I Must Be Psychic!

Wednesday 070829
With a continuously running clock do one muscle-up the first minute, two muscle-ups the second minute, three muscle-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.
Use as many sets each minute as needed.
Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Lengthen and tone, ladies! Lengthen and tone!



  • I was speculating that the WOD would be 30 Muscles Ups or 1 Pullup each minute. I was frighteningly correct on both guesses. Psychic!

  • marisela


  • how hard did you hit your head again..
    yeah im gonna need some lotto number.

  • whats the sub for mortals

  • I’m guessing jumping muscle ups, JuanG.Olia.

  • Moon

    Blog WOD – Properly use the NSFW tag, 5 cycles, for time.

  • Moon

    Justin – American Gladiators is cool, but nothing beats Ninja Warrior. Seems they average 1 winner per 900 final contestants.
    The second guy to finish the course is Makoto Nagano – a 5′ 3″, 134 pound fisherman.
    The first guy was Kazuhiko Akiyama, but I don’t see a good clip of all of his stages.

  • Mr Ben

    Hello people…
    Just a quick note to say my current sublet ends this weekend, so as of this weekend I’ll be homless and living in a box under the Williamsburg bridge. If any of you know of any sublets available please please let me know. I’m in town until 8th Oct.
    I’m Ben, the English dancing bloke by the way!

  • sorry to hear that ben…
    hey today should be a tomato wod..
    id rather be throwin toe-mah-toes for time..
    (todays the festival, ole)

  • Ewen

    Today’s WOD as Rx’d:
    0 minutes.
    There, done.

  • Coach P

    Staying in the zone:
    8/28/2007 MEALS: my blocks should be 3-5 blck meals, and 2-2blck snacks. Instead, I eat 4 block meals all day (about 5) and add a little extra fat if I worked out that day
    7am: shake-acai berry, 1cup mango, 1 1/2 cup egg whites, 12 almonds
    10am: 8 egg whites (where i get them they are cut in half, so i scoop out the yolk), 1 cup mango, 12 almonds, liquid roto-router (coffee) with a little sugar (because i need a little sweatening)
    12:30pm 5oz fish (vaccume packed salmon or tuna-could not be more easy), 4 cups vegetables, 12 almonds
    3pm: Pure protein shake, a nut bar with almond, seeds, etc with 28gm of sugar
    8pm: 7oz salmon, a bag of spinach (which take forever to eat and has like 20gms of carbs), and, you guessed it-12 almonds

  • Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus exercise system, dead at 80:

  • Paul S

    That’s helpful Mike.
    Always good to hear what others are doing. I still battle the weekend — way too many bbqs with beer, soda, and lots of hamburger and hot dog rolls — i just can’t resist.
    One question. Why not some whole eggs? Too much fat/cholesterol? I’ve read that the yolks have tons of healthy components.

  • Brett_nyc

    no rings…so I just did the pullup version
    13 rounds + 8, New PR, old PR 12 rounds+

  • I prefer sweetening over sweatening in my coffee. Gross.

  • Coach P

    Paul, when I have a 5:45 fran I will eat some bread, ANIMAL.
    Sometimes I eat the whole egg, like when I do not have my almonds (which I am thinking of switching to pecans because they have 5000mcg+ antioxidents, where almonds only have 1500), so 4 egg whites is a block, 12=4blocks, and 1 whole egg is a block, so 4 whole.
    Guys, keep almonds around (4=block); Girls, if nuts do a number on the plumbing, eat sunflower seeds or advacado. ALLISON?, DO YOU HAVE A RESOURCE PAGE FOR FOOD BLOCKS?
    Cholesterol should not be the biggest concern UNLESS you have a family history of heart disease. If your family does, do some research, and Please ask your doctor, and have your LDL/HDL tested. (This goes for everyone, not just Paul)
    Nuts have important make-ups for the body: mono-unsaturated fat, anti’s, and fiber to name 3.

  • Coach P

    Correct my spelling again, Tyler. Please, I need a warm-up for the muscle-ups tonight.

  • Gene

    Gotta love Sean Sherk’s workout regimen. Elements of CF in it.

  • Kevin

    Yeah Sean Sherk is an animal and now we know why.

  • sarena

    I wud add to Coach @ by saying I did have high chol and a fam predispostion to heart disease as well. All I can say is since starting CF seriously and getting my nutrition in line (even w 3x fat), my chol is way low. Yeah CF!Oh and I eat 2-3 eggs plus nuts and meat etc daily.

  • Maximus

    My Zone Blog:
    Zone Block Chart:
    Prediction for muscle-ups: 3 minutes. 4 would be a miracle.

  • Ewen

    Sidenote: contextual advertising rocks.

  • Gene

    I like Sherk, not the most exciting fighter in the world but I still admire his work ethic, roids or not. He’s appealing the results of his drug test. He had nandrolone in his body that were twice as high as normal. But people who are doping with Deca usually have 4 to 5X’s higher levels in the body and it is a naturally occuring anabolic in the body anyway. However, we’ll see how his appeal ends before I rush to judgement.

  • marisela

    i don’t even know what we did today for the workout. all i know is that i sucked.

  • min rep countup
    pullups 6 rounds
    dips 6 (7th round)
    min max
    K2E 18
    1 min plank
    K2E 10
    1 min side plank
    K2E 8
    1 min side plank

  • marisela

    who is the guy in the video?
    always see him and they neve have his name.
    he looks like juan g’s older brother

  • james

    Can anyone actually crack a walnut in their… crack?

  • marisela

    i can

  • hah this whole time i’ve been thinking, “you know, i wonder if whoever’s been posting as ‘maximus’ (’cause black boxers do seem to like their nom de internets) knows there’s a maximus at crossfit oakland.” turns out it’s the same guy!

  • Mr Ben

    Managed to complete 3rd muscle-up in the 4th minute then body just, ermm, said no.
    Just turned up at dance studio to do 2 classes and discovered only am classes as they are on summer break. I guess it’s back to the box for more muscle ups, damn it. Might try the pull-up/dip alternative… it actually looks alot more painful… lasts longer than 4 minutes too!

  • Coach P, do women in particular have trouble digesting almonds? I’m confused…

  • michelle

    ok Allison I am so glad u asked that bc I was a bit confused myself…

  • Oh, and by the way, I have no trouble digesting almonds (or anything else, for that matter), but I’m sure Tyler would say that’s because I’m half a man by now…
    P.S.: Spelling correction, since you asked for it, Coach: it’s “avocados.”

  • Coach P

    Yes. Digestion is a factor for women with many foods. Nuts (not peanuts) seem to have an effect. If you don’t know your personal reaction, then add the appropriate amount for a few days. If you do not see any problem, fine, if so cut the number of meals using nuts in half and use seeds, advacado, olive oil, or nut butter (which can be better than nuts themselves). and take a full day off nuts every week.

  • Coach P

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..grammer queen…

  • marisela

    i have trouble digesting almonds.
    they bind me

  • Gene

    Still at work!!! I hate this friggin job!!! I’m really hoping to make the beginner’s class tonight. If not, gotta drag my sorry ass and my bum leg out of bed tomm. morning to pound it out.

  • marisela

    chad…. if you are still out there…what is your email address???

  • Do women really have that much more trouble digesting stuff than men do, though?
    And it’s “grammAr queen” not “grammEr queen”. Sheesh!

  • marisela

    i have trouble digesting proteins generally. especially synthetic ones. i can’t take in protein shakes too often. muscle milk etc. they make me feel icky.
    but i have digestive problems accross the board in my family, so it may not just be women. my pops can’t digest calcium and my mums tomatoes/eggplant/mushrooms etc. so basically, i’m fucked
    of course, thanks to the chart yesterday, i am painfull aware that my parents come from the top 2 fattest countries, USA and Mexico. guess i’m doomed to indigestion and obesity. yikes

  • Hari

    6 Rounds + 4 (Sub Jumping Muscle-Ups, rings even with top of head)
    After, got first muscle-up!

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    as rx’d
    4minutes plus 2 muscleups
    Was looking to get to 5 minutes but that wasn’t happening. Thanks Court for letting me come in at that weird time.

  • Congrats, Hari! It’s about time!

  • Kevin

    Congrats Hari!!

  • sarena

    Hari u are my new hero! Congrats

  • Justin

    Great Job Hari!!! Its even more impressive because I know you were pretty spent…

  • hari man u rock.

  • hari is the man!

  • marisela

    hari, you are my hero

  • rob

    Awesome job Hari!

  • sarena

    Hari get that form down pat and be ensured you get your name on the MU board. You are gonna rock in Portland!

  • Hari

    Thanks, everyone.

  • dan def

    Hit a muscle up before the workout
    Jumping muscle ups with rings about 2-3 inches over my head.
    7 rounds plus 3.
    Then a yoga class

  • Ewen

    7rds + 6 JMU (rings head high). Great job Hari!

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