CARD – EE – OH!!!

Thursday 070823
Today’s WOD will involve our newest piece of equipment at The Box…a deck of cards.
1 deck for time.
Take a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck. Flip each card and do the corresponding exercises:
Spades = Kettlebell swings (2 handed)
Diamonds = Pullups
Clubs = Pushups
Hearts = Kettlebell snatches
Jokers – 20 Burpees
Number Cards = face value
Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King) = 10 reps
Aces = 11 reps

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The Elements Gone Bad
Thursday’s and Friday’s elements classes will partake in the de rigueur CrossFit right of passage: “Fight Gone Bad.”

“The WOD is responsible for quite a bit of confusion about the CrossFit method. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity. The WOD is but one example, designed by CrossFit‚Äôs founders, of CrossFit programming. The WOD is designed to tax the capacities and improve the performance of athletes working at the outer margins of human capacity.
Not being able to complete a WOD doesn’t mean that you can’t do CrossFit. Taking a WOD and reducing the load, cutting the reps, dropping a set, taking longer rests, and sitting down three times during the workout is still doing CrossFit. In making these modifications the athlete is merely turning down the intensity.
Strength and conditioning gains come fastest for athletes who hold the highest average intensity over sustained periods. Consistency must be established at any general intensity level before it is appreciably turned up, or the specter of burnout looms. Countless people have after three spectacular CrossFit workouts stated a preference for a fiery death over coming back for a fourth workout. They went too hard ‚Äì too intense.”


  • sarena

    So we do the number of exercises corresponding to the number we pick? The exercise we do is based on the jacket?

  • Beth

    It was definitely one of the SICKEST, and BEST workouts ever!!! I just don’t know if I’ll be able to move tomorrow 🙂

  • alex

    Oh i cant wait to be back at the box tomorrow, sounds like a blast!

  • marisela

    i just read that little part “1 deck for time”
    that is 54 sets!
    by “for time” do they mean “clear your day”?

  • marisela

    404 reps!

  • sarena

    well I am planning on coming to the box for the 7am as i want to ensure I will sleep the whole way to San Diego–its a long flight so I guess i gotta work hard!

  • By my count it’s 95 reps per exercise…and 40 burpees.
    When you draw the ace of spades you do 11 KB Swings. When you draw the 6 of hearts you do 6 KB snatches.

  • Beth,
    Thanks for coming by. It was nice to have you and your crew come and try out the beginner class. Please feel free to come back again, but show up on time or else it’s more burpees!

  • marisela

    i can’t add.
    by your count (and my new count), 420 reps
    even better.

  • When you put it like that it sounds tough.

  • marisela

    lets just hope that we all pick the higher cards in the beginning.
    should we all bring our own decks?

  • Jack Bauer

    I did a workout like this in college but KBs weren’t involved. We used to call is “Choose your own adventure” because it was lol.
    Should be a good time had by all. LOL

  • The beginner’s class managed to have fun with this workout last night, so you people should have no problem.
    Feel free to bring your own deck of cards and your own kettlebell. 😉

  • marisela

    crikey, i forgot my cards

  • We have 12 decks of cards and several kettlebells. So you should be okay, Marisela.
    Although if you’re really hardcore, you’d pack your own jumprope. That tips the scale on the hardcore meter. 🙂

  • sarena

    Awesome WOD. Thnx Keith and crew! Now I am practically assured to sleep straight thru to CA!!

  • marisela

    uhhh…i may be reading it wrong, but why would i bring a jumprope? if i didn’t know any better, mr. durden, i would think you were making fun of me!

  • Brian D.

    So, Keith, who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

  • sarena

    Why would u even say that Brian? Tyler was in a great cherry mood today and the wod was actually fun. It might be more fun tho if u shuffle ur deck well!! I managed to screw that part up.

  • alex

    Jump rope, thats funny because most day if you look in my bag you will find a jump rope. yup i’m hard core.

  • Jack Bauer (Greg)

    Good day CFNYC
    Some humor to signal the near end to a long week:
    Enjoy…especially you Keith!

  • john ciambriello

    Hey i was there last night. i believe my time was about 23:54. one of the best workouts ever!! so much fun!!

  • Moon

    Squatting picking up momentum – now Hooters is on the bandwagon.

  • Watch you language, Greg. I have a family. Aim high, Willis! Aim high! LOL. Good stuff. That movie is loosely based on my life.
    I agree that you should shuffle the deck well or else you’ll get screwed like I did:
    10 pushups
    8 pushups
    10 pushups
    20 burpees
    11 pullups
    20 burpees
    Ouch!!! Slowed my ass down real quick. I didn’t get any snatches until about 20 minutes into the deck. Then they all came at once. I had to stop several times to get skin grafts. My hands are raw like sushi.
    43:25 with 24kg KB
    As they say, “Unlucky in cards. Lucky in love.”

  • Jack Bauer (Greg)

    Damn! I wish I was there to spray new skin on your hands Keith! Would have been good karma!
    My language Keith? Next time I’ll say “earmuffS” so as not to offend your delicate ears lol. Glad you enjoyed the clip. Sad though if it mirrors your life but it does make sense knowing you now.
    Won’t be there tonight for workout b/c I have to attend a fundraiser but I’ll swing by to give $45 to marisela for Urbanathlon. I’ll make it up this weekend.

  • marisela

    hi all urbanathlon-ers. remember that it is a total of $53 because of an “insurance fee” you have to pay.

  • sarena

    What jack cant multitask? Do both bro! Jack bauer wud take that gamble and play the game

  • Michael

    THAT is an awesome WOD idea.
    Here at Physique 57 today we…. down boy.
    Keith, can you post an email address so I can write you directly about starting privates/semi-privates? No pink dumbbells, don’t worry. Or else write me at

  • Brian D.

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for suggestions as to what I should do in the next video I make. One suggestion I got was a compilation of heavy lifting, gymnastics, etcetera. Anyone else have any suggestions?

  • marisela

    i am pretty sure that rob, derek and i did too many snatches. we doubled. so aces were 11 each arm. cricky.
    i hurt.
    does anyone have a car i can borrow this weekend?

  • When I dreamed up this workout, I thought that I would have people do snatches with each arm. When I told Josh about it last night, he said that was a bad idea. I told this to Court but he misunderstood. My apologies to Rob, Derek & Marisela.
    So when you pull an Ace of hearts you do 5 snatches with one arm and 6 snatches with the other arm. Don’t worry too much about it.
    Good luck.

  • juan g.

    hey marisela whats your number?

  • Michael, you can email each of the trainers at their first name AT crossfitnyc DOT com. So mine is allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com. Make sense?
    I’m so glad today was my rest day. Just did yoga and walked a bunch. Yay.

  • rob

    Time: 71:42
    KB: 24kg
    Like Marisela said, we doubled up on the snatches by doing every set with each arm. Besides the insane amount of explitvies and some more time on the WOD, it wasn’t too bad of an idea.
    I had innocently wondered the other day when my left hand would toughen up like my right one. Today’s WOD had the answer…

  • marisela

    juan-917 882 6596

  • alex

    I did the double snatches, subbed jumping pull ups. Great workout except for the burpies.

  • marisela

    no way, alex!!! what weight did you use for kb?? great job!

  • 55:26 with the double-snatches, except i did high pulls (12kg) instead of snatches. And jumping pullups after burning out on the regular pullups. 16kg kettlebell for the swings.
    Wore my heart-rate monitor, forgot to start it so didn’t get an average HR but it was right around 170-175 for much of the workout.

  • What? Nobody came to the 7pm class? Where are the rest of the posts?

  • Brian

    I was at the 7pm class. This was my FIRST class I had taken there and it was truly a baptism by fire. Mike knew I was still getting into the workout swing of things and modified it for me to take that into account but wound up doing maybe 20 less of the snatches, swings, burpees, and pushups, but did more jumping pullups to offset it. Even then, I did it in about 38 minutes.
    I could barely walk the next day and getting out of bed on Saturday was almost impossible.
    I’ll be back.

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