Add It Up!

Saturday 070901
“CrossFit Total”
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
Post total to comments.
Compare to 070704.


  • Damn it! Thee day I go out of town its a total and I rocked the deadlift last time! I’m doing it when I get back! Have a safe weekend everyone

  • Ewen

    Feck. A rest day would have been great before tackling the total. Oh wait, yesterday Was a rest day, in theory.

  • Cesar.

    I hate the fact that I can’t do this WOD because of my lower back, but I’ll think of something else to do.
    By the way, the date on the site is a day behind. Today is Sept 1. Damn….time does fly 🙂

  • Hari

    620 (215, 120, 285) BW = 152
    PR on the press.

  • Ewen

    All the regulars are away for the week-end apparently. Just Hari, Jacinto, Carey and me (and Keith, Josh and Mike) this morning.
    Squat: 295, 315, 325F (slowly improving, I think)
    Press: 125, 130F, 127.5F (lousy as ever)
    DL: 405 (running late and not feeling it anyways, so stopped there)
    CFT: 845 (PR? maybe by 5-10 pounds)
    Couldn’t find my previous CFT’s, guess I didn’t post them. They must be in the log books somewhere.

  • sue

    hey new york…its delaware, we were going to sign for the urbathon this week and found out we were to late ….we might come up and visit though…..did you get to sign up …sue crossfit-dover

  • Ewen

    Hi Sue,
    We had the same problem. Maybe we should design a “give money/sign up for time” WOD.

  • The date on the site is a day behind because the entry was posted last night. I try to post the WOD as soon as I find out what it is. Perhaps I’ll start posting them in the mornings so people aren’t confused.
    Lots of new beginners today. Fun. Hopefully they will sign up for our elements workshops.
    The beginner warmup was 100 pvc presses, 75 pvc push presses, 50 pvc push jerks.
    The beginner workout was a race to 5 rounds of 12 squats, 10 pushups, 8 hill climbers. Losers did 7 rounds. Last man standing did 20 walking lunges.
    Then we did some L-sit work.
    Good times.

  • Rah

    hey just wanted to thank all the trainers, i just finished today my first month of crossfit.
    first day of crossfit, i passed out after the first round, ( keith and josh , know what im talking about), and finished 20 min after every other beginner, (embarrassing)
    after 4 times a week crossfit (2 elements class and 2 beginner class, without missing one class the whole month, i finished today beginners workout first, with a time of 2.52, and made the other beginners do 7 rounds ;).
    now im flying to europe for 1 year, but i’ll be back next year for more.
    thanks again ,keith , josh, court and mike, for changing my workout style forever.

  • Sasafrass

    Darn! I’m out of town too and was looking forward to the total too. But they do have free weights at this newest spa in tucson so i may do a dry run. Congrats hari on the pr. 🙂

  • sarena

    Awesome guys! I was looking forward to the CFT! Can we make it up on Sunday?

  • sarena
    a good clip on the paleo diet!

  • Caroline

    Hello Keith!
    Last minute changes to my schedule this morning, won’t make it in for the (10:30 Sunday), if anyone is up for a run later this afternoon call me (408) 933-8468. Otherwise will see you Monday am prior to heading back to California.

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