The Fluffy Cloud Dance

I wanted to name this workout the Super Renegade Pistol Party, but my girlfriend asked me why all my workouts have names like the Beast and KettleHell. She asked why I didn’t name them something nice like the Fluffy Cloud Dance? So I present you with “The Fluffy Cloud Dance!”
Wednesday 070912
As Many Rounds as You Can in 20 minutes of:
Pistol Right Leg
Pistol Left Leg
Renegade Row Right Arm
Renegade Row Left Arm
7 Superman Back Extensions

The pushups and renegade rows are done with the hands on kettlebells. Men should use 24kg and women 16kg. Smaller KBs are less stable, so if you can’t row 16kg, then do the pushups with hands on the floor and pick up the KB each time you row. Squats and pistols can be done with or without holding one of the kettlebells. The supermans are done with the belly on the floor and the arms reaching forward alongside the ears and the legs and feet are squeezed together and do not come apart. Lift the entire chest and the legs off the floor.
Post total rounds and partial rounds completed to comments.


  • FCD!

  • rob

    Workouts aren’t given names like “Fluffy Cloud Dance” because I would like to be able to look at the sky without being reminded of pistol squats and renegade rows.
    As it is now, I’ll never date anyone named Fran…

  • I would never look at a girl named Sage and Fran would get a drink thrown at her! LOL
    Fluffy Cloud Dance Keith? WTF-ain’t nothing remotely fluffy about that damn workout.
    This is a fluffy cloud dance:

  • Dan def

    Watch the main page jump rope video with Buddy Lee. If you’re really impatient, forward the video to about 1:40 and watch the next 20 seconds.

  • Moon

    Have a feeling we’ll be subing a different f-word in for “Fluffy” about 3/4 through…

  • Indeed… dating a girl called Fran sounds nothing short of scary… I dated an Elizabeth once and believe me, it was scary.
    Just chatting to my brother online… he’s asking if our workout tomorrow will be “Little Bunny Cuddler”?
    2 weeks 4 days until he does his IronMan in Elba, Italy… fucking nutter.

  • Brett_nyc

    Hey Coach P, and anybody else with knowledge…
    How many total blocks are you eating per day. I’m looking at this chart, and I fall somewhere between 17-19. (Medium-Large male) works out to like 5-2-5-2-5 which seems about right

  • Justin

    Thats the exact breakdown I use when I Zone Brett… Im a bit bigger than you so I dont know if you want to adjust or not.

  • Brett
    Order CrossFit Journal #21. Then I would put you at 19 or 20 blocks. 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 would be about right for you to start or 5, 2, 5, 2, 5. The diet takes fine-tuning. If you start at 20 blocks and don’t lose a lot of weight in the first 2 weeks and aren’t feeling slightly irritably, then you’re probably getting too much food. Go to 19 and see. I think in the beginning you try things out for about 2 weeks at a time and then adjust a variable, then wait 2 weeks again. Don’t adjust more than ONE variable at a time.
    The first month generally is marked by weight loss and irritability. You’ll spend the first month getting the blocks right and planning your meals. It’s best to get your carb blocks from low GI carbs (Read: Vegetables!). Starches will not provide you with nearly enough food. Also timing your meals properly to avoid being hungry for too long is a smart idea. Try to sleep more. Shortening the time you are awake allows you to eat more frequently and reduces irritability.
    After you have dropped the excess bodyfat and have leaned out, you can add more calories from fat back into your diet. “Lean” for men is sub 10% and 15% for women. You should have visible abs. Increase the fat blocks to 3x and see how that goes for 2 weeks. Your mood should improve as well as your performance. If you are still losing weight, then perhaps go up to 4x or 5x fat blocks.
    It should take about 2 to 3 months to really see noticeable and measurable improvements in body comp, performance and overall wellbeing.

  • Justin, you’re a big dude. You should be eating more than 20 blocks. That’s probably why you fall off so fast because you simply aren’t getting enough food. Try again starting at 5, 4, 5, 4, 5 … that’s 23 blocks. Try to hold that pace for 2 weeks and then perhaps adjust down to 21 blocks.

  • In this new kinder, gentler era of The Black Box, I am considering renaming many of the exercises to entice the fairer sex into our gym and give us a better public image.
    From now on the following exercises should be called by their new names:
    Back Extensions = Pretty Pink Pony Raises
    Glute Ham Situps = Rainbow Situps
    Pisols = Bunny Hops
    Kettlebells = Cuddle Bells
    Burpees = Kittens
    Snatches = Lady Raises
    Jerks = Fun Presses
    Cleans = Happy Lifts
    Squat = Tushy Push
    Deadlift = Shoe Shopping

  • xuan mai

    Well, Tyler, if you want to attract the fairer sex to the CFNYC, maybe you should start teaching striptease fitness classes like they do on the Upper East Side.
    I’m sure ladies of all ages would flock to the classes to see you slide down the pole spread eagle!

  • Jack Bauer

    Wow you’re doing too much yoga-Dhalsim! I am not doing any exercise named Kitten or Tushy push! LOL.
    If it is a kinder gentler era, rename the Black Box into the “Litter Box” or “Romper Room” “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” while you’re at it.
    How many blocks should I be doing, Coach Keith?

  • I think Michael has been going to those classes. 😉
    It has now turned into high art!
    Sadly they are fitter and stronger than most of the lengtheners and toners.
    They even have their own garage gyms!

  • that image was surely what i did not need first thing in the morning 🙁

  • brett_nyc

    Thanks Kieth. Good tips.

  • marisela

    unfourtunately, i HAVE to start running again. i’ve been having so much fun at the box that i haven’t run at all and i have a little race coming up. so i won’t be able to do the fluffy cloud dance today. damn, i was lookiing forward to shoe shopping and pretty pink pony raises. though tushy pushes killed me yesterday.

  • “In this new kinder, gentler era of The Black Box, I am considering renaming many of the exercises to entice the fairer sex into our gym and give us a better public image.”
    Wow. I can’t believe you actually posted this.
    No wonder the fairer sex doesn’t want to hang out at the box.

  • michelle

    shoe shopping for time. FINALLY a score i can whip everyone’s butts at.

  • Now this is what I call pole dancing…
    Might drop by the box today to do some rainbow situps…

  • sarena

    This was def not fluffy white cloud or anything similar
    11 reps plus 1sq and 1 pistol, 16kb KB
    Pistols sucked, at least I can do the rows!
    Photos of 7am class can be found here.

  • Why are you making me watch a chinese boy pole dance to music from the A-Team!?!?! WTF!?!?!

  • Because he was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a chinese pole dancing boy of fortune.

  • Jack Bauer

    LMAO Mr Ben that was funny! And Keith you couldn’t turn away you nasty freak.
    There is a picture of you online holding a kettlebell in one hand spread-eagle while being upside down. Not to far fetched lol
    Lest you forget!

  • juan g.

    tushy push??
    what in the @#$@#?

  • juan g.

    keith any chance of a midnight crossfit class?

  • Jack Bauer

    Actually a later crossfit class would be awesome idea. Oly class should be added as another week day class. I am interested in going to the Oly class at Crossfit Philly on September 30. Who’s down to roll? Keith, Kevin, Justin?
    And where is Ewen? We got an Englishman and lost the French one lol

  • Justin

    Not sure if I quite know where this website is heading but I dont know if I like it… Tushy push, chinese-boy pole dancers, better public images? Im a tad scared.

  • juan g.

    kevin wheres what that place again ESP or was EST in hells kitchen??

  • Would changing the name of either clapping pull-ups or clapping push-ups to ‘Bitch Slaps’ fit in well with the current re-branding of CrossFitNYC?

  • dan lecav

    I just discovered this on the wall of the street.
    This seems sooo crossfit. Is anyone participating?

  • Jack Bauer

    LOL Mr. Ben kudos! Finally a name worth keeping. Imagine that posting:
    3 rounds for time
    50 Bitch slaps
    100 Lady raises
    You’d have pimps coming from the tri-state area to join crossfit!

  • Denise

    Yesterday, it was all about being old-fashioned. Now, this fluffy stuff today. I’m getting dizzy and am not sure what kind of place the Box is anymore.

  • dan def

    This seems like the appropriate way to arrive at the Fluffy Cloud Dance WOD:

  • Today my client asked why today’s WOD was called “Fluffy Cloud Dance.” I started to explain it and she said, “But your workouts always have names like, ‘I’m Gonna Kill You!'”
    So I officially nominate “I’m Gonna Kill You!” as the name of our next new WOD creation.

  • an excellent article from the Again Faster blog regarding pacing oneself on CF workouts, much in line with what Mr. Durden had to say in yesterday’s comments:

  • Jack Bauer

    Great article and perfectly underscore Tyler pacing comments the other day. I’m going to start doing this from now on.
    Nice to have you back in commision Allison.

  • juan g.

    can we use actor names like they do with sandwiches..

  • great article about the history and development of weightlifting shoes:

  • Who knew that boobies bounced in 3 dimensions? Another reason to do less long-distance running and more CrossFit!:
    “Exercise unleashes a bounce bras can’t handle”

  • marisela

    i am so sad at the incredible level of chauvanism our blog has taken.
    i think you all should design a workout involving “real woman” workouts, like: fouette’s, devdloppe’s, jete’s, pioruette’s and do it all on pointe while adding a pregnancy and childbirth to the rounds for time and try to do it while trying to stay attractive. we can call that one “penis envy”
    juan g:
    its EST (ensemble studio theater) and its on 52nd close to 11th. look it up on the web
    dan lecav:
    we spent weeks trying to register for the urbanathlon and when we finally got everything together, it was sold out. it is still sold out, as far as i know. way to keep up, though

  • Moon

    Wouldn’t those ballet moves be at least one notch further “up the pyramid” of fitness development of which Crossfit would at most be a foundation? These activities seem to be specializations on par with marathon running and powerlifting with their specific body size/composition prerequisites for any reasonable expectation of adequate performance in the field.
    As for pregnancy and childbirth, I will stand aside so that those women who would care to could take the mic to express that these activities should not define their femininity. Wiser women than I have said that an indicator of true empowerment is not only having control over the decision when to have children and with whom but also being free not to have children without society taking a negative swipe at their gender identity.

  • marisela

    my point, moon, is that every guy that has posted on the blog has been offended by the “girlie” names that the WOD has been given.
    my point further, is that i believe that what you all see as weak, is actually strength. i would like to see any of you guys (if you even know what one is) do a fouette or any of the movements i named. with the exception, of course, of ben. and do it gracefully. i hold the opinion simply that as “girlie” as the name of this WOD sounds, i don’t think there is anything wrong with having a little grace when things get difficult.
    and nice try on getting the women on the blog to side with you. i think they are smart enough to understand the point i was making.

  • juan g.

    who was offended? i wasn’t offended.

  • marisela

    you didn’t like the name “tushy push”
    it’s kinda sexy actually

  • alex

    Marisela, I’m glad you are holding your own!

  • Hari

    Outside of CrossFit, I cannot think of a single sport in which female athletes are respected as much as (if not more than) their male counterparts.
    I cannot recall a single comment on this or the main site in which a man expressed anything less than respect (if not outright awe) for the top female Crossfitters.
    And honestly, even in private, I have never heard any guy at Black Box express anything but respect for the people, both male and female, who give this sport their all.
    I am not suggesting that the women at Black Box should put up with real sexism. I’m sure you get enough of that crap in the real world; you don’t need it in a place where most us push ourselves to our limits.
    I’m just saying that at most, I see insensitivity and/or clueless ness (more likely crude humor), but not anything more.

  • Justin

    Im pretty sure everything here is always said tounge-in-cheek, and never really seriously… Hell you could call the workouts “we are pumping you with Estrogen” for all I care, and they still would be hard and I would still fear them and still couldnt wait to take it on.
    And I agree with Hari. One of the main reasons I love CF so much is that we are all equal. Hell it was a couple of our female members who first pointed out (jokingly of course) their displeasure in those names.

  • Moon

    Yeah – I hang out here cause the main site’s forums are…shall we say, not so fun. And considering that most people out there are not the ones who I’ve sweated with, encouraged to go further and had them encourage me when just falling down seemed so appealing, I don’t have much to say to them.

  • Although I have MANY faults, I don’t believe sexism is one of them. I respect women. I teach yoga and most of my students are female as are most of my private clients. I don’t think that I would have that many women around me if I were truly a sexist and chauvinist.
    Nonetheless, I say lots of stupid things, and occasionally I say something intelligent (accidentally, of course). It wouldn’t be a very interesting blog if I didn’t. I try my best to inform and entertain and to start conversations here that might be of interest to you.
    Take yesterday’s debate with Dammit. It was good fun and it was a little heated. Allison was joking that it was like two scholars debating the Talmud (She’s an anti-Semite by the way). In the end, I totally respect Dammit. He’s a total f—ing badass. I’m glad when people step up and stir the pot. It’s important.
    One of the benefits of CrossFit is that it toughens the body and thickens the skin. We suffer together and thus gain huge amounts of respect for each other. Generally, we are all able to take some ribbing and joking. Sure, lines are crossed and apologies have to be made. At the end of the day, we are all still friends I hope.

  • Keith we were never your friend to begin with. This just pretty much solidified it.
    I agree with Justin-it’s all good natured ribbing. Few of us can mess with Allison’s numbers. Crossfit keeps the bar even here. And this blog is funny as hell and gets me through my day so keep the energy going. LOL this what makes it the Black Box-you never know what you’re going to get out of it. But in the end, you are stronger on all levels.