MAXimum Fitness

Our brother Maximus from CrossFit Oakland paid us a visit today. He put us through a serious workout!
Warmup: 100 rope skips, 50 OHS, 2 x 10 (Pushups, Situps).
Skill: 50 Double Unders
5 rounds for time:
10 Push Press, 115#/75#
10 KB Swing, 24kg
10 Pullups
Thanks, Max for the great class. Please come back tomorrow and give us some more of that California Love!


  • james

    wow, that looks fun

  • sarena

    And it was so FUN!
    10:58 w/ 62#, 16kg KB and jump pu!
    Cleaned bb fm floor, 1st 3 rnds were PP, last two PJ as per Max!
    Hey Maximus it was inspiring watching u work that intensity. Thanx

  • marisela

    if anyone is looking for something to do tonight, i’m going with a couple of friends to dammit’s bar.
    hi fi
    ave a and 11th
    around 8pm
    hope to see you there!

  • Jack Bauer

    Maximus the workout was brutal. Great having you at the Box. I wish we had a camera-SARENA- to take a picture of you laid out on the floor!
    Time 11:11!

  • Maximus

    My pleasure. Who came up with that aweful workout? Oh yeah, it was me, ouch.
    As Rx’d 11:00
    Correction: KB swing was 1.5 p men/ 1 p women.

  • Tyler Durden
  • Tyler Durden

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