Sunday 070826
Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.
Compare to 070623.
“Nearly everyone will have to chop up either the weightlifting exercises or calisthenic exercises into manageable subsets. If you can blast through without stopping, these workouts take about 4 minutes apiece. If you‚Äôre less than a weightlifting gymnast with the lungs of a porpoise your times will reflect as much.”


  • Brian D.

    DAMMIT! Keith’s going to make me do a roaming Dianne now…..

  • Kevin

    That I would love to see Brian!!
    Want to do “Fran” tomorrow but I am helping a friend move. Something always comes up when Fran arrives on the scene. My most anticipated WOD. I am going to do it on Monday if I cant do it on Sunday.

  • juan g.

    less than a weightlifting gymnast…

  • Damn Fran. Won’t be able to make it tomorrow but after watching that video of OFT and ATF I want to attack Fran on the next rest day!
    Brian D you will kill this workout; you’re He-man!

  • marisela

    i’ll be at the morn class to try this tomorrow. my first time with mike and fran…its gonna be wild.
    i gotta get some enegry out before my big aud monday. i’ll have your money if you gave me it.

  • Brett_nyc

    fran’s gonna have to wait till Monday for me too. Hockey tonight and I’m still feeling that wod from friday.

  • juan g.


  • As Rx’d
    Thanks to Marisela and Rob for the counting, timing and moral support!

  • alex

    7:54 55lbs with jumping pull ups

  • jacinto

    imagine if I ever do a wod in one of those gyms that do not allowe grunting

  • alex

    Jacinto you crack me up!!!

  • sarena

    Just had a Fran face off here at cert. Rob miller got a 3:31!

  • michelle

    Hey marisela break a leg!

  • dan def

    check out #96 on the main page for Fran times. 2:17? wow.

  • marisela

    jumping pull ups
    good times today. fun to watch everyone suffer.
    thank you all for your support about tomorrow. i will need your thoughts 🙂

  • Maximus

    1/2 volume week

  • sarena

    Guys all i can say is if u havent yet been or r registered yet for a cert–you have no idea what ur missing! Get yourself signed up–it is so worth every penny!

  • Moon

    First Fran as Rx’d.
    Damn that 95# got heavy fast – I can see I’ve lost some ground in my absence…but now I’ve got months of not much else to do but CF. 🙂

  • Hari

    7:30 (Sub 75 lbs)

  • Kevin

    First time with “Fran”
    “Fran” as rx’d
    A little overzealous as I was thinking I could get this sub 5minutes. But my first time with this and I’ll take it.

  • Excellent post being a a staunch believer of “free speach”, I will return and contemplate your offerings.