150 Is The New 100

Tuesday 070911
Three rounds for time of:
50 Pull-ups
185 pound Deadlift, 21 reps

Post time to comments.
Main Entry: excessive
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: too much
Synonyms: boundless, disproportionate, dissipated, dizzying, enormous, exaggerated, exorbitant, extra, extravagant, extreme, immoderate, indulgent, inordinate, intemperate, limitless, more, needless, over, overboard, overkill, overmuch, plethoric, prodigal, profligate, recrementitious, redundant, self-indulgent, sky-high*, steep, stiff, stratospheric*, super, superabundant, superfluous, supernatural, too many, towering, unbounded, unconscionable, undue, unmeasurable, unreasonable, way out*
Antonyms: deficient, insufficient, meager, moderate, reasonable, skimpy, underdone
Take a moment to remember.
The Joy of Box Jumps
Don’t Fight the Physics:
“Elements of Muted Hip Function (MHF)
The elements of MHF include but are not limited to structurally disadvantaged spinal posture, low/no glute recruitment, low/no hamstring recruitment, pelvis abandons the spine and chases the legs, center of gravity shifts dramatically backward, center of balance shifts toward toes, knee experiences unsound sheer force, leg extension only productive effort, hip extension not possible with low hip angle, pelvis rotates wrong way, and most importantly stability, balance, and power diminish with lowered center of mass.
The Damage
The degree of MHP varies from mild to severe. In severe cases everything the athlete attempts is rocked by instability and low power. In mild cases power loss and instability occur only while under great physical stress. In combat and elite performance even mild MHF can lose the day.
For physical performance what could be worse than low power and instability?
The Solution
Deliberate and focused training and practice of demanding hip extension movements is the only way to eliminate the effects of MHF. Again, it will typically take three years or more to eliminate all tendencies toward MHF.
No exercise offers as much opportunity to correct MHF tendencies than perfect form, high rep push-press. MHF is evident within the first .01 of a second of a bad push press.”
Coach Greg Glassman
Muted Hip Function – Notice the hips and knees way forward on this attempted push jerk. Also notice the arms are not locked out which technically disqualifies this as a jerk. Keeping the eyes open during your lifts is generally a good idea.
Muted Hip Function – Notice the hips and knees way forward on landing of this push jerk. Again the arm’s failure to lockout disqualifies this from being a technically correct jerk and would earn an F at competition. You can’t see but her eyes are closed too.
Good Hip Function – Notice the hips and knees back and the arms locked out. This is a technically sound jerk. Eyes open.


  • Hari

    First 150 became the new 100. Is 63 now the new 45?

  • sarena

    OK so I guess I will humiliate myself;for all those at Monday’s lunchtime class, anything is fair game at CFNYC. Here are the latest photos:

  • sarena

    SO I see the girls weight is 135#! Wow maybe I need that calculator too–how much is 135x21x3? It seems like a lot! Can’t wait–although the pullups may give me problems even as I jump them!

  • michelle

    Sarena- no humiliation-I have never even done one of those lifts and having those pictures i think is so helpful for everyone when learning form. Even the best athletes occassionally do not have perfect form. I am sure there are plenty of pix with ur good form as well. But those pictures really can help everyone understand the mechanics well. I was working thrusters yesterday with Tyler and I am certain if I had a picture of the same mistake i was making over and over I would have self corrected a lot faster and gotten to my actual timed workout earlier.
    Kudos Marisela!

  • sarena

    Hey no worries, MIchelle. I knew it was going up, Tyler warned me so it was fair game! And yes, you are totally correct. It looks horrible and I need to erase that image from my body and mind asap. Just something else to work on over and over again! The joys of CF

  • michelle

    believe me it does not look horrible. horrible is me hitting my face repeatedly when i was doing the thrusters. at least there were no cameras for that! 🙂

  • Hari

    38:02 as RX’d

  • Coach P

    Nice Hari. Those pull-up numbers must be helping.
    Always remember.

  • ron

    After 7 months, my first blister. The joys of New Skin…………Have fun everyone.

  • Brett_nyc

    bwt 210lbs, did something barely passable as a warmup…
    then as RX’d in 21:21
    1st round done after 5min something
    2nd round done after 11min something
    thought I had it under 20min 🙁

  • marisela

    thanx michelle. had i known i was going to be on the site i would have dressed more appropriately.
    thanx to those of you who came out last night. i was a little loopy and tired (due to some kind of crazy lifting shit i did at the gym) but i enjoyed it and a few suprises showed up, too.
    i hope i didn’t look as loopy as britney 🙂

  • brett_nyc

    Dammit, I love the superhero fran idea. I think it would be cool to have everyone start in normal street clothes, then as the wod get’s going, people start taking off alter ego clothes and their costumes are underneath, so at the end, you see all the superheros fully in costume laying around trying to breath.

  • Thoughts on this workout…and some general guidelines.
    When looking at a workout like this I have to remind myself that the WODs are designed to challenge (cripple?) the most elite athletes. Therefore, the workout should be approached with respect and a little fear.
    Given time and coffee I tend to strategize and plan my attack instead of just jumping in and hoping for the best. Were I confident that I could do 150 pullups and 63 deadlifts without consequences, I perhaps would just jump right in.
    Here are some things to consider when attacking a workout of this magnitude.
    – Scale. If you can’t deadlift 185 for at least 10 reps, then you want to use less weight.
    Similarly, if you can’t do more than 10 pullups, you should probably use a rubberband that allows you no more than about 10-15 reps at a time. When using a band, if your last 10 reps on a 150-rep pullup workout are unbroken, then you used way too much help.
    – Persevere. I have noticed A LOT of athletes that decide 1/2 way through the workout to take weight off the bar or add more assistance on the rubberbands. That’s just plain wrong. If you chose the wrong weight, then you should stop immediately and start over from the beginning with a new weight. If you have already made it through half a workout with a weight and are suddenly tired…then TOO BAD! That’s the point of the workout! You must finish the workout with the weight you started with no matter how long it takes you or you quit. I’ve seen a bunch of people post times that don’t count because they switched to lighter weights half-way through. Marathon runners don’t get to trade in their feet for rollerblades at the 20-mile mark because it suddenly became hard or because they can’t keep up with the pack.
    -Plan your work. Work your plan. For most of us, a workout like this is a long, slow grind. Pacing is smart. If you are shooting for a 30-minute time, you should allot 10 minutes per round, 5 minutes for the pullups and 5 minutes for the deadlifts. That comes to 6 second per pullup and 14 per deadlift. However, it makes more sense to have a minute timer and do 10 pullups each minute and 4 or 5 deadlifts each minute.
    Sets of 10 pullups every minute is surprisingly hard, so I would shoot for sets of five and try to do them every 30 seconds like a tabata protocol. Do five reps fast as you can and wait until the 30 second mark and do it again. 10 sets like this will go by in five minutes. If you know you can do more pullups in a tabata protocol, then you should shoot for your best tabata number. However, remember that you have to do this again two more times. So leave a little gas in the tank.
    Depending on your relative comfort and confidence with deadlifts, you might want to take 7 reps and rest slightly longer or do sets of 3 and use shorter rests. Still keep an eye on the clock and do 3 reps every 45 seconds or 7 reps a minute and rest a minute. Some of you will just fly through this making this moot.
    If you are feeling like the pace is too slow, then by all means pick it up. If you are feeling rushed, try to keep the pace up as long as you can and even if you fall behind, try to keep working the plan as best as you can. If 5 pullups every 30 seconds is too hard, do 4 or 3. But a regular pace will keep you from falling too far behind and pushing yourself too hard initially and not being able to finish.
    – Grips. This workout will be hell on the grip, so it makes sense to use a mixed grip as much as possible on both the deadlifts and the pullups. Alternate every set to keep the hands fresh.
    Good luck.

  • Hari

    Thanks, Mike.

  • i respectfully disagree about dropping weight, keith. the first time i tried linda as rx’d i got through the 10-9-8 sets of 1.5 bodyweight deadlifts ok, but after that my lower back was so tight i could barely stand up straight. dropping to 225 allowed me to complete the WOD, and no doubt saved me from injury. i knew i could handle the weight for a single set of ten, but only experiment could reveal i couldn’t handle it at further volume. one must strike a careful balance between pride and humility. as henry rollins once said, “i once spent a day lifting weights i wasn’t ready for, and then i spent the next two months without lifting anything heavier than a fork.”

  • Dammit
    So what does that prove? You can’t do Linda as Rx’d. Most of us can’t. You finished the workout, but so what? If you had started more conservatively, you might not have had that back pain. One could still injure themselves even if they drop the weight down and continue to do more reps with less weight. If you had quit, you would surely have saved your back. What did you accomplish by finishing the WOD with less weight? Can you compare your score to anybody else’s that way? Will you do Linda the same way next time and see if you can improve the time while switching the weight half way through.
    I’m not saying the same thing hasn’t happened to me, but looking back on those workouts I don’t feel I gained anything by taking that course of action. I think it was my ego telling me to finish at any cost. My ego was telling me to try to get a better time. It was my ego pushing me too fast and hard in the beginning. My ego was telling me to attempt more weight than I should have done.
    I think the point of that Rollin’s quote is that you shouldn’t let your ego choose the weight for you. I do not think he is saying that you should finish the workout at any cost. I think being a time whore at the expense of good form and your own personal safety is a sucker’s bet. I think there is a lot to be learned from trying to tackle a workout and failing.
    I’m not advocating having everyone turn into a bunch of quitters. But I think there is something to be said for the person that can tackle a workout as Rx’d and admit that the workout won; That they were beat fair and square. I think resorting to cheating reps and form and taking liberties with the load are just excuses for placating the ego.
    In my position as a coach I have to decide whether it is safe to let people continue with bad form and cheated reps and other atrocities. Unfortunately, some people just won’t stop or listen to reason at the expense of their own safety. So I have to either insist that they stop, or drop the load or come up with a fix to the problem so they do not hurt themselves… or just let them continue at their own risk.
    Also it’s important to note, that someone like you, Dammit, has a good sense of what they can and can’t do even though you might misjudge it in on occasional WOD like Linda. However, I see lots of people that use rubberbands for the pullups and start off doing 10 or 20 pullups in a row, then when they can’t do more than 5 in a row, they complain that it is now too hard. Meanwhile most people that have real pullups have resorted to singles, the rubberband people still bitch and moan about their sets of 5. Boo fucking hoo!
    Most of us that have truly worked hard know that some workouts require us to resort to one hard, painful, grueling rep at a time. Then there are those time-whores that scale down way too much just so that they can do unbroken sets with their light loads and rubberbands and post a fast time. Those are the people that complain about having to do one hard rep and rest until they can feel their hands again. Boo Fucking Hoo!
    Again I remind you that these workouts are designed to challenge the most elite athletes. They are hard and if you do not occasionally get overwhelmed by them, then you are doing something wrong.

  • mike from houston

    American Gladiators is back!!! Tryouts are this Saturday in brooklyn.
    10am-3pm, Sat Sep 15 at Paerdegat Athletic Club
    1510 Paerdegat Ave N, at Paerdegat 15th, Brooklyn
    would be fun to go tryout just for the sh.it of it. anyone interested?

  • mike from houston

    ps – they are looking for competitors and Gladiators

  • Oh! And another thing…
    It’s fine when you are just Dammit and you only have to worry about Dammit’s score. Unfortunately, I have to worry about the safety ALL the members of this gym. And I think it is wiser to err on the side of people taking a load that they know that they can handle and going at a slightly more moderate pace, than advising to just start at the Rx’d weight and going as hard as you can until your back starts to hurt and then going down in weight and finishing the workout with less weight and back pain.
    Call me old-fashioned.

  • dammit

    i said the *first* time i tried it, i ended up having to scale. it established a benchmark. the next time i scaled also, but the time after that i hit it as rx’d. it took a couple tries to figure out where i was really at.
    i guess my point is that people have a right to take a shot at doing the WOD’s as prescribed, and shouldn’t feel they “failed” the workout because they (temporarily) overestimated their abilities. “you must finish the workout with the weight you started with no matter how long it takes you or you quit.” is that in the rulebook? why not admit it’s too much (after establishing that fact empirically), pull off some plates, and finish the workout in a shorter time, which will most likely preserve the metcon benefit, thus salvaging the workout?

  • I’ve put a moratorium on myself for pullups of any kind until my upper-arm tendonitis goes away. Damn you, kipping pullups!
    So for today’s WOD, Court suggested that for each round I do 5 sets of 30-second static holds in place of the 50 pullups. I did 135# for the DLs.

  • Jay h

    Interesting debate here.
    my .02cents
    Sometimes it helps to start a workout with stars in your eyes and be humbled when you need to drop the weight, as long as it is noted in your journal or posting. No point in lying to yourself.
    But, in the case of this workout, if you have never deadlifted 185# for many reps, then you should probably scale down to a weight you have done. If you have never really deadlifted before, definitely scale down. No point in hurting oneself. I don’t know who said it, but “lose the ego, nail the form.”

  • sarena

    For today, Keith suggested the following:
    WU with: Burgener wu several times
    31# snatches 5×2
    45# thrusters 5×2
    65# thrusters 5×2
    WOD: 50 black band pu
    Row 500m
    21 65#thrusters
    Row 500m
    15 65#thrusters
    row 500m
    9 65#thrusters
    50 black band pullups
    Wow my strategy for the pullups def did not work!

  • Allan E

    Quit arguing you lot and sign up for Gladiators! Denali just sent me the link:
    I reckon we’ve got both contestant & gladiator material at the box. Dammit’s already a pretty good gladiator name (as in “Dammit am I feeling good in this spandex or what?!”). Coach P? Need a gladiator name for you…

  • Brett_nyc

    Anybody going to the Gladiator call? I think I might go check it out.

  • From the people at swingaring.com
    When you rip a callus, follow these instructions to heal your wound quickly:
    1. Put chalk in the wound to stanch the bleeding and to keep it clean until you get home.
    2. Take a small pair of scissors and carefully cut off the flap or flaps of skin pulled off in the rip. This is important because if you leave flaps of skin you’ll find yourself catching them on something and causing the rip to get larger. These types of after the fact rips tend to be much more painful. When you are swinging and rip your nerves are actively preventing some of the pain signals from getting to your brain. But when you are not swinging and just going about your life there will be no blockage of the nerve cells and you’ll feel the pain a lot more acutely.
    3. After you have cut away the skin flaps you should put your hand with the rip into salt water or simply pack salt into the rip. Warning: this is extremely painful and you should be prepared to grit your teeth and bear the pain. I personally use a very salt saturated mixture of warm water and keep my rip exposed to it for several minutes until the pain has begun to ebb. I have known others who swore by simply packing dry salt into the wound but it has not appealed to me as much as a salt and warm water mixture. The reason why this is so important is that the salt will dessicate the surface of the rip and cause it to close up and seal much faster than any other method for healing. The sooner you can close the skin to outside water, grime, etc the faster it will heal. In my experiments over the years my skin will heal almost twice as fast when I apply the salt mixture as opposed to not.
    4. After you have applied the salt mixture and the pain has begun to ebb you can wash the rip with cold clean water. This will also hurt so be prepared.
    5. Dry the rip with a clean towel. Keep it exposed to the air until it dries.
    6. After the rip has dried if you feel the need you can bandage it or wrap it in some fashion to keep it clean. You should never do so though until it has completely dried and shows no evidence of seeping. Sometimes the salt will properly dessicate the wound and there will be no seepage at all after following the steps above. Other times the rip needs to stay exposed to the air for a few hours before you wrap it. If you wrap the rip prematurely it will not seal properly within the bandage and you will lose the benefit of the salting.

  • Douglas

    did pull ups with legs on chair in sets of ten, dl’s 165# in sets of 7, last rd in sets of 3. 35:25

  • Once again I follow Keith’s advice and end up in complete pain!
    The warning for step 3 is NOT sufficient in describing the level of pain one will endure during the application of salt to freshly torn callouses. OWWWW!
    30:33 (assisted band pullups/61# bar) + 4 torn callouses!
    This salt stuff better work.

  • 31:07

  • Brian Degeneres
    you need to go try our for A.gladiators.
    you too…sarena

  • Kevin

    As rx’d 19:13
    ripped callus on last round of pullups. Stopped to clean and retape it so I could continue. Lost about a minute doing this but I could not quit.
    Yesterdays WOD
    SP- 135 x 1, 145 x 4
    PP- 145 x 1, 155 x 4
    PJ- 155 x 1, 135 x 4 came down on PJ because my wrists were killing me. Could’nt lock out the arms on the last 2 sets of PJ’s

  • dammit

    juan, i’m going to be bummed if you don’t come to the cert!

  • mike from houston

    Brett, I’d be down to give it a shot. send me an email mconstan @ gmail.com

  • Late post just as a record…
    started at a good pace… things slowed down after the second set of deads.

  • Thank you for a great post

  • I will have to look into this weight loss idea some more.