Dead To Rights

Saturday 070825
Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.

Compare to 070525.
“Doc: Many of my patients shouldn‚Äôt be doing the deadlift.
Coach: Which one’s are those, Doc?
Doc: Many are elderly, marginally ambulatory, and frail/feeble and osteoporotic.
Coach: Doc would you let such a patient, let’s say an old woman, walk to the store to get cat food?
Doc: Sure, If the walk weren’t too far, I’d endorse it.
Coach: All right, suppose after walking home she came up to the front door and realized that her keys were in her pocket. Is she medically cleared to set the bag down, get her keys out of her pocket, unlock the door, pick the bag back up, and go in?
Doc: Of course, that’s essential activity
Coach: As I see it the only difference between us is that I want to show her how to do this “essential activity” safely and soundly and you don’t.
Doc: I see where you’re going. Good point.
Coach: Doc, we haven‚Äôt scratched the surface.”



  • Kevin

    Dude theres no f#$%ing way that second picture is real!!

  • adam

    I have to agree with Kevin on this one

  • Ewen

    I’ll say.
    “Andy Bolton from Leeds, England, UK created history by becoming the only person EVER to deadlift over 1000lbs. He currently holds the world record for the Deadlift at 1003 lbs / 455kg”
    I guess it’s supposed to be inspirational. ;o)

  • Kevin

    Just realized thats Anna Kournikovas face on that body. Good stuff Keith.;)

  • Douglas

    hey i missed the elements class thur/fri and didnt get to do fight gone bad. could somebody tell me what it is sos i could make it up today. all the videos seem different. thanks

  • James

    Awesome quote. Whats that from?

  • juan g.


  • Surprisingly hard to DL today. Gravity was in full effect at The Box.
    Warmed up with back extensions, kettlebell squats and DL 115×10, 135×5, 225×5
    315, 315, 315, 325, 335, 355, 365F 🙁

  • Adam

    I’m already getting anxious to come back just so I can be back at the box.
    WOD as Rx’d
    420, 420, 420, 420, 420, 420, 420
    I took longer than normal breaks between each set because I was straining for each rep. See you guys soon. And thanks for those stretches Keith, they helped out a lot.

  • Hari

    275, 285, 295, 300(f), 295(f), 285(f), 275(f)
    Real bad day. Nothing worked.

  • marisela

    i have an idea. standing in line for time. i have been awake now for 30 hours and i’m finally registered, showered and lying in bed. time for a good long nap. i came back to nyc to have a place to lay my head as i don’t have to be back i philly until monday morning at 5 am. i may make my first sunday class tomorrow!
    i will register rob ewen and juan as a team when i wake. i might need some more info about you so expect calls. the others that are paid are allison and greg. if no one else wants to participate, i will join that team and greg, you can be a part of the girl fun. aka; you can do the last leg 🙂 52 story climb.
    now off to sleep…

  • Kevin

    Not a good day as far as deads are concerned. Did very little warmup after not deadlifting for a while. 135 x 3, 225 x 3, then 315 x 1 which is a pr for me. Silly me didnt realize I still have 6 more sets. I had zero gas in the tank and failed on the rest of my attempts. 🙁

  • Ewen

    385, 405 (old pr), 415 (new pr), 425 (f), 415 (f), 405, 405
    I know what you mean Kevin. Crazy how hitting a real PR (not a fake ass “this is my tenth set”, “watch me lift this like I could to 20 lbs more” PR like Greg hit today at 365) wipes you out.
    Those post-workout one handed DLs were fun too.
    Oh, and I finally did one head-to-the-ground HSPU. Not two, not one and a half. One. “Yay” me.

  • Hari
  • Allan E

    Hey Marisela — where’s my call?? *hmfff* — I feel jilted!
    My friend Denali (i think you’ve met her at the box) was wanting to join a team ; also her new man friend Dan (who is coming in for box-initiation this Wednesday)
    So that would make two teams: You, Allison & Denali; me, Greg & Dan. Or we could all mix up for two, how-you-say, “girl fun” teams (break out the spandex!)
    So call me, and we’ll plot — I’m happy to register one and collect the money later. My number is 347 277 3456

  • Allan E

    Wow. Crazy article Hari. Can you imagine the headlines if that same guy came to the box?
    Seriously where is all the agro at the box? Everyone’s WAY too cool and nice (not that I’m complaining!) — is the water spiked?

  • Allan E

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Urbanathlon registration has closed!!! That sucks so hard… none of our teams have been registered (that I know of) 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Does anyone have an inside track with the organizers? I’ve left them a message saying we were hoping to register at least one team to represent CrossFitNYC — we’ll see if they get back…
    If it’s not to be I think we should organize something extra hardcore for crossfit around that time, just to cheer (as in f@#*) us all up

  • I skipped today’s workout so that I could go for a long run instead.
    Then I came in at 2pm to train a group of women for a private session. I put them through the paces of a scaled version of FGB and it was a lot of fun (rower, air squats, dumbbell push press of 20#). Definitely want to do more small-group private sessions, and would highly recommend them to friends of gym members who are too intimidated by the full-on CrossFit experience. (Of course, my plan is to take these folks and get them to like scaled CF and to then transition them over to regular CF classes and membership.)

  • alex

    I had a PR today! 165 that’s over my body weight! Just call me a bad ass in training. 🙂

  • Alex, that’s awesome!
    Marisela, glad to hear you’re getting rested here in NYC for your audition on Monday. Will definitely be sending good vibes your way that day. And thanks again for working to get us organized for the urbanathlon.

  • Brian D.

    Here’s what I did today:
    Pick-up sprints (60s on/60s off) x 8
    One Legged Deadlift (3.5” above ankle) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (160lbs, 170lbs, 180lbs, 185lbs, 195lbs, 205lbs, 205lbs[F])
    Failed on the last set only because I lost balance on both legs as i was pushing my hips forward.
    Did one legged deadlifts because I don’t have enough weights to pile on more than 275lbs; plus I have a crappy bar that bends with only 225lbs on it. This was the first time I ever tried OLD’s conventional style instead of stiff legged. Boy does my butt hurt now; those sprints did a number on me before deads too.

  • sarena

    DL @CFSD post cert
    205 210 215 220 (my @PR) 225f 222x2f

  • I set a personal record today and I did it beating Keith 365lbs on Deadlift baby! I am going to post that everyday of the week and shout it from Mountain tops! I did 10 sets too! 365 and I hit my goal of deadlifting twice my body weight by december!
    Like to thank Ewen for telling me to jump from 305lbs and try 355lbs.
    Moon-that magic lifting powder works! Glad you and Kevin enjoyed toe football game.
    On the real, lifting that weight really made me feel incredible and I have to really thank Josh for teaching me about to squat properly and Cort for teaching me on how to breathe or there was no way that weight was coming off the ground. YOu guys gets results
    And I did mention I did it beating KEITH! HAHAHA

  • Sweexytypevek