Mondays Are For Jerks!

“If it is important, do it every day. If it’s not important, don’t do it at all.” Dan John
Warmup: 30 clean & jerks with an empty barbell. Use full squat cleans starting below the knees and alternate legs on the split jerks.
Monday 070910
Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps
Post loads to comments.

Compare to 070810
Elements classes this week will be focusing on the slow lifts: squat, press and deadlift. Remember Monday and Friday Elements classes are at 7pm. The Tuesday and Thursday WODs are at 7pm. Wednesday beginner’s class is at 6pm.
Breathing? Seems easy…or does it? Read this article and post your thoughts to comments.
Thanks to Caroline from CrossFit One World for visiting.


  • i fuckin love mondays

  • Keith, it’s true…you really are a blogger now.
    Looking forward to this workout.

  • Front Squat on Sunday was vicious! I beat my PR but 30lbs! Thanks Keith for being insane enough to push it one step farther.
    135, 155, 175, 195, 195, 195, 195, 195, 195, and then on the last set 200lbs!
    Stayed for Oly class and did my first 95lbs clean and jerk. Good sunday. Nice way to start the week off strong.
    I fucking hate mondays!
    PS-MTV music awards sucked! Spears fell off! And our girl Ms. South Carolina was in attendance lol

  • marisela

    ya’ll are some sickos.
    who looks forward to this fucking workout.
    things i look forward to:
    sleeping in
    the latest ipod
    wtf is wrong with you guys???
    don’t you have other things to look forward to?
    (for those of you who don’t know what a crossfit junkie i am, this is supposed to be funny. though i really am not looking forward to this.)

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    Copyright © 2007 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

  • juan g.

    so im having issues with getting time off for the cert this coming weekend.
    im still working on it…but if anyone is interested in maybe buying me seat.
    lemme know

  • marisela

    tyler, i am having some trouble understanding your last blog. i think you are referring to my form, but it could be my personality or my voice. please clarify.
    thank you

  • jay h

    That is a great article, breathing really does make all the difference.
    Yesterday my hamstrings were about as shot as they’ve ever been. I don’t know if it was the filthy fifties, scott’s mom, or the KB class, but something worked. I guess this is why its the “black box”.
    I’ll second that B.Spears sucked. VMAs are such a joke.

  • Brett_nyc

    165×1, tie pr
    p press:
    185×3, late locking out on last 2
    p jerk:
    175×5, new 5 rep pr by 20lbs

  • Hari

    SP: 105, 115, 115(f), 105, 105
    PP: 115, 115, 115, 120, 135(2,f)(*accidental PR)
    PJ: 125, 115, 115, 115, 115
    * Keith tried to push my push press from 115 to 125 all at once, but I decided to use my superior math skills and move incrementally, dividing the mandated 10 pound increase into two steps of 5 and then 15.

  • We might have to get some of these made with our Black Box logo on them for Hari and a few other mathmagicians.

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  • dan def

    It seems someone has discovered and having WAY too much fun with it.

  • Justin

    Ok, who got Wittenstein the Thesaurus?

  • brett_nyc

    can you give me some antonyms for “receptive”

  • For Brett:
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  • Paul S

    Is the link to the schedules (as of August 2007) still good?
    If not, would you be able to change the link?
    I can’t remember much these days, so remembering if the WODs are at 6 or 7 this month is nearly impossible.

  • do you guys have bodyfat calipers up there? can someone show me how to use them?

  • brett_nyc

    thanks Kieth!
    Dammit, you pinch in a few places, under tricep, top of thigh, love handle area, and average out between the three areas. I’d guess you’re 10%ish probably minus a few

  • also, i had what could turn out to be a brilliant idea. threats have been made about having spandex day at the black box…i’d like to expand that idea and suggest we do a SUPERHERO FRAN. which is to say, anyone who wants to can come to the box decked in full, head-to-toe superhero regalia (hence the spandex), we do fran, and video it. guaranteed it’ll make it onto the HQ site for halloween. what do you say?

  • thanks, brett, but i actually have to know how to use the calipers for my new mctraining job 🙁

  • P: 135 x 5
    PP: 135 x 5
    PJ: 95 95 115 135 145
    ermmm… yeah… that’s all I really have to say today… woulda liked to comment on breathing stuff but was out all day.
    Is it only just monday still already again yet…?

  • Justin

    Good to be back at the box after over a week off… Seems a nice long rest and crappy eating helped.
    P:155×3, 165(f), 155
    PP:165×4, 170
    PJ: 155×2, 164×3

  • Damn it was a brutal day to do jerks with after doing front squats. Had decent numbers though
    Press 135 x 5
    Push Press 135, 135, 145, 135, 135
    Push Jerk 95, 95, 95, 115, 115
    Paul aka Prince Charming, good catching up with you. Your tan was flawless damn you.
    Dan Def-damn you got strong jaw taking a hit like that! You got a UFC chin man!
    Justin welcome back and thanks for the push.
    Keith you spent the whole day playing Encyclopedia Brown. LOL

  • sarena

    SP 62-67-72-73(PR)-75
    PP 75-75-82-82-85 2/3 (PR)
    PJ 85x5x2(4/5 each but form bad), 75 (still needs work), 75, 70
    PJ need work!

  • sarena

    Marisela, sorry I couldnt make it tonight! Needed at home!

  • Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
    Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
    Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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