??
    what the fuck is wrong with me?

  • Justin

    Im not sold on fasting either, but just because athletes in pro football, basketball, baseball, etc don’t fast (or that we don’t know about it), doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or have any beneficial properties. Robert Dos Remedios is the current NSCA Strength Coach of the Year, pretty jacked dude, and is a vegan. Carl Lewis, Desmond Howard, Billie Jean King were all vegetarians. Does that mean we should or should not be vegetarians or vegans? Of course not. I’ve been around a number of top level college football players (Peyton Manning, Jamal Lewis, Leonard Little, Dante Culpepper) and their diets/lifestyles have ranged from precise to down right pathetic, and worse than mine, and for those that know what my diet can be at times, know what I am talking about. But I also don’t believe that pro-athletes rely solely on god-given talent either.

  • marisela

    neither do i justin, just saying that it helps. if one does not have the talent, they would never play to the degree that they do. i know they work hard hard hard. if christina aguilera or ray charles or jimi hendrix had not shown promise as a children, they would have never become artists. but they all work(ed) hard too.
    maybe greg is lucky enough to have all the talent in the world and chose not to play pro ball, but its unlikely.

  • justin

    Not a vegetarian or an IF’er. but can hang clean 525lbs.:

  • Adam

    WOD as Rx’d
    pull-ups with 40lb. vest + 5lb dumbbell between my legs
    I had no gas in the tank from a heavy week of exams and lab work and got a sever tongue lashing from Mike for sitting down during the workout.
    Did you know I have 4 different trainers? That’s right 4! I guess my real motivation to work hard is to not get hasseled.

  • michelle

    Marisela-that is my favorite dinner. i am convinced it is 2 blocks on the zone. 🙂

  • Maximus

    This was totally horrid.

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