Stop The Presses!

Wednesday 070822
Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.
“Athletically, the abdominals primary role is midline stabilization, not trunk flexion. They are critical to swimming, running, cycling, and jumping, but never is their stabilizing role more critical than when attempting to drive loads overhead, and, of course, the heavier the load the more critical the abs role becomes. We train our athletes to think of every exercise as an ab exercise but in the overhead lifts it‚Äôs absolutely essential to do so. It is easy to see when an athlete is not sufficiently engaging the abs in an overhead press ‚Äì the body arches so as to push the hips, pelvis, and stomach ahead of the bar. Constant vigilance is required of every lifter to prevent and correct this postural deformation.” Coach Greg Glassman


  • Hari

    95, 95, 95, 100, 100
    Could have been an easy day, but was pushed by Keith to over achieve.
    (And of course, this only encourages him, perpetuating a vicious cycle).

  • Coach P

    Two things,
    1) Regarding the above quote from Coach: everyone should be doing Turkish get-ups before or(and) after thier workout. You should use a weight that you could do 2-3 times (so, heavy) and only do one rep per side-then 2-3 sets each arm. Maybe mix that up with using a smaller weight after the WOD, and doing 5 reps each arm, 2 sets per. The benefits are numerous.
    2) What is happening with the Men’s Health Urbanathalon? I have a lead-in with the person running the thing, and we need to put together a representative team- our top people-to compete. We could have more than one team, however we need to see how well we could perform with our top people (and this means our top runners-Brian, Paul, Ewen, etc.) Please fill me in…

  • marisela

    i have sent out emails to those that said they were interested (unless i don’t have their email) and NO ONE has gotten back to me. i need to get money from people before we can register, unless they want to organize themselves. rob said he would go solo. otherwise we have people for 3 teams, maybe more. but again, no one has gotten back to me yet.

  • Took it light today.
    95, 100, 100, 105, 105
    Maybe I’ll do some heavier sets later after my handstand practice this afternoon.

  • juan g.

    i want in.
    rob sunny somebody who wants to form a team.

  • Brett_nyc

    cfwu x 2
    worked up to 135lbs, only got 4 reps…
    really tired and sluggish and not aggressive at all today.
    previous was 135x5x5

  • Moon


  • Brett_nyc

    the video on the main site is pretty funny today. good laughs…

  • Greg aka the Dark One

    I’m in Marisela. My boys didn’t get back to me. Let me know when you want the money.

  • sarena

    Ewen–I wanted to tell ya that I appreciate ur thoughts and comments on my row time yesterday but I must admit that both Keith and Court are right this time. I need to improve technique rather than get faster while reinforcing sucky rowing.
    I tend to overemphasize my PRs and strive to acheive more and better times. I think a true athlete needs to be humble and work on form for a bit (even reducing load at times) before being concerned with times and accomplishments that are half-assed!
    Please all my fellow CFersn try to keep me honest with this philosophy when u see me! I know Keith will since he loves to nitpick my form! 🙂

  • Greg aka the Dark One

    Yo Allison I saw the Nasty girls workout you told me about and two things came to mind: 1-I ain’t shit 2-I’m in love. Wow those girls did the damn thing!
    1-Does anyone have any pre-workout nutrition tips? Somedays I work out on an empty stomach and feel ok others I don’t and feel empty. It varies per workout.
    2-To improve my pullups (it’s a personal vendetta now against them) should I practice strict form or kipping to build up. I read Pavel’s suggestions on ladders and greasing the groove so I wanted some feedback from the CFNYC all-stars.

  • Vincent

    I visited CFNYC yesterday and I want to thank everyone for allowing me to watch you all do your thing while I stood there in my business casual clothes. I am new to CF and currently a member of 2 gyms but looking for a real (CF) gym to call home. Hopefully I can work the NYC location into my schedule.
    Keep up the good work!

  • brett_nyc

    Greg, I always do the wods on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It’s not great, actually pretty sucky most of the time, but I have to do it like that so I don’t puke. Ideal time for me is afternoon, 1-2 hours after a good zonish lunch. No risk of food coming up, but enough stuff to burn in the workout.
    For pullups, you have to practice both. how many can you do kipped, strict?

  • Greg, you’re funny.
    Nutrtion – 30 min before workout eat 1 hardboiled egg, 1/2 apple, 3 almonds. That’s one zone block. That should be good to sustain you. After workout eat a lot more.
    Pullups – Do everything. Strict, weighted, kipping, L, etc. If you do them in your warmup everyday, you’ll get better. Having 3 sets of 15 reps in your warmup will make your life hell in the short term, but make your pullups come to life in the long run. Also be sure to try to pull your chest to the bar every rep because that will make them better too.

  • Greg aka the Dark One

    Brett thanks for the tips man. Appreciate it.
    Keith-I agree it will make my life suck daily especially if done before a tough WOD but by December I should be a lot better at them. 3 sets of 15 reps ain’t happening Gluteus Khan-that’s you. More like 5 sets of 3 reps. LOL. But they will be clean. Chest to bar got it.
    (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Thank you Keith. LOL. You actually came in handy for once.

  • Ewen

    I touched on the subject with Keith this morning, and I guess I should rephrase my statement, which of course apply to everyone:
    1- Your PRs stands, despite poor form.
    2- You probably shouldn’t bother doing 500’s for a while. Rowing is primarily an endurance sport, and it is in that sense that it complements other CF workouts, as a substitute for running, for example. You can’t learn to row by doing 500m sprints. Stick to 5000m+, row without the footstraps, watch the videos, and when you get the technique right your 500m times will plummet.
    Maybe next time there is a 5k run-type WOD we can split the classes and have a rowing clinic in one corner and burpies or double-unders in another corner, then switch it up.

  • sarena

    Greg-heks there to treach us form but more importantly–HONESTY to ourselves!

  • Ewen II – The Return of The Wimp

    Today’s WOD: 95, 105, 115×3 (failed 4th), 105, 110×4-ish (4th wasn’t CFT quality), 105

  • Ewen III – This Time, It’s Personal

    I don’t know about the other guys but your e-mail didn’t get through to me.
    I’m still in. CYM (check your myspace)
    Let’s get this thing organized people!
    Oh, and who is Coach P? Do we know you by another name?

  • A2

    Good luck with the zone
    1/2 an apple and 3 almonds!? Thats Bird Food
    I lasted 1/2 a day on the Zone. I’m back on the Crack eating anything and everything I want and people are telling me I look stronger and leaner. Just don’t eat right before you workout and you should be ok.
    I have a question about the pull ups too. I did 10 from a hang but when I tried to kip I couldn’t get my chin even close to the bar. Does anyone have kipping tips?

  • A2

    Big Mike Pommerening is Coach P

  • Ewen IV – Straight to DVD

    Ahhh, I see. Thanks A2.
    Regarding kipping, all I have to offer is “be aggressive”. Use the momentum to throw yourself at the bar.

  • Redid the WOD at lunch.
    115 x 5 x 5

  • A2
    I have a great tip for kipping. Come and train at The Box!

  • Jack Bauer (Greg)

    I was watching 24 on DVD last night (fav all time show) and Jack was being tortured by some terrorist (again) and they injected him with a vsao-chemical that stopped his diaphragm so it felt like he was drowning on land. And then it hit me-Jack experienced what we at Crossfit experience EVERY DAY-only we do it in less time. LOL
    Ewen you’re funny man! You’re like Jason from the Friday the 13 movies. What’s part V going to be?
    Big Mike has a last name?! I thought if anyone ever uttered his full last name no one would ever hear from you again-like saying Candyman 5x!
    Guess that’s how A2 got sent from the Box to the negative zone! LOL

  • brett_nyc

    On kipping… I was walking past the gymnastics floor at Chelsea Piers on the way to hockey one night, and there were these teeny little girls doing essentially a straight arm, swinging, bar muscle ups. They were going from a dead hang, a small hip and leg swing, then sort of swinging back and over the bar. with arms straight the whole time. I thought, how are they doing that?
    I think that by keeping your legs straight and stiff, you maximize the amount of energy that gets re-transfered from moving horizontally to vertically. As opposed to the common, feet and knees kicking-flailing in which energy is moving in lots of directions other than up. Hopefull taht makes a little sense.

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    Shoulder press
    135 x 3
    130 x 4
    127 x 4 (tried for 5 but couldn’t lock it out).
    I don’t eat before a workout. I’ll puke and it slows me down. I will drink 2 big glasses of water and some type of preworkout energy drink or strong coffee or tea.
    If I eat, it is at least 1 hour before training and it will be something light like fruit and or yogurt.
    AS far as pullup numbers, I’m with Keith just do lots of pullups all the time whenever you can. I would focus on strict and L pullups. With weight if possible. Build up your reps slowly. Do pullups often, GTG style anywhere and everywhere you can staying as fresh as possible. Not to failure. If you can do ten do 8 or 9. Weighted dips for 3 to 5 reps again with rest will build your pullup strength fast. Chest to bar like Keith said. Focus on perfect reps and dont burn out. If you try for and cant get it just stop.
    You should practice Kipping at the Box as often as possible. Since its probably the only place with the Pullup bar to do it on. Strict Pullups can be done almost anywhere. Build pullup power(weighted, strict,L) while working on kipping(at the Box) and your PU numbers will go through the roof.

  • marisela

    think i might have needed rest. came home after a client (which i over slept on. he told me to come anyway) and took a “nap”. 6 hours later aka, now i woke up with a massive headach. poop, now the whole day is gone.
    i’ll be at the noon class tomrrow and friday, and “observing” the evening classes on friday. if anyone wants me to register them bring me the money. so far what i got according to this is

  • I came in to do a private session with Allison and she had me do the WOD. I was able to complete all 5 reps for each of the sets and the weight I did was:
    45, 50, 52, 54, 56
    And then we played around with going heavier on singles and for that I did:
    60, 62.5, 65, 66, 67
    But what I really want to know is…when is the total? I’m ready!

  • 45$ tomorrow then
    Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps
    105, 110, 115, 120, 125(-2)

  • Jack Bauer (Greg)

    What a team with Ewen and Juan G!! Wow an honor!
    Keith break out the almonds dog!
    Kevin thanks for your pullup input bro. I am going to do them every day wherever I can: 3-5 reps strict, L’s and kips. I agree doing them with perfect form beats going for high numbers and consistency is definitely the key. I’ll add a weight vest too that way my own body weight will feel easier. Chest high

  • Greg, I’ve heard of people installing a pullup bar in their bathroom doorway and making themselves do pullups every time they use the bathroom.
    I don’t have a pullup bar in my apartment, but I do practice pullups every time I go for a run–on the scaffolding that seems to be everywhere in Manhattan. This morning I did 5 reps of strict pullups after my run and was getting cheered on by 2 dudes who I’m sure couldn’t even do 1 pullup between the two of them.
    I did the lunchtime class and got:
    72, 72 (3x), 67, 67 (3x), 62
    Couldn’t stop yawning the whole time, so chances are I wasn’t being as aggressive as I could’ve been.

  • Maximus

    I eat before the WODs. I did Murph in a vest in hot weather and ate a 3 block meal 30 minutes before starting. Working out on an empty stomach is a poor idea for a variety of reasons and you can get used to working out after eating, start with small meals or maybe zone bar beforehand.

  • Allan E

    hey marisela — sorry I didn’t get my email to you yesterday! is there still a team that needs a body?? give me a shout – allan.erskine [at]

  • marisela

    hey, coach p-
    what exactly do you mean by “line in”? free entry??

  • Brian D.

    Brett, those are called kips for your information.
    I did intervals today: 5 40-60m sprints, 2 150-170m-ish sprints with a little less than 50m inbetween sprints. Ow. I never felt faster in my life. And instead of shoulder presses I did 25 press to handstands today.

  • Coach P
    No, not free. If we want to form a team, go to the above and register. We will make sure you have Box t-shirts for the day.

  • i also would be up for this urbanathlon thing if you need someone … derek72 [at]

  • brett_nyc

    Brian D, I know that 🙂
    I was trying to get across that the kips they were doing looked more like 2 boards hinged at the shoulder, as opposed to the more fluid C to C method.

  • sarena

    Further appreciate ur input Ewen! But why w/out the straps?

  • Jack Bauer (Greg)

    Brian D-what up son of Xavier.
    Brett I saw some kipping footage and straight leg does seems a bit energy effective. My dad was a gmynast and he said he keep his legs dead straight because it got him more momentum. I guess for me getting a kip anyway possible consistently is a step in the right direction. Looking forward to doing Urbathlon with you.
    Maximus appreciate the nutrition input. I just make eat a zone bar 30 before because its just easier to eat and less work to prepare.

  • marisela

    ok, here we are on the urbanathlon thing. i have everything down as far as registration goes, and i just read that there is an $8 insurance fee for all participants which raises the amount due to $53 per person per team.
    IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT DOING IT, ALL I NEED IS YOUR MONEY! otherwise you will not get registered. and juan, mr. marine, you get a discount but you have to show your military ID when you go pick up your packet. (and anyone else military)
    again, i will be at the box lunchtime classes thursday and friday and evening classes on friday. gimme yo’ money bitches!
    right now there is only confirmation on one team.
    the one day i don’t show for the lunchtime class and everybody was there.

  • Brian D.

    Yeah, straight legs works a lot better because it’s a longer lever, therefore there’s more momentum built up, like a whip.

  • Maximus

    Worked up to 135×4. I have been dieting heavily and my strength is way, way off.

  • marisela

    did WOD at my gym 2night.
    weights here suck so i did what i could

  • Dan O

    125, 165, 165, 165, 165

  • Kevin

    Dan O you are a powerhouse!! I am working towards 165# .It would be great to do a bodyweight press.

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